Skin tone chart- Buy the right makeup for your skin tone!

Skin tone chart
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Girls’ love for makeup is tremendously increasing day by day. But do you know what is the right makeup for you? If you are stuck asking yourself what makeup products are perfect for you, we are here for you. Do not worry! This article has provided every little detail about the skin tone chart and how to find the product that suits you. While making a choice, keep all the information regarding skin tones in your mind. Let’s begin with understanding what a skin tone chart is. 

What is a skin tone chart?

Whenever you go to buy makeup for yourself, it is very important to know your skin tone. A skin tone chart particularly tells you about your skin tone.

What is a skin tone?

Skin tone is inherited genetically, or it is determined by the amount of melanin present inside your body. Less or more amount of melanin decides the colour of the skin. Melanin is also responsible for absorbing harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun and protects skin damage from UV radiations. Therefore, changes in skin tone also depend on how much time you spend in the sun. But basically, skin tone depends on your inherited genes. 

Types of skin tone

In general, there are three types of skin tones mentioned below:

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  • Extremely fair skin tone: Usually, the skin of these types of people burns, but never tans. Light skin tone people basically belong to northern European countries. These people are extremely sensitive to the sun and burn easier than those having darker skin. If this is your skin tone, you must be extra careful with exposure to the sun. 
  • Fair skin tone: Similar to the highly fair skin, the skin of these types of people also burns easily when exposed to the sun. But in contrast, this skin tone also tans. People with this skin tone should also be careful with UV rays as it may cause both burning and tanning. 
  • Medium skin tone: Medium skin tone people generally belong to Southern Europe and Northern Asia. You can easily find makeup products for this skin tone. But if this is your skin tone, your skin may not burn, but it will tan well when exposed to the sun. 
  • Olive skin tone: Olive skin tone people will surely tan in the sun. Skin will rarely burn, but you need to protect your skin from UV rays to avoid tanning. 
  • Slightly pigmented brown skin tone: This skin tone never burns and only tans. 
  • Pigmented dark skin tone: Probably, this type of skin tone always tans but never burns. Dark skin colour historically originates from the parts of the world where exposure to ultraviolet radiation is more, including the Middle East, Africa, and India.
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What are Skin Undertones?

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You will find three types of skin undertones: ‘ warm’, ‘cool’, and ‘neutral’ whenever you buy makeup products. Skin undertone is the natural shade of your skin that does not change with seasons. It basically can be defined as the shade that comes from beneath the skin’s surface. 

Some people are familiar with the fact that people with fair skin tone have cool undertones. But this is not the truth. Any skin tone, be it fair, medium or dark, can have a skin undertone whether it is cool, warm or neutral. The three undertones are defined as below:

Cool skin undertones: A person has cool undertones if the complexion or skin tone of a person is more bluish, pinkish, or has reddish shades. 

Warm skin undertones: If the skin colour has shades of yellow, golden, and peach, then the undertone is warm.

Neutral skin undertone: People that have neutral skin tone means that it is the same as the colour of their skin. It is a difficult task to find makeup for those who have a neutral skin tone. 

Thus, to buy makeup products such as concealer, foundation or bronzer, you need to understand the importance of skin tones and undertones. 

Why is the skin tone chart important?

Learning about the skin tone chart and skin shades plays a significant role in determining the best makeup for you. In addition, it helps to find the best-suited clothes for you. 

There are some basic things you need to know while buying clothes:

Warm undertones

  • If you have warm undertones, you must go for deep colours such as yellow, brown, beige, orange, warm red, and greens. 
  • If you are to buy jewellery, you must go for bronze and golden shades. 

Cool undertones

  • People with cool undertones go for blue and pale shades such as purple, pink, bluish-red, green, navy, magenta, and bluish green. 
  • You must choose to buy silver jewellery if you have cool undertones. 

Neutral undertones

  • While making choices for clothes, people with neutral undertones can go for any colour. You may choose either from warm undertones or from cool undertones. 
  • Also, an advantage for neutral undertones is that they can wear any metallic colour jewellery. Golden and silver, both shades will best suit the people with neutral undertones. 

Moreover, Undertones also play a crucial role while choosing a hair colour for you. You must know these points for this:

  • Make sure you choose light, pale colours such as platinum if you have warm undertones.
  • Warm colours like butterscotch, honey is for those who have cool undertones. 
  • People with neutral undertones can go for any shade. 

How to determine skin tone with the help of a skin tone chart?

As you are aware of everything, what a skin tone chart is and the skin tones and undertones, here’s how to check your skin tone. Before buying makeup, know four different ways to determine your skin tone:

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Look at your face in the mirror in natural light

If you see a grey tone while wearing makeup, your foundation does not suit your undertones:

  1. Wash your face thoroughly, and clean the makeup you are wearing.
  2. Wait for 15 minutes, and in natural light, see your face in the mirror.
  3. Try to determine the natural tone of your skin.

Observe your face carefully, including the jawline, and try to determine what is your skin undertone. Once your skin tone is determined, you will be able to find the best product for you. 

The Silver or Gold jewellery test

If silver jewellery suits your skin more than gold, you have cool undertones. Conversely, gold will look better if you have warm skin tones. And if you think that both colours suit you equally, you have a neutral undertone.

Veins Test

Check the shade of your veins in the natural light. 

  • Blue or purple shade of your veins tells you that your skin undertone is cool.
  • If the shade of your veins is greenish-blue, your skin undertone is warm. 
  • If it is not possible for you to find out the exact shade of your veins, your skin undertone is neutral. 

Sun Exposure

When you are exposed to the sun, check whether your skin tans or not. Does your skin have sunburns? This all will tell you how your skin reacts when you are in the sun. Those who tan more and have no sunburns have medium or dark skin tones. And those who burn easily but their skin doesn’t tan have fair skin tone. 

Find the right makeup for you using a skin tone chart!

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Now that you know how to find out your skin tone, here’s the time to choose the right makeup product for you. If you can find out your correct skin tone, you can beautify yourself with the application of perfect makeup.

  • Cool Undertone

If you find out your skin undertone is cool, you must go for blue shaded eye shadows, red lips, pinkish, rosy blush. 

  • Warm Undertone

Those with brown skin should go for earthy shades of eyeshadows that will add a natural glow. In addition, you must choose darker red colours for your lips and light pinkish blush. 

  • Neutral Undertone

If you own a neutral skin tone, you are fortunate, as every shade will suit you best. In addition, all makeup products will look great on you. Thus, you can go for any lighter or darker shade for shadows, lip colours, and blushes. 

Wrapping up

While choosing a foundation, try to start with a small patch test at the jawline to see if the makeup product matches your skin tone. Just keep one thing in mind that skin tone varies from season to season. Therefore, always choose one colour lighter than your skin tone, as all makeup gurus suggest this. It was everything about the skin tone chart and the distribution of different skin tones and undertones. Thus, after reading this article, we hope you will easily determine the right makeup product for you be it foundation, concealer, bronzer, or a blush.