2022 Shoe Trends: Top 5 Shoe Trends This Year

2022 Shoe Trends: Top 5 Shoe Trends This Year

The earliest shoes that we have discovered so far are estimated to have been made around 8,000 BCE, and ever since then, they’ve become an essential staple in our everyday lives. Today, shoes come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, and new shoe trends hit the market every year. But what kind of shoe trends can you expect to see in 2022?

What kind of shoes should you buy so you can be at the top of the fashion food chain? Keep reading and learn more about the most popular trends in shoes you can expect to see this year.

1. Flip-Flops With Cushions

Flip-flops have been around forever (literally, people have been wearing them for thousands of years), but their design has been left virtually unchanged after all this time. However, in 2022, you may notice something different about flip-flops: they now have cushioned soles. In the past, flip-flops were known for being convenient to wear, but they were never famous for being comfortable.

Their soles only consisted of a thin slab of plastic, foam, or another material. However, many flip-flops and shoe manufacturers are now starting to make flip-flops with a big, cloud-like layer of cushioning on the bottom of the soles. The overall appearance of the shoes is more or less the same, but you will certainly feel the difference.

Flip-flop shoes in 2022 are finally wearable for more than a few hours, and you won’t have to worry about any aching feet later on. And, as always, these shoes come in a wide variety of colors and patterns so that you can express your individual style however you want. What more could you ask for from shoe trends in 2022?

2. Loafers for Both Men and Women

When you think of loafers, you might think of some old man wearing them on vacation. However, loafers are no longer shoes that your grandfather might wear. Instead, they are more popular than ever, and not to mention stylish.

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Loafers are arguably as convenient as flip-flops. They have no laces, and all you need to do is slip them on, and you’re ready to go. That way, you won’t have to waste any time tying up any fussy shoelaces.

This is not to mention that without shoelaces, these shoes look especially sleek and stylish. Traditionally, loafers were made out of leather, but these days, they are made out of a variety of different materials. You can choose from faux leather, real leather, fake alligator skin, suede, and so on.

These shoes also come in many different colors. This is not to mention that these shoes are naturally very stylish and very comfortable. You shouldn’t have any problem walking around in these shoes for hours at a time.

There are even some loafers that have heels if you want an especially unique look.

3. Sports Shoes as Daywear

There are many sports sneakers on the market that are designed for playing tennis, basketball, or going for a run. These shoes, of course, have specific cushioning and forms to hold your feet in place while you’re being active. However, more and more people are starting to wear sporty sneakers as regular shoes.

This is not too surprising since these sneakers are naturally very comfortable and stylish. Traditionally, men were the ones to wear these chunky sneakers out and about, but more women are starting to get in on this trend as well. You can find Adidas Ozweego here if you want to start browsing some sporty sneakers.

There are also plenty of other sneakers that you can consider, such as the famous Air Jordan 1 sneakers or Air Force 1 sneakers. These shoes come in dozens of different colors and materials. You can also customize them with different shoelaces if you feel like it.

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This is not to mention that these shoes have thick cushions, so your feet should remain super comfortable all day.

4. Sports Sandals

If you’re looking for trends in shoes and if you want something between a sporty sneaker and a sandal, then you’ll have to opt for sports sandals. Sporty sandals have become all the rage in recent years, and you shouldn’t be surprised to find them in many different shoe shops. Of course, these sandals aren’t exactly meant for the basketball court, but they are certainly more durable and comfortable than ordinary sandals.

They also have much more traction in the soles. Most of these sandals have very thick soles with traction so firm that you can see it without even having to turn the sandal over. And, of course, thanks to the thick soles, these sandals also have an extra layer of cushion, making them more comfortable than any sandal you’ve ever worn before.

And, of course, there are many colorways that you can choose from.

5. Retro Shoes

Instead of going back to the future, many people are wanting to go back to the 1980s, at least in terms of their shoe design choices. For that reason, many sneaker brands are starting to design their shoes in a way that makes them look like they were released in the heart of the 80s.

These shoes have retro color combinations as well as designs that you won’t be able to find with modern shoes today.

What You Need To Know About Shoe Trends

There are always new shoe trends going around. In 2022, you can expect to see all sorts of new trends such as sports sandals, retro shoes, loafers, and more. If you’re looking to stay on top of the latest fashion trends, then it will be a good idea to study the newest shoe trends and buy yourself a new pair of shoes or two.

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