Josh Groban Wife: A mystery yet solved?

Josh Groban wife

Have you ever been obsessed with one singer and wanted to know everything in their personal life? Well, you are not the only one!! Fans always want to know the truth about the rumor that their favorite actor, actress, and singer are followed. One such controversy is about Josh Groban Wife. There is no such clarity given by Josh Groban on this rumor. Till now, fans are talking about his relationship with Schuyler Helford, whether they both are married or not.

Let’s dig deep into their life together to know about Josh’s rumored wife.

Josh Groban wife: Schuyler Helford

Schuyler Helford is an American actress. 1991 born Helford, a Los Angeles-based multi-professional person, mostly spent his time learning directional work and writing. In addition to her learning, she also performed comedy after her graduation. She performed lead roles in some of her movies. She also created web series like Indoorsy, which has won awards.

Schuyler Helford, rumored Josh Groban’s wife, is famous in Call Me Kat for her role as Brigitte in it. They both have ten years of age gap between them. Along with the involvement in acting, she is also with other professional activities like direction, producing, and writing.

As of 2022, Schuyler is in her 30s, while Josh is in his 40s. Since 2017, they both have been in a relationship. However, there is no such news available about their marriage. Moreover, Groban once commented on Twitter about his marriage; the theme of the wedding should follow “hugs at the end of SNL.”

Schuyler’s original family

The headline might be thought-provoking for some of you but relax; she is not yet married. Though rumors are she has a second family too. You know where I am going. Since Josh and Helford are dating and their fans are going gaga about the rumor of their marriage.Coming back to her original family. She is the daughter of Bruce Helford and Jan Carey Helford. Helford also has a brother Aven Helford, who is younger than her. Her mother Jan Carey,is a businesswoman who runs an art gallery, and her brother Aven is recently graduated from Parsons School. Aven Studied Design, and he is an upcoming artist.

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Facts about Josh Groban wife, Schuyler Helford

Josh dated other stars like Kat Dennings and January jones before getting involved with Schuyler Helford,. Moreover, his relationship doesn’t last for more than 2-3 years. However, it seems like Groban stopped on Helford.

Daily mail recent report gives us the information about the two where Helford and Josh together. Moreover, paparazzi caught them which acquire public’s attention. Josh has been harassed by one of his crazy female fans since 2011;He filed the case in order to respond against the matter such matter. The Court ordered the female fan to stay at least 100 yards away from Josh, Helford, and his family.

Image Credit: Schuyler Helford

#1. Schuyler is the daughter of Bruce Helford

Schuyler’s father is a Roseanne Show Runner and is famous among television audiences. Bruce is the man behind famous shows like Anger Management, Family Ties, The Drew Carey Show, and many more.

#2. Schuyler attended the award ceremony with Josh Groban.

Schuyler and Josh Groban made their first appearance at the 72 Tony Awards in June 2018. Furthermore, Josh was co-hosting the event. They both attended numerous functions, and the paparazzi also spotted them together several times when they went on dates together. However, Groban and his rumored wife, Helford, are extremely private about their off-screen lives. They both barely mentioned each other via posts and stories on social media.

Josh Groban Wife: Helford Stature

Being a celebrity, one must have to manage body structure well in order to remain in the industry. Schuyler maintains her body well, and she looks drop-dead gorgeous in every attire she carries. She is a 5ft 4 inches American woman in her 30s with a slim body and short stature. She has dark brown wavy hair with dark-colored eyes that make every man die for her. Helford’s frosty skin color adds magic to her face that attracts anybody’s attention.

Is Josh Groban’s wife active on social media?

When you find every celeb on Facebook and Instagram, you also find the mesmerizing Helford on Instagram as “schulyerhelford.” You must have noticed that she is not active on Instagram and has 6.9k followers. She mostly posted about the vacations. Moreover, you find only one or two posts of Josh and her.

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Image Credit: Alamy

Schuyler’s connection to Hollywood

Originally Los Angeles-born Helford has a Hollywood connection, or I can say her family has connections in the Hollywood industry. She is following her father’s footsteps in the direction and producing. However, She has a different quality of acting, starring herself in a few series that she produced.

She studied in Windward School and did theater at Bard College. She also got a bachelor’s degree in Mandarin Chinese and Theater studies. Helford also took admission to the British American Drama Academy in London. Furthermore, She studies Mandarin at the Qingdao University of China.

Schuyler Helford Networth

When talking about television or movie stars, we always consider their net worth in millions. The net worth, I guess, also depends on how famous the personality is? Nevertheless, Josh Groban’s wife is a multi-millionaire. Her total income is around 11 million dollars. At the age of her 30s only she produced several award-winning series. Moreover, She added her commendable work on shows like Anger Management to the list. Being a daughter of a producer gives her doubt of benefit.

While building her career, she is also actively participating in social causes. She recently posted on Black Lives Matter. She also raised her voice on women’s empowerment and human rights.


1. Who is Josh Groban?

A. Josh Groban is a famous American Singer.

2. How Old Is Josh Groban?

A. He is 42 years old.

3. What is Josh Groban’s net worth?

A. Josh Groban’s estimated net worth is $25 million.

4. When does Josh Groban’s birthday come?

A. His birthday is on 27 February.

5. How tall is Josh Groban?

A. He is 5 ft and 10 inches tall.


Now you got a pretty clear answer about Josh Groban’s wife. Oops! Josh’s girlfriend. Schuyler is an amazing woman with a multi-professional personality. However, they both have been dating for a very long time but still have not tied the knot yet.

Moreover, never comment when they are planning for marriage. The untied knot might be a sigh of relief for some of the fans from both sides. Just kidding, but fans are waiting for their wedding announcement deep down. Hope you enjoyed the article and for more fun and spicy information on your favorite celebs, save the page. We provide information on their off-screen lives daily!!