What Makes a Good Lawyer? Here’s What You Need to Know

What Makes a Good Lawyer

In difficult, complicated, and tough situations, organizations and individuals will be forced to look for a legal professional. As much as it sounds easy, finding the right type of lawyer is tough. Especially if you don’t have hands-on experience of working with an attorney before, this is going to be an overwhelming experience for you. So whether it comes to family law or helping you get the most out of your personal injury claim, the advocates are the right people when it comes to different challenges of your life. But what makes a good attorney? Bear in mind, looking for a good attorney is tough because the market is flooded with all kinds of people willing to offer their services. For anyone who wants to become a lawyer or has been looking for one, there are several factors that make a professional attorney. Below, we have jotted down a list of all the essential qualities that makes a good lawyer:

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Passion For Job

As a beginner, everyone is passionate about their work. However, not many people latch on to their profession, if they have to expand it or when time passes by. You must have heard popular clichés saying that you should look for a job that excites you or never have a happy day in your life. Of course, when it comes to reality, the world isn’t as easy as one thinks while graduating. However, there is enough evidence, which proves that being passionate about your profession is what will allow you to thrive in it. Simply put, people who are passionate about their work are at a higher chance of being successful in it. On the contrary, if somebody is forcefully settling for a certain career choice, it will be hard to gravitate towards success.

Strong Communication Skills

As a fundamental rule, the attorney has to be a strong communicator. Because they have to meet with people from the other parties, handle cops and gather evidence, strong communication is an important factor to consider. Beyond this, lawyers have to bargain with several people when it comes to investigating the case and diving full throttle in the situation. In such a situation, if an attorney isn’t a strong communicator, it will be hard for them to gravitate your case towards the right direction. When looking for an attorney, it is essential to look for stellar communication skills. After all, when a legal issue is concerned, the attorney has to go the extra mile to be vocal about everything.

Compassion For Clients

Unless the attorney doesn’t have passion for clients, it will be hard for the lawyer to work to their true potential. If you sift through the list of different people in the industry, you will know that the most successful people in this industry are passionate about their clients. For this to happen, you can schedule a one-to-one meeting with the clients to rest assured about the veracity of their services. According to many experts, a true attorney is an individual who understands the situation of the client and helps them in improving the quality of their life. Search for Los Angeles Criminal Attorney to know about the services of the top-notch people in the industry.

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Knowledge of Law

Because the law is a diverse field, it is practically impossible for a newbie or a mildly experienced attorney to know everything about the industry. For example, if you want to hire a personal injury lawyer, you cannot contact an attorney specializing in criminal defense. Therefore, to rest assured about the knowledge of an attorney, it is best to meet the person in person and ask them questions about it. Secondly, it is essential that an attorney has enough knowledge of the area they want to help you in. While successful attorneys have many traits in common, they will still be heavily reliant on a certain body of law. Secondly, the legal knowledge possessed by the corporate litigator is far different than that acquired by the attorney. Therefore, knowledge is an important trait that makes a professional attorney stand out amongst the others.

Willingness to Listen

One of the most overlooked qualities of an attorney is their willingness to listen. Simply put, if an attorney isn’t willing to listen to develop an understanding of the situation, it will be hard for them to help their clients in the best possible way. A successful attorney is all ears about what the clients have to say. Especially when serious cases are concerned, attorneys need to know about every detail. However, when they try to impose their thought process on the clients and despise listening to everything that has happened, it will be hard for them to make the most out of their efforts. Listening to clients, talking to the eyewitnesses, and clearly understanding the points made by the other side are very important qualities that attorneys must possess. Unfortunately, many attorneys fail to acquire this skill, even after spending a lot of time in the industry.

Story Writing Ability

One of the exceptional traits that all successful lawyers have is their ability to write interesting stories. Don’t be intrigued by the flashy scenes of different movies on the television screen. Most attorneys spend a large part of their time writing stories rather than arguing with different people. Simply put, a successful attorney should have the ability to create an effective, clear, and logical document. Therefore, it is essential for the attorneys to work on their writing skills for best results. An attorney who is detail oriented will easily immerse in the situation and come up with interesting facts that never saw the light of the day. Now, due to the high demand in the industry, attorneys are going the extra mile when it comes to carving interesting stories for the court.

Good Judgement

At many points, lawyers have to make judgments for themselves and the clients, of course. For example, if your claim is worth pursuing, the attorney might reject your case. Similarly, if you have been involved in a criminal case, the lawyer will not take up your case and proceed with it. Alternatively, an attorney will also have the confidence to settle for negotiation, and the client will also seek their opinion on the deal. In other words, the client is allowed to make their choice because the lawyers won’t force you to pursue a case with them. A well-versed attorney will know when it is the right time to pursue a case or when it isn’t appropriate to recommend the client to sue the other party. If an attorney doesn’t possess this skill, it will be hard for them to succeed in this industry as it is already dominated by some of the best people from across the globe.

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Unfortunately, creativity is only restrained in the art room when people talk about it. In real life, an attorney has to be creative and think out of the box. Because every case is complex, there could be several possible reasons for why something went wrong. Remember that every client that an attorney has to deal with has a different perspective on the situation. Secondly, when it becomes hard for everyone to find a problem, they must be creative while thinking. Simply put, every case should be deal with an open mind. Unless every case isn’t dealt with creativity, it will be hard for the attorney to push it in the right direction. Hadn’t it been for creativity, the world would have become a war zone.


Being skeptical is an organic consequence of our minds. However, when it comes to the law, it is important for every attorney to maintain healthy skepticism because it is the need of the hour. In other words, you don’t have to think negatively or become a pessimist. When an attorney is solving the case, they have to be skeptical about everyone who is involved. One of the leading reasons that a lot of people make is when they blindly trust people who are involved in the case. Because clients and eyewitnesses will leave out essential information. In every case, if you talk to any successful attorney, they will tell you about healthy skepticism. As an attorney, one has to acknowledge all the red flags in the case.


Last but not least, an attorney has to be confident enough while solving a case. Confidence not only makes one stand out but is also a strongly required trait in the industry. Not to forget, there are over 20 million lawyers working in this industry across the globe. If not all of them, at least some of them will be hired for the legal services. Out of this portion, only those who are confident enough and can stand out to the clients will be lucky enough to bag lucrative opportunities. Confidence is one of the keys to becoming a successful attorney right now. While looking for an attorney, make sure to sift through the client reviews to know, If the attorney has a confident personality or not.