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8 Subtle Signs That Your Marriage Is Over

8 Subtle Signs That Your Marriage Is Over

Sometimes when your marriage is going through a rough patch in your life, you might think about giving it a second chance and try to patch things up with your better half. But even after several tries, you are not able to spice things up in your relationship and make things better just like the way it used to be; you might need to accept the fact that your marriage is about to be over and you need a good Los Angeles Divorce Attorney to move on from a toxic relationship. If you do not know when is the right time to take a step further, here are some of the subtle signs that will let you know that your marriage is over and it’s time to start a new chapter in your life. 

You are already Living Like A Single

As we all know, single life is one of the greatest parts of our lives with fewer responsibilities on us and just hanging out with our friends. 

All you need to do in this time period is to make sure that your bills are being paid on time and you are taking good care of yourself. 

However, when it comes to you being married, life takes a new and different turn where you need to remember that there is another human being’s life attached to yours and you have to be responsible for them which is a great thing. 

But if you are still living like you are single and not a part of a committed relationship, then this might be a major red flag in your marriage. 

This means that you need to understand that if you keep behaving this way, your marriage might be at stake, and things might not go as planned. 

Although hanging out with your friends every once in a while might be perfectly ok for you, but doing such kinds of activities almost every week and hanging out with your single friends might be a sign that your marriage is certainly over. 

Knowingly hanging out most of the single places around your single friends of both genders is one of the most prominent signs that you desire many different things from your married life now. 

In addition to that, you or your spouse acting like you are single can also be a subtle sign that you guys are growing disrespectful towards each other, and successful marriage requires growing and thriving respect for your spouse. 

Your Spouse Stresses You Out

If being around your spouse gives you a certain level of anxious feelings and you do not feel very good like the way you are supposed to, then this definitely is a major sign that your marriage is in trouble. 

This kind of situation normally arises when you do not feel very comfortable around your spouse and look for excuses in order to not hang out or include them in any of your social plans. 

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Generally, this happens when the thought of having physical or emotional intimacy with your partner scares or stresses you out because you do not feel connected to them anymore. 

So, if you notice this red flag in your marriage, this means that your marriage is certainly on thin ice in the current situation. 

Your Sex Life Is Boring

If the thought of having any kind of physical intimation with your partner does not excite you anymore or your sex life is pretty boring and bland, then that means that it is definitely a sign that your relationship is certainly off-kilter. 

Of course, you can not have sex multiple times a day, but if you and your spouse both are sexually, physically, and mentally healthy and still goes for days or even months without having any kind of spice in your sexual relationship or do not even have some, this might be the time that you look out for your marriage. 

As two people happily married and living together still do not experience any kind of sexual attraction or tension between each other for whatever reasons, might have lost interest in each other and in worse cases might also look out for other people in order to satisfy their sexual needs. 

This is an important point that should never be ignored as strong intimacy is one of the most significant parts of your healthy and happy marriage, and this feeling should never be filled with resentment, anger, or negativity. 

You Are Having An Emotional Affair

If you can not talk to your spouse openly and instead of talking to someone in order to get moral and emotional support from someone else rather than your better half, then it is a clear sign that your marriage is now headed for an ending. 

There might also be a similar case where you or your spouse might be texting or talking to another person in a certain way in which you would rather not want your partner to find out might be one of the blatant reasons that your marriage is over. 

Sometimes, you might also begin to meet someone you fantasize about cheating on your partner with, and despite not having any kind of physical intimacy, you are ready to put your marriage at stake for that person. 

The reason behind this can be the lack of interest of you or your spouse in each other and less physical as well as emotional bonding or connection with one another. 

You Guys Do Not Communicate

As you might have heard or read multiple times on several pieces of research that communication is the key to any successful relationship, lack of communication between one another can lead to differences and misunderstandings. 

For any couple, the main way to lead a happy married life is to properly learn how to communicate and resolve the conflicts of each other respectively rather than shouting and yelling at one another. 

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The reason behind this is because when you can not properly communicate with your spouse or make him understand your point to him without fighting with each other or having arguments, you would never be able to solve your problems, and eventually, the only thing that will suffer the most will be your relationship. 

Due to this very issue, your misunderstandings will increase, your intimacy will be almost finished, and gradually your marriage will die. 

Couples Therapy Is not working

Normally when a married couple is going through hard times of their relationship, and they are willing to fix and save their marriage, they mostly try to go to therapy in order to properly be able to express what they are feeling and how they can make things work out.

But if either of you is not completely invested or interested in saving your relationship, then problems might occur, and this can be one of the major reasons for your divorce or separation. 

Although it can sometimes be undeniably difficult for both of you to understand and accept that you guys need a couple’s therapy, if your marriage is falling apart in front of your very eyes, you can still give it one last try to fix it. 

But things can somehow take you down the path if one of you is not willing to go to therapy or give this thing a try. 

None Of You Is Compromising

No relationship is complete without the compromise and efforts of the spouse in order to live with each other and respect each other’s preferences. 

Although compromise might sound a bit difficult, it can somehow be one of the main reasons behind a healthy and successful marriage. 

But in spite of knowing that one of you is not willing to or would not even make an attempt to compromise or any small or important issues of your life, then it is a pretty clear and significant sign that your marriage is soon going to be over. 

As most couples who want to make things work in their favor would go to certain lengths to savor their relationship, if both you or your partner can not get on the same page, then this is not going to work out for long, and you might end up getting a divorce. 

You Keep Secrets From Each Other

One of the signs of a healthy marriage is that you do not hide important stuff or personal decisions from each other and feel pretty comfortable sharing even private things about you. 

If this is not the case for you and you or your partner do not feel like sharing personal stuff with each other, and it is pretty normal for you to keep secrets from your partner, then your marriage is certainly in big trouble. 

Although keeping small and unimportant secrets from each other might not be such a huge deal, but if you do not feel like sharing significant information with your spouse that might even hurt them is certainly going to weaken your marriage over time, and things might take a bitter turn soon. 


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