What is Self-Storage? Here’s what you need to know


What is Self-Storage?

Self-storage is an economical storage choice for long term as well as temporary storage. Storage spaces are available in the form of storage containers or storage lockers by the service providers. You can rent a storage facility based on your requirement. Specifically, you can rent it if you have extra storage requirement. 

GoPanda, provides high quality safe units to fulfil your storage requirements. They too offer high-quality secure units in addition to premier removal service in storage

Our self-storage facility built for our mission will provide you with the extra storage room you need in a comfortable, easy to reach space. We aim to make your needs for self-storage as quick as easy as possible, which is why we provide convenient options without any secret costs for every need.

Why Go Panda?

You will find just what you need, whether you need a self-storage unit in between house transfers, long or short-term business, or student pieces. With number of self-storage facility available in different locations you can opt for the service, whether you live in Wales or the southwest.

It can be relatively overwhelming when using one for the first time if you have never used a self-storage business before, but it can also be the only solution to a variety of questions. 

You may come up with different thoughts in varied situations such as 

  • what to do with a loved one’s possessions 
  • what to do with your furniture if you sell your house but intend to rent for a limited time, or 
  • if you plan to emigrate or move, what to do with the contents of your home. 
  • If you have a carload of valuables that you are not yet willing (or able) to part with, or a whole home, it may be a great alternative to self-storage.

But you need not worry about all these things as the service team has all the solutions to your problem. The following steps will explain how self-storage works, so you’ll know what to expect during the rental process.

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1) Select a storage facility 

Many units of storage function the same way. You sign a lease and then rent for a fixed period a storage room. Each storage facility, however, has numerous requirements.

2) What Size Unit Will I Get?

There are a vast range of storage units available, as you can see when you begin your study. It will cost you more depending on the size of the unit. Even if you intend for the long term to fill a large storage unit, you can find that it is more cost-effective to rent a smaller one to start. 

It can be difficult to find out what size you need, so that’s why we built this useful self-storage size guide (https://www.bigpadlock.co.uk/what-size-unit) to help. You can be assisted by one of our experienced staff members, and they will take you around the building to find the right size for your needs. 

3) What can I store? 

Almost everything can be stored; furniture, books, paintings, electronics, trinkets, valuables, clothing, equipment, and paper. What is against the rules, such as guns and explosives, illicit drugs, gasoline and dangerous chemicals, and anything that breathes (or breathes), from humans to animals and trees, are the only items you can’t store. A safe deposit box is also a safer choice if you choose to keep cash or costly jewellery. 

4) How To Save Money on Self-Storage

We run multiple offers here at GoPanda to pick from and give you the best deal at the lowest price we can. A way to save money, in the long run, is to ensure that you pack your valuables properly to prevent expensive harm, and we have a wide variety of packaging items for you if you are concerned. 

Why you should opt for Self-Storage 

  1. Are you looking for some extra room to build in your home?

Self storage will help you clean up your house with some extra rooms. We sell outstanding storage units as per your requirements. Our storage rooms gives you the extra space to declutter certain seasonal things that you don’t use, but if you need to, you still have access to them. 

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2. Planning to renovate the home or re-decorate it? 

Redecorating every now and then is a perfect way to refresh your house, and can also add value to your land. Our storage rooms help clear some space and ensure everything runs smoothly, whether you match a new kitchen, build a new bedroom or update your bathroom. 

3. Planning for Travels?

If you are taking a long holiday at any time of the year, it is a smart idea to ensure that your treasured and private belongings are kept safe and protected while you are abroad. CCTV and state-of-the-art surveillance services secure all of our buildings. We will protect all your things until you are able to come home and retrieve them. 

How we keep your belongings secure 

  1. Modern purpose-built facilities :

Both our self-storage facilities with all the new protection are purpose-built modern facilities. 

2. Documentation and Insurance 

The leasing deal is at the core of how self-storage functions. All the terms of your contract will include leasing arrangements and this arrangement will set the tone for what is required of you. Until signing, make sure you check all of the terms. Depending on the situation, you’ll either sign this document in person or electronically. 

3. Safe and Secure 

Security is the highest priority when it comes to your possessions and something we take very seriously. With state-of-the-art security systems, alarms, and 24/7 CCTV in operation. You will get a safe lock for your unit that only you will have a key to, for peace of mind we don’t keep any copies that you will be the only one with access


To support you 24/7, GoPanda is always there. Your belongings are being tracked 24 hours a day, to give your packed objects peace of mind.