Six Uses of 12 Volt Batteries

12 Volt Batteries

A 12 Volt battery is often used in cars, RVs, and Boats. These come in different storage capacities and have varying applications based on their build.

A small and lightweight 15AH 12-volt battery will work efficiently for a kid’s toy car. At the same time, 12 volt batteries with a higher AH are the industry standard for traditional car batteries.

12-volt batteries have highly diverse sizes, depending on the amp hours they can produce. Batteries designed for operation in cars and boats will be heavier in their size because of the extra storage capacity required. Read on to find out more about the applications of these batteries.

Uses of a 12 Volt Lithium Battery

Lithium-ion batteries like Enduro Power are relatively new to the market and are similar in the way they store energy and their storage capacity. They use lithium salt and are based on the movement of lithium ions. Compared to lead-acid batteries, they can hold more charge and use energy more efficiently.

RV batteries

Because of their highly efficient charge and discharge timing, they perform relatively better in both colder and hotter climates. This makes them an excellent choice for people who live in an RV and explore areas with uncertain weather. A 100ah, 12V lithium battery can be used to replace wet cell or absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries that lack similar storage and charging capacity.

Prolonged Power Usage

While both Acid-lead, AMG, and gel batteries can supply the same power, these don’t need as much recharging. Their high charge rates of nearly 99 percent make them more suitable for off-grid living and other applications involving prolonged use. Also, because they drop less voltage than AGM or wet cell batteries, you can power up your entire RV, home, or car without worrying about untimely discharging.

Boats, Electric Golf Carts, and More!

Portability and weight can play a considerable role when using batteries for mobility purposes. Because their high storage ability is often packed in a compact size, they are easier to fit in tight spaces. This makes them ideal for small boats, golf carts, and kids’ ride-on cars.

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When it comes to electric scooters, bikes, or wheelchairs, the battery weight can influence the top speed and ride smoothness. Using a compact battery that can offer sufficient power such as these ensures you don’t have to compromise on your riding experience.

Solar Storage System

A 12v Lithium-ion battery can easily power up the solar storage system for a small house. They can last longer because they hold a high depth of discharge (DoD) than the cheaper alternatives.

The high DoD is also essential when you entirely rely on solar energy and need some stored solar power on top of the direct energy produced by solar panels.

The most significant advantage of lithium-ion batteries for solar energy applications is the high life cycle.

Where other batteries may offer a lifecycle of about 500 cycles, these can offer at least 3000 cycles, with better ones reaching at least 5000 cycles.

Uses of 12 Volt Batteries With 7amp and 12amp Outputs

These don’t last as long as a lithium battery. Yet, still serve well for many different applications.

Power Backup

12 Volt and 7-12 amp batteries have the ideal weight and storage capacity to be used as emergency power backup. You can use both Sealed lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries to light up most of the appliances in your house.

An acid-lead battery in this range is a common and cheap option for power backups. Typically, they have a discharge rate of 35-40 percent per year. This translates to about 3-4 percent discharge per month, making them highly efficient for storing energy over long periods of time. With appropriate storage conditions and maintenance, they can store energy for up to 3 months without needing a recharge.

Mobility Applications

Many 12V, 7amp batteries supply sufficient power for vehicles and other mobility tools, including electric scooters, wheelchairs, and ride-on toys.

Deep cycle batteries or gel batteries have superior performance compared to other batteries with a similar range. The overall run-time mostly depends on the rate of discharge, temperature conditions, and battery quality.

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However, most batteries can keep your vehicles mobile for at least 42 minutes and up to 2 hours when drawing at least 10A of current. These can also be used for golf carts, kids’ ride-on cars, and bikes as an alternative to the more expensive lithium-ion batteries.

Comparing Batteries

You’ll need to make intelligent choices when choosing a battery. Cost to quality is usually a primary concern. You can use the following to draw smart comparisons.


The capacity for energy storage can be critical when you want to use high-wattage equipment and appliances for long periods of time. Another thing to consider is the capacity-to-size ratio.

For tighter spaces, such as bikes and scooters, you need to ensure that the battery has both the right capacity and size for your particular needs. Weight can also be considered when comparing the capacity; heavier batteries can be harder to move around and can bring down your vehicle’s top speed.

When size and weight don’t matter, getting a lead battery can provide you with the most capacity for the lowest price.


If you live off-grid, the required maintenance frequency can matter a lot for your convenience. It is best to get a good quality battery from a reliable manufacturer or vendor with a maximum of 2 required maintenance periods every year.

You can also get maintenance-free batteries which can save you money in the long run. Such batteries come with sealed liquid electrolytes that prevent leakage and discharge.


A battery freshness does not refer to whether it was bought new or used before. Instead, it is about how recently it was produced. This quality can serve as an indicator for its future output.

Batteries made last year will have diminishing output and will not hold the same capacity they did a year ago. The freshness can be found by checking the serial number on the battery as it is often stamped with the year of manufacturing.

Take a Look Around

In short, 12 volt batteries have a plethora of uses from cars, to boats, scooters, solar backup, and everything in between. It just so happens that we have plenty of articles on all of these topics. Check out our blog section, you’ll be sure to find something of interest.