5 Careers for Ambitious People


Are you a type-A personality with a drive for success? If you’re an ambitious person looking for a job title and salary to match, here are five ideas on career paths to consider.

Engineering is a wide field where you have many different sectors to choose from. From environmental and chemical engineers to software and mechanical engineers, you can choose to pursue a career in something you’re passionate about. It’s also a very lucrative field with extremely high earning potentials and plenty of opportunities.

  • Branch manager

Becoming an originating branch manager is an ideal opportunity to start your own branch and lead your own team while having the resources and backing of a larger company behind you. There’s a great potential for income in this field, and it will give you large amounts of freedom to develop your own manager style and way of running a business. It’s perfect for people with drive and leadership skills, and it’s a career that can take you far. Mortgage banks are one kind of business that offer branch manager opportunities, which is obviously a field where there’s a lot of money to be made.

  • Sales manager

Another managerial option for those interested in leadership roles. Sales managers exist in all industries. Their role is essentially to recruit and motivate a sales team and help them generate hits and exceed revenue forecasts. You will set goals, create plans, analyze data, and much more. This is the perfect career for someone who enjoys closing deals and building relationships and is good at inspiring and leading people. There’s often an opportunity to travel a lot in the role. Most sales managers are energetic and extroverted, so if that sounds like you, this might be a career to consider.

  • Consultant

If you’re an organized and knowledgeable individual, consider consulting. Being a consultant means you’re hired to provide an expert opinion, perform analyses and make recommendations. Your role is essentially to troubleshoot and provide companies with strategies to tackle their problems and grow their revenue. Practically all industries use consultants, so you can use your expertise in many different fields to find the sector that’s right for you. Some common areas for consultants accounting, finance, technology, marketing and project management, among many others. You can work in business, healthcare, IT or any number of industries. There is a lot of flexibility in this career, with the option to work as self-employed or take a role with a consulting firm. 

  • Medicine

Medicine does require a lot of studying and a particular mindset, but it can be a very attractive career to many people. While there is definitely a great earning potential, the biggest draw is the fact that you can make a real difference in people’s lives. You get the chance to do some true good in the world, by diagnosing and treating conditions that can range from mild to life-threatening. It’s a rewarding and challenging industry that isn’t for the faint of heart, but it might just be right for you.

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If you want more out of your life and career, consider these five career paths. One of them might be the one that’s perfect for you. 


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