Home Entertainment Chris Pine height, weight and all about his body measurements. Read this!

Chris Pine height, weight and all about his body measurements. Read this!

Chris Pine height, weight and all about his body measurements. Read this!
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Are you a big fan of Star Trek? Obsessed with Star Trek’s actor Chris Pine? You all must be wondering why I am obsessing over Star Trek all of a sudden? In this article, we discuss all Chris Pine height, weight, Wikipedia and much more. To begin with, Chris Pine is well known for his role in Star Trek. He has breathtaking blue eyes with attractive physical appearance. Pine has given several hits in a row. His significant roles include Jack Ryan, A wrinkle in time, Wonder Women, Unstoppable, Into the woods etc. The actor started his career with The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. The film did not get good critical reviews. However, the film earned $134.7 million in total. 

Did you know? The Green Lantern role was first offered to Chris Pine. However, Ran Reynolds got the part eventually. Later, he successfully won the hearts of the critics with his incredible performance in various films. Let us know more about his personal and professional life. All you need to know about Chris Pine is here! Let us see how well you know your favourite celebrity?

Chris Pine: Early life 

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Chris Pine’s full name is Christopher Whitelaw Pine. He was born on August 26, 1980, at Cedars Sinai Hospital in L.A., California. Chris comes from a family with a strong acting background. He is the son of former actors Robert Pine and Gwynne Gilford. Moreover, Katherine, his elder sister, was also an actor. In addition, he comes from a family with Russian Jewish ancestry. Almost everyone in his family has acted for once in their life.

Pine went to Oakwood School to complete his high school. He graduated in 2002 from California, Berkeley. He studied B.A. English in College. According to Chris, he was shy and faced a lot of difficulty in making friends. However, he always had a thing for theatres.

He became part of the theatre because of his talent. He was the part of some famous theatre plays, including Caryl Churchill, Osteres and Shakespeare.

Furthermore, soon after completing his graduation, Pine wanted to sharpen his acting skills. Thus, he went to Williamstown Theatre Festival, Massachusetts. Later, he attended San Francisco’s American Conservatory Theatre(A.C.T.).

How tall is the actor and all about his body measures

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Chris Pine has a fantastic body and strong charisma. This 41-year-old actor weighs 78kgs(74lbs) with killer abs. When it comes to Chris Pine height, we all know he is tall. But how tall is he? Let me answer that for you! Chris Pine is 6ft 1inches tall i.s.183 cms with not more than 16% body fat. People adore Chris for his blonde hair and sparkling eyes.

Chris Pine: Net worth, earnings and salary

Apart from Chris Pine height, there is much more to discuss. Chris Pine is one of the most extraordinary actors. He performed well in several movies. Moreover, almost all his films were blockbusters worldwide like wonder Woman, star trek etc. You should know that he made his fortune purely by acting in various television series and movies. Moreover, he was #27 on the 30 under 30 lists. He has a beautiful and massive house in L.A. spread over 2000 sq. ft. He has a net worth of $35 million approximately. Also, Chris is planning to add a few million dollars to his wealth. Pine is all set to produce movies.

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Chris Pine: Personal Life and religious beliefs:-

Chris Pine height
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Chris Pine is not a firm believer in God. But, he does not reject the existence of religious doctrine either. Inexact words, he is an agnostic.

Like any other celebrity, the paparazzi did not leave Pine too. There are few stories about him drinking and driving. Also, the New Zealand government took the driving license away from him for six months. He even paid $93 as a fine. The judge was shocked because of his clean image and character.

Chris has strong political views. He was also part of a 2016’s Trek against Trump. It was a presidential campaign organised by the crew members of Star Trek, including Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, Adam Nimoy, JJ Abrams, Bryan Fuller, John Cho, Justin Linn, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, George Takei and Zoe Saldana. The main vision of the campaign was to endorse Hilary Clinton. He even requested people online on social media to vote and explained the importance of voting. So now, who is the partner of Pine Chris? Is he in any relationship, or is he single? Is he straight or not?

Well, Pine is a very straight guy and is committed too. According to the news, he has been in a relationship with Annabelle Wallis. Annabelle is a British actress and is known for her role in Peaky Blinders. Since April 2018, they have been in a serious relationship.

Enough about Chris Pine height, weight, personal life! Let us now focus on his Hollywood career.

Chris Pine: Career

Chris Pine began his career in 2003. He first appeared in a medical drama series E.R. After That; he started working in other dramas like C.S.I.: Miami and The Guardian. Moreover, within a year, he did a short film Why Germany? in 2004.

He took the success step in his career when he acted opposite Anne Hathway in a 2004 American comedy film. After that, he played Nicholas Devereaux in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement which was a success. His other minor works involve Six Feet Under(a few episodes), The Bulls(short film), and Confession’s independent movie. In 2006, he appeared in the feature-length motion film: Surrender, Dorothy.

Moreover, he worked with another famous actress, Lindsay Lohan. The movie is a romantic comedy named Just my Luck. He played the character of Jake Hardin in 2006. In the following year, he did another comedy movie, Blind dating. Then, he decided to do something different. Therefore, he did an action thriller called Smokin’ Aces.

As I mentioned above, he is a big fan of theatres. He never left theatres ultimately. In 2006, he did a solo play, The Atheist in New York. Later, he did another play, Fat Pig, in 2007. He played the role of Scott Wolf’s best friend in Los Angeles. The play was a big hit, and Pine received lots of good reviews. He did another comedy, Bottle shock, in 2008. He played the role of a winemaker Bo Barett. That is all about Pine’s career from 2003-2006.

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Now, we will discuss his big films, which brought him worldwide fame.

Chris Pine: A big Star

Chris Pine gained immense success when he became a part of Star Trek. In 2009, he played James T. Kirk in the movie. Star Trek was lucky for him as Chris got worldwide recognition. He even turned down White Jazz based on a crime novel. Also, Pine appeared in Saturday Night Live along with his co-star for the promotion of his movie. Even after gaining immense popularity, he remained stuck to the theatres. In the summer of 2009, He did Farragut North; Beau William plays in Los Angeles.

He won L.A.’s drama Critics Circle’s lead for The Lieutenant of Inishmore.

Pine’s success journey started with Star Trek and took him to give back to back hits. His other famous film was Unstoppable, released in 2010. Tony Scott and Mark Bomback are the directors and writers of the film. They gave him the role of a young conductor opposite Daniel Washington. The movie revolves around how he helps Daniel Washington to stop a train carrying poisonous gases. But, unfortunately, the train is unstoppable to wipe out a whole city. Daniel Washington played the role of a veteran road engineer.

He also worked with other big stars like Tom Hardy and Reese Witherspoon in a 2012 romantic movie called This means War.

This multi-talented actor found his new obsession to work as a voice artist. He is the voice of Rising of the Guardian’s Jake Frost. 

In 2012 released People Like Us, he acted opposite Michelle PfeifferElizabeth Banks and Olivia Wilde.

After the massive success of Star Trek, Pin was offered the role again. However, this time, Pine did the role of Captain Kirk in 2013’s Star Trek into darkness.

I guess we all are fond of Jack Ryan, a C.I.A. analyst. But, for those who don’t know, let me explain! Jack Ryan is a fictional character from Tom Clancy’s novels. Did you know? Chris Pine is the fourth biggest star to play Jack Ryan. Previously, Ben Affleck, Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford played Jack Ryan.

His role in Wonder Woman opposite Gal Gadot added millions in bank balance. It was a 2017’s super hit super movie.

Pine’s role as Alexander Murray in the science-fantasy film A wrinkle in time is prevalent. In addition, he played the main character Rober the Bruce in the periodic drama Outlaw King.

Also, he was a voice actor in Spider man’s animated movie. He was the voice of Spiderman/Peter Parker. Moreover, he is all set to start a new role in life as an executive producer for the biography based on the life story of Robert F. Kennedy.

Chris Pine: Awards and Recognitions

Chris Pine is popular for his notable roles. His famous movies include Wonder woman, Star Trek, Jack Ryan, and the list continues. He received worldwide recognition for these movies. Moreover, he received several awards in his career. His awards include Scream awards and the Boston Society of Film Critics Award for his incredible performances. In addition, he won several awards for Wonder Woman movies, including Teen Choice Awards. 


In the end, I assume we are clear about Chris Pine height, weight, body measures and his Wikipedia. The article made you aware of this most attractive actor’s personal and professional life by this time. I bet his incredible works and awards must have blown your mind. So, I am closing the article hoping it was worth reading. Thank you for your time, and Take care!


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