5 Common Skincare Mistakes to Avoid

Common Skincare Mistakes

Skincare is a complicated topic that confuses a lot of people due to the many juxtaposing tips and tricks, as well as the fact the market is saturated with millions of products all claiming to do the same thing. There are countless videos and articles online promoting a number of different hacks, each one contradicting the last and contributing to the perpetuation of false information.  Everyone’s skin is different which means that what works for one person won’t work for another, but the issue is, many skincare tips are touted as fact which pushes people to spend huge amounts of money on products that won’t ever work for them. Common Skincare Mistakes-

Knowing what will work best for your skin will only come from speaking to a dermatologist and looking at your skin in detail; however, there are several universal things that don’t do anyone’s skin any favors. 

To prevent you from irritating your skin further, here are five common skincare mistakes you might be making but should aim to avoid in order to help your skin as much as you can. 

  1. Failing to remove your makeup before you go to sleep- Common Skincare Mistakes

The first mistake a lot of people make is failing to remove their makeup before they go to sleep. We get it, everyone gets tired sometimes and things slip, so whilst the odd night here and there won’t completely ruin your skin, if you do it on a regular basis, you’ll find yourself suffering from frequent breakouts as a result of clogged pores. 

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This is because when you sleep, your skin increases the amount of sebum it produces to help your skin heal from the traumas of the day. If there’s already makeup sat on your face, your pores will become clogged and full of dirt, causing spots. To avoid this, make sure you remove your makeup before you go to sleep. 

  1. Using face scrubs with microbeads in 

Microbeads can be found in a lot of cleansers and exfoliators used on the face, and whilst they do have a certain scrubbing power, they should be avoided at all costs. Not only are they made of polluting petrochemical plastics that are incredibly harmful to the planet, they’re also far too abrasive for use on your skin. 

They are so rough that they cause micro abrasions, and these cause more harm to your skin than good. From making your skin more sensitive to irritation and allergies, they also make your skin drier which can cause other problems. 

Suppliers like Skin Addict have a wide range of cleansers and scrubs that use natural exfoliators which are far better for your face and the planet. 

  1. Using more than one method of exfoliation 

Speaking of exfoliators, one of the most common mistakes more and more people are making is using more than one exfoliator on their skin. Depending on your skin type, use either a retinoid, chemical exfoliant, glycolic acid toner, or a physical exfoliator like a brush. You don’t need to use more than one of these methods, and you don’t need to exfoliate more than three times a week. Doing so will strip your skin and cause increased irritation, inflammation, and sensitivity. 

  1. Avoiding moisturizer if your skin is oily 
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Is your skin oily? If so, you might think you don’t need to use a moisturizer, but this is far from the truth. In fact, using the correct moisturizer for your skin can actually help your body regulate its natural oil production and prevent increased oil production. 

  1. Using an SPF that is too low 

The final mistake almost everyone makes is using an SPF that is actually too low. If you use exfoliating products, you need to make sure you’re using at least SPF 50 as they can make your skin more prone to sun damage. As a general rule of thumb, aim for a factor 50 sunscreen to ensure you’re fully protected from UV rays and all the damage it can cause. 


These skincare tips might not solve all your skin issues overnight, but they will certainly go a long way to preventing unnecessary problems with your skin.