How To Get Periods Immediately If Delayed- Some Natural Ways!

How To Get Periods Immediately If Delayed- Some Natural Ways To Follow

There might be situations when you will miss your periods without being pregnant. There can be some particular reasons behind this happening. Well, irrespective of the cause, this is an extremely stressful situation for any female. In this case, you will only wonder about how to get periods immediately if delayed. However, knowing the causes and indications behind delayed periods is equally important. Hence, in this blog, we will discuss everything that a female should know about their periods being delayed. 

What do you understand by irregular or delayed periods?

A menstrual cycle generally appears somewhere between a period of 23 to 31 days. If you get your periods between this mentioned time span, it will be considered a healthy and regular cycle. Clearly, if your menses do not reappear 45 days after your previous month’s periods, they will be considered delayed periods. If this happens on a regular basis then this is a situation of irregular periods. However, your delayed periods might not necessarily be a cause for concern. But, they could be an indication of some major health issues as well. Hence, it would be best for you to consult a gynecologist further. 

Tips on how to get your periods immediately if delayed 

There are certain tips and tricks that can be considered and followed if you have missed your periods. These include a combination of food items, exercises and yoga, different supplements and some basic/natural tips to induce delayed periods. Let us discuss all of them individually. This will help you select the one that matches your suitability and will work the best for you. 

Various food items to get your periods immediately if delayed! 

Here are some natural food items that can effortlessly bring back your delayed menses. You can either consume any one of them or else, incorporate a few of them into your daily diet. But make sure you consider all the precautionary measures before consuming them. 

1. Almonds for Delayed Menstrual Cycle

Almonds for Delayed Menstrual Cycle

Almonds are a super food that benefits our body from head to toe. They can also be used to get your periods immediately when delayed. This is simply because almonds are hot in nature. And further facilitate uterine contractions. As a result, they possess the capacity to naturally induce your delayed periods. Also, almonds are a great way of reducing cramps. Hence, if your periods are induced by consuming almonds, you will comparatively experience lesser cramps and pain. 

There are different ways in which you can consume to get your delayed periods fast. 

  • You can either consume a handfull of almonds all by itself. 
  • Or else, you can grind 15 to 20 almonds in a grinder and further mix them with a glass of milk. This recipe will not have a very liquidy texture. 

But the good part is that it is a tasty way of how to get periods immediately if delayed.

2. Pineapple to Shed That Stubborn Uterus Lining! 

Pineapple to Shed That Stubborn Uterus Lining! 

This incredibly juicy fruit isn’t only just any other tasty tropical fruit. Instead, it is a magical ingredient that has a lot of benefits when it comes to menses and the menstrual cycle. Consuming pineapple is not only the best way to reduce period cramps naturally. Instead, it can also be consumed for getting periods faster. This is because pineapple helps in shedding the uterus lining which further breaks and sheds in the form of periods. Hence, when this procedure takes place, you will get your menses within no time. 

There are various other benefits of regularly consuming this fruit. It will help you maintain a healthy and desired body weight. This clearly means that you can eliminate the risk of obesity, which is further a cause of delayed periods. Also, you will regularly take your daily dose of Vitamin C. 

It completely depends on you how you want to consume pineapple.

  • You can remove the outer peel and further slice the pineapple to consume it. 
  • Or instead, you can also consume it in the form of a juice. 

In either of the ways, we suggest that you consume it in a natural way without adding any additional salt or sugar to it. This way, pineapple will provide you with maximum benefits in getting your periods immediately in case of a delay. 

3. Get your periods immediately when delayed with ginger 

Get your periods immediately when delayed with ginger 

Ginger is considered to be one of the most effective ingredients for naturally inducing delayed periods. Ginger, when consumed, simply increases our body temperature by increasing the amount of heat. This increased heat concentration in our body further leads to contractions in the uterus. As a result, the uterus lining will shed, and you will effortlessly resume your delayed period. 

There are a number of ways in which ginger can be consumed to resume your period cycle immediately. Ginger tea is indeed the most common yet popular way of consuming the same. You can either make ginger tea or add a good quantity of ginger to your regular tea. Additionally, you can also consume it in the form of ginger water. 

  • Simply boil ginger in one glass of water. 
  • Once done, strain it in a glass. 
  • You are free to add honey or any other sweetener of your choice. 
  • In some rarest of rare cases, people prefer swallowing raw ginger with water. 
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Important point: Consider the quantity before consuming ginger for delayed periods. Too much ginger can lead to health issues like stomach aches and irritation, acidity, etc. 

4. Dried Coconut and Jaggery

Dried Coconut and Jaggery

It is believed that the combination of dried coconut and jaggery is a combination that was created in heaven. This is simply because these two simple ingredients can do wonders when consumed together. Both coconut and jaggery are foods that are hot in nature. They directly increase the heat in our body. Clearly, the amount of heat generated is doubled when you consume both of them together. Additionally, both these food items work on recovering the reduced iron content in your body. Hence, within no time, the lining of your uterus tends to shed, and your delayed periods resume again. 

Another surprising fact about dried coconut and jaggery is they are both comforting and healing foods. As soon as they reach inside your body, they start utilizing their healing properties. As a result, they not only help with delayed periods and painful cramps but also promote your overall health and well-being. 

Dried coconut and jaggery, as a way how to get periods immediately, if delayed, can be consumed in different ways. 

  • You can directly consume them together by grabbing a slice of dried coconut with a small piece/chunk of jaggery. 
  • Or else, you also have the option of creating jaggery and coconut laddoos. 

How to prepare coconut and jaggery laddoos?

You will only require three ingredients for making these delicious laddoos which will further help you with delayed periods.

  1. One medium-sized dried coconut
  2. 125 grams jaggery 
  3. 100 grams of ghee (clarified butter) 


Take a medium-small dried coconut and grate it using a vegetable grater. Till then, grab a pan and heat the clarified butter. Once done, add jaggery to it. Keep on stirring and make sure that the jaggery is completely melted. Further, add your grated coconut and mix all the ingredients very well. You can also add some other dry fruits if you wish. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients together and further cook it for 10 to 15 minutes. 

Once this coconut and jaggery mixture is cooled, you can either eat it with a spoon. Or else, take a spoonful of it and roll it into small circles. And that’s it. Your coconut and jaggery laddoos are all ready. Along with inducing your delayed periods, they will also satisfy your tastebuds. 

5. Intake some caffeine by consuming tea and coffee for immediate menses

Intake some caffeine by consuming tea and coffee for immediate menses

There is usually one main motive for consuming any food that can help resume delayed periods. That particular food must facilitate the shedding of the uterus lining, which further results in periods. But, the caffeine present in coffee works in a different manner. Hence, you might be wondering how caffeine can help with how to get periods immediately if delayed. Another question that must have popped into your mind is how can consuming tea and coffee help in resuming delayed menses. Well, let us explain this to you. 

A woman’s body contains a specific set of reproductive and sexual hormones. This set of hormones is known as estrogen. It is responsible for a female’s reproductive and sexual health. Coming back to caffeine, it possesses the capability to trigger the secretion of the estrogen hormone present in our body. Hence, you can get back your delayed periods once the amount of estrogen hormone in your body increases. 

Precautions to consider while consuming caffeine for delayed periods

  1. Consuming Coke and other aerated drinks with high caffeine content is not an appropriate way to trigger the production of estrogen levels. This can lead to harmful consequences.
  2. Do not consume both tea and coffee together. Select either one of them to get your delayed periods fast. 
  3. Consuming tea with ginger is a better option compared to consuming espresso or cappuccino. This is because tea will not only help in the inducing period. But, instead, it will comfort you and provide relief with cramps. On the other hand, consuming coffee might lead to instant but painful periods. Also, consuming coffee during periods can worsen your cramps. 

6. Ripe or Unripe Papayas

6. Ripe or Unripe Papayas

You must have heard that doctors and experienced people often advise pregnant ladies to avoid eating papaya during their pregnancy period. Ever wondered the reason behind this? Well, let us briefly inform this to you. Papaya, especially unripe, contains a very high amount of latex. It is a white milky liquid, which can clearly be seen when cutting this fruit. However, this milky liquid can trigger and lead to uterine contractions, further leading to complications in pregnancy. 

Consuming unripe papaya during the initial stages (in the first four to six weeks) can, unfortunately, also lead to the elimination of pregnancy. This is the reason why pregnant women are often told to avoid papaya. 

However, looking at this is a different way, papaya can do wonders in bringing back your delayed periods. As we already mentioned, consuming unripe papayas can trigger the uterine contractions. This will directly lead to shedding and breaking of the uterus lining which will further result in resumed menses.  

Tips to consider while consuming ripe or unripe papaya

  1. Ripe papaya is absolutely safe when consumed regularly to induce delayed periods. Additionally, it can also help in reducing cramps and providing the body with some essential nutrients. These include Vitamin A, copper, magnesium, and potassium. 
  2. Unripe papaya should be consumed in moderation. If you wish to induce your periods by consuming unripe papayas, do not eat more than 250 grams in a day. This is because unripe papaya can lead to the development of infections and irritation in both your food pipe and stomach. You might face problems like sore throat and stomach ache. 

Some basic things to try for resuming your delayed periods immediately

Consuming different foods is not the only way included in the process of how to get your period immediately. Instead, there are certain other natural things that can be considered for the same. Some of those natural tips and tricks are mentioned below.

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1. Indulge in sex and other physically intimate activities

Sex is a great way to induce delayed periods. Indulging in various sexual activities directly increases the amount of heat in a female’s body. On the other hand, regular sex can facilitate the betterment of disturbed levels of hormones in your body by balancing them. Hence, you might very soon resume your periods. Also, having sex twice or thrice a day can further help you establish a healthy and regular period cycle while also promoting your reproductive health in the long run.  

2. Try light yoga and exercises

Practicing yoga and exercising on a regular basis is one of the best ways that can be included in how to get periods immediately if delayed. This is simply because exercising will keep you fit while maintaining your body weight and promoting your overall well-being as well. On the other hand, doing yoga and meditation will let your body calm down and eliminate excess stress and anxiety. As a result, the hormonal imbalance in your body will be restored. This will further work on inducing your delayed periods immediately. 

3. Consume oral supplements 

If you are looking for ways on how to get periods immediately if delayed, you should prefer consuming some oral supplements. These might include supplements containing Vitamin C, D, and antioxidants. These supplements will directly balance the reproductive and sexual hormones present in your body. As a result, you will get your delayed monthlies in no time. However, we recommend that you should not consume any oral supplements without discussing them with your gynecologist. 

What could be the reason behind delayed/irregular periods? 

There can either be one or more causes behind you experiencing an irregular monthly cycle. Some of the most common reasons behind the same are listed below. 

1. Stress and Anxiety 

Increased stress, anxiety, and depression are some of the main causes of delayed and irregular monthly cycles. This is because stress causes a change in and disturbs your body’s hormonal balance. And clearly, hormonal imbalance is something that significantly contributes to affecting and delaying your monthlies. 

2. Smoking and Alcohol 

Smoking cigarettes and consuming alcohol will not only lead to delayed menses. But instead, they will also affect your sexual health and reproductive development. Cigarettes and cigars can adversely affect a female’s fertility and further cause difficulty in getting pregnant as well. Hence, you should either quit smoking and alcohol or else stop looking for ways on how to get periods immediately if delayed. 

3. Birth Control Pills and treatments 

You could be experiencing delayed or irregular periods because of the consumption of birth control pills. Or, instead, this might happen if you are undergoing any treatments for the same. These may include morning pills or contraceptive injections. When these things enter your body, they will directly start manipulating the levels of different hormones, including estrogen and progesterone. As a result, your monthly cycle will be affected, and you will experience delayed and irregular periods very often. 

Suppose you are a very sexually active female who isn’t looking to get pregnant. In that case, we recommend you switch to an intrauterine device instead of consuming birth control pills or undergoing any further treatments. It is a very small T-shaped device which can prevent pregnancy when inserted in your vagina. Hence, an intrauterine device will not affect the hormones and cause no further delays in your menses. 


PCOD is a lifestyle disease that has become very common in females. Moreover, it is one of the most common causes of delayed periods as well. Hence, if your monthly cycle is always delayed and irregular, there is a possibility that you might be suffering from PCOD or PCOS. 

5. Weight Gain and Obesity 

A considerable increase in your body weight and the problem of obesity can affect the secretion of overall hormones in your body. This hormonal change in a female’s body can directly affect their period cycle and lead to irregular menses. Hence, you should always keep track of your body weight to facilitate a regular and healthy period cycle. 

What does an irregular period cycle indicate?

An irregular monthly cycle might or might not indicate a serious health issue. However, there are certain risks that you might be prone to if you regularly experience an irregular period cycle. Listed below are some of the most common indications.

1. Cardiovascular diseases

There is a specific variety of diseases that particularly aim at affecting the heart health and blood vessels of a person. Those diseases fall under the category of cardiovascular diseases. Suppose your period dates change regularly, and you often notice a gap in your period cycles. In that case, it may be an indication that you are prone to or are suffering from some cardiovascular diseases.


PCOD might either be the cause of delayed menses. Or instead, delayed and irregular periods might indicate the presence of polycystic ovarian disease in your body. This clearly means that you should check whether or not you are suffering from this disease. This is because a regular delay in your monthly cycle might be an indication that you have polycystic ovaries.

3. Infertility 

Not having a regular and healthy monthly cycle might be an indication of improper ovulation and infertility. This could be a sign of you facing difficulty in getting pregnant in the future. This is clearly because by regularly experiencing delayed periods, your body is not being prepared for future reproductions. Hence, you might go through a complicated and difficult pregnancy.

4. Premature and early menopause

Regular smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, not maintaining your body weight, and taking a lot of stress can all lead to a non-uniform menstrual cycle. In this case, irregular and delayed periods might be an indication that you are experiencing early and premature menopause. 

Winding Up 

Irrespective of the causes and indications, a non-uniform menstrual cycle is obviously a topic of concern. In this case, it is very normal for you to look for tips on how to get periods immediately when delayed. But, apart from trying different foods, supplements, and exercises, you should find out the cause behind this. Also, we recommend you visit a gynecologist in case you frequently experience delayed or irregular menses. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my monthly cycle not regular?

There can be different reasons behind you experiencing delayed and irregular monthlies. Some of the most common ones include hormonal imbalance due to increased stress levels and depression, consuming alcohol, and regular weight gain. 

How to get periods immediately if delayed?

You can try different home remedies and tricks to get back your delayed periods. Consuming different food items like ginger, papaya, pineapple, almonds, etc., can help you with this problem. Indulging in sexual activities and doing some exercises is also an option. On the other hand, you can also talk to your gynecologist and take some oral supplements that you have been prescribed. 

How can pineapple help in resuming my stopped periods? 

Pineapple is a tropical fruit that contains a good amount of Vitamin C and various essential nutrients. Additionally, pineapple is known for inducing periods immediately by breaking and facilitating the shedding of the uterus lining. Hence, consuming pineapple is an effortless yet tasty method for getting back your periods naturally. 

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