Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken Bones- Everything To Know!

Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken Bones- Everything To Know

Becoming a pet parent is not only about unconditional love and unlimited hugs, cuddles, and kisses. Instead, there are a lot of additional responsibilities that accompany a dog. Feeding them nutritious yet versatile food is definitely one of them. As a dog parent, you will always aim to feed different varieties of tasty and nutritious food to your fur baby. In this case, non-veg will also be an option that will immediately strike your mind. Hence, many dog parents will wonder whether or not can dogs eat raw chicken bones. 

Well, to assist you and provide answers to all your questions, we decided to come up with this blog. We will discuss all the necessary details that dog parents should be aware of before feeding raw chicken bones to their furry friends. 

Is feeding raw chicken to dogs safe or not?

Is feeding raw chicken to dogs safe or not?

You can feed raw chicken to your dog without giving it a second thought. This is simply because it is safe for all dogs. May it be large dogs, medium-sized dogs, or small dogs, all of them can safely consume raw chicken. They will not only get a chance to cherish a deliciously tasty meal but will also stock up on the nutrients required for their overall well-being. This is because raw chicken contains various nutrients, including different vitamins and protein. Also, it is a lean meat that does not lead to excessive weight gain. 

Hence, you can lock this fact in your mind that feeding raw chicken will cause no harm to your furry baby. Instead, a raw chicken feed will serve as a nutritious and tasty way of feeding your dog.  

Can dogs eat raw chicken bones? 

Can dogs eat raw chicken bones? 

Just because feeding a particular raw meat to your dog is safe, it isn’t compulsory that feeding the bones of the same meat will be safer. This is something that dog parents should always consider when thinking of giving raw bones to their furry children. 

Coming back to raw chicken bones, dog parents can feed them to their fur babies without any hassle. It is completely safe for canines to consume raw chicken bones. 

Things to consider while feeding raw chicken bones to dogs!

Things to consider while feeding raw chicken bones to dogs!

Just like chicken flesh, its bones are also filled with various nutrients. However, there are certain considerations that dog parents should keep in mind while feeding bones to their babies. Some of those considerations are listed below.

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1. Eliminate giving small pieces of raw chicken bones

Do not give very small or tiny bone pieces to your dog. This can cause a lot of harm to your furry friend as instead of chewing it, they might end up swallowing the bone. As a result, it might get stuck in the middle of their food pipe, which will further lead to an emergency. Also, even if they completely swallow the bone, it might take a lot of time to get dissolved which will further lead to stomach ache and other problems. 

2. Supervise or be present near your dog when giving them bones

Make sure that you feed raw chicken bones to your dog only when you are present around them. Doing this will let you supervise the situation and ensure that your dog is properly chewing on the bone instead of simply swallowing it. 

3. Semi-cooked or boiled bones should not be considered as raw bones

Never feed semi-cooked/boiled bones to your dog. Some dog parents consider semi-cooked bones as raw. These include leftovers from their dinner or the bones present in the chicken that they prepared for their meal. Well, even when exposed to a little amount of heat, bones can get fragile. As a result, they can easily shatter in your dog’s mouth/food pipe/stomach. Sharp ends can further cause tears in the internal lining of your dog’s skin. 

4. Avoid health issues and diseases by cleaning the bones

Raw meat might sometimes contain various diseases. Hence, to make sure that your dog does not catch any severe disease, properly clean the raw chicken bones first. Purchase chicken meat only from trusted brands who claim that their raw meat is completely safe. On the other hand, consider looking for reputed brands that manufacture and sell dog products to ensure complete safety further. 

Benefits of giving raw chicken bones to your canine friend!

Benefits of giving raw chicken bones to your canine friend!

Parents wondering can dogs eat raw chicken bones or not should have a look at the benefits of the same. This is because there are various general as well as health benefits of giving raw chicken bones to your canine baby. The general benefits include points like the ones listed below.

  1. An excellent time killer
  2. Will let your canine baby practice mental stimulation
  3. Chewing on raw bones can help dogs get rid of stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma
  4. Giving raw bones to your dog will let you eliminate the problem of aggressive and destructive chewing. 

Specific health benefits of giving raw chicken bones to dogs!

Specific health benefits of giving raw chicken bones to dogs!

1. A great source of essential nutrition

Raw chicken bones are very high in essential nutrients, which are important for their health and its maintenance. These mainly include calcium and phosphorus. Hence, your dog will intake a good quantity of these two nutrients when chewing on raw chicken bones.

2. Facilitates smooth skin texture along with a soft and shiny coat

If your canine baby is suffering from some type of skin allergy and infection, raw bones can help you naturally solve this problem. Apart from containing phosphorus and calcium, raw chicken bones are filled with vitamins and minerals as well. All these nutrients together help in naturally treating skin allergies and infections. Additionally, they also facilitate the growth of new and healthy cells. This further leads to smooth skin texture. 

Raw chicken bones also contain various proteins that directly work on strengthening your dog’s hair and giving it a natural shine.

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3. Works on enhancing the digestive system

Raw chicken bones, being high in nutritional value, will not only serve as a tasty meal/snack for your dog. But instead, they will also work on improving their digestive power along by enhancing the overall functioning of the digestive system. Additionally, being a natural treat for dogs, they can easily and quickly digest raw bones, eliminating the risk of any issues in their digestive system.

4. Enhanced oral health

Can dogs eat raw chicken bones or not? Or, instead, should I give raw chicken bones to my dog?

Well, we all now know that raw chicken bones are safe for dogs. But this is not the only reason why we should feed them to our canine babies. Instead, you should give raw chicken bones to your furry baby if you wish to enhance their overall oral health. 

Raw chicken bones are one of the best ways to strengthen your dog’s teeth and promote dental health. Additionally, they will also facilitate clean teeth by removing plaque and tartar present over there. This will directly help in eliminating odor from your fur baby’s mouth, directly leading to enhanced oral health.

How much and how often can dogs eat raw chicken bones?

Irrespective of the fact that raw chicken bones are completely safe for dogs, you should not feed them in excessive quantities. Moderation is definitely the key to availing of all the benefits that accompany when feeding your furry baby raw bones of the chicken. 

If talking about the quantity, you should specifically include around fifteen to twenty percent raw chicken bones in your fur baby’s overall diet. Irrespective of the way you are feeding raw bones to your dog, you should not exceed this limit. 

In other words, you can either give raw bones to your canine friend in the form of treats. Or else, you can consider adding them to your dog’s meal for that extra crunch and enhanced taste. Instead, you can use a combination of these two ways. Firstly, determine the appropriate quantity of raw bones to feed your dog. Divide the same quantity to further distribute them between treats and meals. 

Winding up 

All dog parents are now aware of the fact that feeding raw chicken bones to their fur babies is completely safe and secure. It will cause no harm to their health. But, instead, let them experience various health benefits along with some general ones as well. However, the quantity along with how often can dogs eat raw chicken bones is something that should be considered. Hence, limit feeding raw bones of chicken to your canine friends for maximum health benefits. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should dog parents feed raw chicken bones to their fur babies?

Yes, raw chicken bones that are properly cleaned are completely safe for canine babies. They contain various essential nutrients, including calcium, vitamins, phosphorus, etc. and facilitate the overall well being of canines. Hence, dog parents can feed their fur babies raw chicken bones without any hassle. 

How often and in how much quantity can dogs eat raw chicken bones?

Raw chicken bones are only safe for dogs when fed in moderation. You should only include around fifteen to twenty percent of them in your fur baby’s total diet. Additionally, giving one or two chicken bones to your dog every day will be considered a healthy practice. 

Can dogs eat raw bones of every raw meat?

No, just because chicken bones are safe and healthy for dogs, it isn’t necessary that every raw meat bone will also be the same. Some raw meats and their bones are not safe for dogs and can lead to various health issues. Hence, do not feed raw bones of every meat to your dog without doing your proper research. 

What are the health benefits of giving raw chicken bones to your dog?

Raw chicken bones can benefit your dog in many ways. Some of the main ones include enhanced digestive and dental health, naturally treating skin allergies and infections, growth of new, shiny and bouncy hair, etc. 

How can feeding raw chicken bones to my dogs help in enhancing their dental/oral health? 

Raw bones of chicken can help strengthen your dog’s teeth, directly enhancing their chewing power. On the other hand, these raw bones act as a natural teeth cleanser. This is because they completely eliminate all the oral problems caused by the presence of tartar and other bacteria. As a result, your fur baby’s breath will not smell bad and you will also not experience any further dental problems as well.

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