Can Dogs Get Chicken Pox- Find Out Now! 

Can Dogs Get Chicken Pox- Find Out Now!

Every human being has experienced or will experience catching a chicken pox infection at least once in their life. In this case, it is common for canine parents to think wether can dogs get chicken pox or not! Also, this question becomes obvious when you or someone in your family is infected with this disease. On the other hand, those small bumps on your dog’s body will leave you in a confused situation. You will not be able to judge whether it is chicken pox or any other disease that your dog is suffering from. 

Well, all these things will leave all dog parents in a tense condition. But, to solve this problem, we decided to come up with this blog. We will discuss everything that dog parents should know about their dog and their relationship with chicken pox. 

What is chicken pox? 

Chickenpox is a viral infection. It is basically caused as a result of the transferring of infected virus particles that get into the human body. This viral infection falls under the category of communicable diseases. Hence, clearly, chicken pox can easily be transferred to a non-infected person from an infected one. Fortunately, chicken pox is a species-specific disease. This indicates that only human beings are prone to this disease. 

When talking about diseases, some particular ones can be transferred from human beings to animals as well. Such types of diseases are known as anthroponotic diseases. However, the good part about chicken pox is that it is a non-anthroponotic disease. Hence, it might transfer from one human being to another but will not get transferred to an animal. 

Can dogs get chicken pox or not?

The simple answer to this question is a big NO!

No, our furry friends are not prone to this viral infection. Even of the fact that chicken pox is a communicable disease, it cannot spread from a human being to dogs. All the credit behind this goes to the unique biology of dogs along with their immune-system build-up. Their body contains pathogens that are naturally capable of destroying the viruses that lead to the development of chicken pox. 

Hence, all dog parents can sit back and relax. Your canine baby will not catch chicken pox, irrespective of the fact whether you or anyone in your family is suffering from it. 

Can/Should I touch/contact my dog when suffering from chicken pox?

hugging a pet
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All dog parents are now aware of the answer to can dogs get chicken pox. However, even with the fact that our canine babies are not prone to this, we need to consider various things related to this. Additionally, taking precautions is also mandatory. Hence, we recommend that you should not touch or contact your dog when you are suffering from this viral infection. This will not only be beneficial for your dog, but for you as well.

Two practical tips for dog parents to consider while suffering from chicken pox

Well, we know that it is tough for dog parents to stay away from their loyal companions. And as we all know, chicken pox can last up to 15 days. In this case, staying away from your dog for two weeks will look like a punishment. Hence, to solve this problem, we are listing two practical tips below. You can consider these tips for your and your dog’s well-being.  

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1. Avoid letting your dog come too close to you

You should avoid contacting your dog as much as possible. The physical closeness between you two should be limited. Clearly, avoid sleeping, cuddling, and kissing your dog. Also, it would be tough but the best if you did not let your furry baby lick your face. Doing all this will maintain both your and your dog’s health.

2. Maintain proper hygiene

can dogs get chicken pox
Image Credit: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Irrespective of whatever disease you are suffering from, maintaining hygiene is mandatory. This becomes even more important when you have a baby at home. Irrespective of whether it is a human baby or a canine baby. It is your duty to keep yourself neat and clean. Hence, it would be best if you took regular baths. Washing hands before and after indulging in any activity is also advised. Doing this will remove all the active viruses present in your body. Additionally, you will also reduce the chances of transmitting the chicken pox virus to your family members. 

When talking about hygiene, we aren’t only referring to personal hygiene. You should maintain hygienic surroundings as well. For example, if you have a runny nose, you should use tissue paper instead of a hankey. All the tissue papers should be disposed of in the bin right after you have used them. Also, sanitize the area and other things present in the room using natural or synthetic sanitizers. 

Chickenpox look-alike bumps on your dog’s body! 

Every dog parent must have come across red bumps on their dog’s body. Some dogs might develop small bumps, while some might have larger ones. On the other hand, there are certain areas, such as paws, back, and bum, where these red bumps usually appear. But some dog parents might witness these small chickenpox look-alike bumps all over their dog’s body. This is the main reason why canine parents wonder can dogs get chicken pox. 

Because you now know the answer to this, you are probably thinking, what do these bumps indicate? Well, there are different reasons why these red pimples/bumps might develop on your dog’s body. Some of the reasons for the same are listed below. 

1. Bacterial infections

bacterial infection in pets
Image Credit: Whole Dog Journal

Dogs are very prone to bacterial infections. They might come into contact with infected bacterial particles while following their everyday routine. This includes going for a walk, playing in the mud, meeting other dogs, sniffing and licking every possible surface, etc. Hence, it is very easy for your dog to come in contact with infected bacteria and catch bacterial infections. Clearly, these bacteria could be the reason for red bumps developing on your dog’s body. 

Well, there is nothing to worry about if your canine baby has a bacterial infection. It can easily be treated by using antibiotics. Dog parents can either use creams or powders and spread them on their dog’s body. Additionally, you also have the option of giving oral anti-bacterial supplements to your dog.

2. Parasite Bites 

can dogs get chicken pox
Image Credit: Animal Humane Society

We all know that a dog’s body is warmer than that of a human being. This is because they naturally possess a higher body temperature. Well, their hot bodies keep on inviting fleas and ticks to come and reside over here. However, there is a possibility of an infected tick or flea being present on your canine’s body. That particular infected tick/flea will surely bite your dog and suck its blood. This will further lead to the development of an infection. The symptoms of that infection might appear in the form of red rashes and bumps on your dog’s body. 

However, ticks, fleas, and mites are very common in dogs. Additionally, removing them from your dog’s hair isn’t an impossible task either. Bathing your dog with tick shampoos can help you eliminate ticks and fleas. Additionally, regularly brushing your dog’s hair and applying dog-friendly powder is also recommended. For the red rash, you can mix the antiseptic liquid in the water before bathing your dog. Cleansing the rash area with an antiseptic and further applying healing ointment or powder is also advised.

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3. Allergies (contact-based or atopy)

allergy in pets
Image Credit: Diamond Bar Veterinary Clinic

Dogs are prone to allergies. They might be naturally allergic to some specific items. Or else, they might catch some by coming into contact with dogs having allergies. On the other hand, dogs are also allergic to pollens. They might develop an allergy to any specific or general substance present in the environment. As a result, there will be rashes and bumps on their entire body. 

However, the good news is that these allergies aren’t a huge matter of concern. Instead, they can be easily cured by taking certain precautions and following some medical tips. Keeping your dog away from other dogs with allergies is mandatory. Additionally, it is recommended that you should keep your dog neat and clean. This will eliminate the chances of your dog developing an allergy. Also, atopy (pollen allergy) cannot be helped. It is a natural process that does not cause a lot of harm to your fur baby. Your vet might prescribe some specific food and oral supplements for your dog’s speedy recovery.

4. Viral Infections 

can dogs get chicken pox
Image Credit: NPR

Apart from chicken pox, there are various other viral infections that dogs are prone to. There are a few rare viral diseases which your dog may catch. The most severe one is known as the autoimmune disease. It is a type of viral infection in which your dog’s body will automatically attack the glue-holding sheets. Due to this, those glue-holding sheets will first get lifted. They will further get separated from each other. As a result, there will be blisters or big red bumps on your dog’s entire body. 

If you ever come across something like this, you shouldn’t waste a minute and immediately contact the vet. In most cases, vets usually prescribe a medicine known as prednisone. This medicine is known to cure autoimmune infections in dogs. It further helps them recover.

5. Cancer or Tumors 

Can dogs get chicken pox? No! Then what are those big red bumps on my dog’s stomach?

Unfortunately, the red bumps on your dog’s stomach may be an indication of some cancer or tumor. Well, this is the last thing that should come to your mind after seeing bumps on your fur baby’s body. This is because it usually happens in the rarest of rare cases. Hence, dog parents can take a sigh of relief. 

Winding up 

Every dog parent who was confused about whether or not can dogs get chicken pox now knows the answer to this. No dog on this earth is prone to this contagious viral infection. However, dog parents should responsibly consider all the necessary precautions to maintain their fur baby’s health. Additionally, they should also keep a check on their dog’s overall health. It will be best for you to consult the vet in case you notice any unusual bumps or rashes on your dog’s body. After all, no dog parent will like to take a chance with their fur baby’s health. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can dogs get chicken pox?

No, dogs cannot get chicken pox. This is because they naturally possess an immune system that can fight these virus particles. Additionally, chicken pox is a species-specific disease that can only be developed in human beings. 

Can my dog get chicken pox from me if I am suffering from it?

No! Chickenpox is a communicable disease which is non-anthroponotic in nature. This means that you might pass this viral infection to another person, but it won’t get transferred to your dog. This clearly indicates that only human beings are prone to this disease.

Should I cuddle and kiss my dog if I have chicken pox?

Even if you know that dogs cannot get chicken pox, this does not give you permission to kiss, cuddle, or closely contact your dog. Doing this will be treated as an unhealthy practice for both of you. Additionally, your infection might get severe when the bacteria and viruses present in your dog’s body transfer to yours. 

What is the reason behind the development of red bumps and rashes all over my dog’s body?

There might be different reasons involved behind the development of rashes and blisters on your dog’s entire body. Bacterial infections, atopy, cancer, and viral infections are just a few examples of the same.

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