How to make a Facebook post shareable?

How to make a Facebook post shareable
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How to make a Facebook post Shareable?

You need to know how to make a Facebook post shareable, but let’s begin with seeing what Facebook does. One of the finest stages to associate with companions is Hand Down, Facebook. You’ll transfer pictures, set areas, connect bunches, tag your companions, advertise your trade, and more!

Introduction :

Facebook has millions of users, and a few of those users make instructive posts. On the off chance that you’ve ever made a great post, you will have gotten a comment or two at the foot of the Post asking to form it ‘public.’ And why wouldn’t you need to share a good post with others? Fa

Facebook is the leading put to seize people’s consideration around the world.

By default, if your friends see your posts. This action protects your privacy, preventing a private post from reaching your boss or potential client. But what if you want to shared your Post  with as many people as possible? In just a few steps, you can reach the point where anyone on or off the social media platform can see the Post and spread your message to the globe.

The work of some google search engines is to take the Post to the world, some of us have such means that by using it, we can show the Post to the world very fast and very soon,

As we have means like WhatsApp or any Facebook Instagram Twitter,

If it is used, then soon you can spread the Post in the world, it also has an advantage, as the Post sent immediately opens a user post or many users open the Post at once, then google search engine or any Other search engines show that many users are opening this Post, if there is any special in it, then the search engine raises that Post,

This article will explain how to make a Facebook post Shareable – whether it is an existing or new post and the procedure.

How to make Facebook posts shareable?

It will take skills to learn how to make posts public on Facebook. However, you can share your Post beyond your friend’s network in a few easy steps.

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1 Go to

how to make a Facebook post shareable
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2 Click your profile name

how to make a Facebook post shareable

3 Scroll down to find the Post you wish to share.

how to make a Facebook post

4 Click the icon next to the time it was posted.

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5 Click Public to make the Post publicly viewable.

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How to limit the audience to your Facebook Posts

When creating or sharing an existing post, you can limit who can see the Post in your network. Here’s how to determine who can read your posts.

  1. Go to
  2. Click what’s on your mind?
  3. Press or click on Friends.
  4. Click Excluding friends or Specific friends
  5. Tick either the friends you don’t want to share the Post with or the friends you want to share with, depending on your choice.
  6. Press Save Changes 
  7. Click Post to post the update to your selected audience.

Advantages  of sharing the Post on Facebook

Friends, when you share your Post on any social media, there are some advantages, and there are also some disadvantages.

You have to take care of the damages; you have to check your server every day and correct it.

When uploading any  post, it is necessary to share it on a Facebook page,  any other social site. If more people open our follower posts together, then google will feel any important content in this Post. Only then do people open more posts together, then Google ranks that Post at one # rank. It is beneficial if a user searches a keyword, then our Post appears first when the user opens that Post. When we add to that account, we click on add, due to which our earnings start increasing.

It is important to have a Facebook page; your posts must be shared on the Facebook page.

When someone shares a post on a social site, then another link is added to their main link; through that link, Google comes to know that this site has shared this Post on this social site.

Disadvantages of sharing the Post on Facebook

When the Google search engine has a delay in loading that link, then the search engine abandons that link.

Because the link gets bigger, it has a harmful effect on the ranking of our site and also harm to your business which running through Facebook. Keep fixing Facebook or any other social link once a week and keep checking which link has been added, then keep deleting that extra link. You should remove the link. Or if you do not know how to fix it, we will put the next Post about this; subscribe to our site, you will get a notification when we post.

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But We are sharing this method with you to share the link directly. So if you read this Post well, you can send the post link of your blog to any Facebook page.

As you can share on all social media like WhatsApp, Instagram, or any other sites to become viral quickly, let’s start the process.

How to share Facebook posts links 

step by step 

  • Open your blog post. 
  • You can see the link  in the search box above. Click on that link
  • copy that link
  • paste where to send
  • Then send it by clicking on send

As you can paste on the Facebook page or Instagram, or any other social media and send

You can share the link of your Post everywhere by copy-pasting the link of the Post of such a blog.

How to increase traffic of Post through Facebook Shareable

  • After making this Post, organic traffic is necessary, but by sharing the link, it is necessary to increase the traffic, the shared Post done on Facebook also increases the keyword ranking.
  • It is necessary to create a Facebook page. We wrote in the heading How to increase traffic from Facebook, make more and more friends in your Facebook id, send more friend requests so that your friends become more.
  • When you share any post on Facebook, then 80% of your friends will definitely see your Post; this will increase traffic.
  • Also, share the link of your Facebook page on Facebook’s id so that your blog posts shared on a Facebook page also reach all the people.
  • First of all, share the link of your Facebook page with your friends, tell them to like this page, and send it further.
  • Apart from the posts on your Facebook page, share some important things which are related to technology so that people like your Facebook page automatically.
  • Send some extra video or image if you have a YouTube channel, then share its video so that people don’t get to see things; people like your Facebook page and like your page.
  • With these tips, your Facebook page will also become promoted, and your blog post will also become equal to the saying of one arrow and two targets.
  • You can also promote the Facebook page by paying money, you can also keep a daily budget and can also keep it monthly so that the Facebook team will show your page to the people who like your image, video, or any post, then your Facebook page will be liked.


Making Facebook Shareable allows you to reach your thoughts to those who need it, and it will also increase your Facebook community.