What Are the Common Types of Resumes?


Job application success rates range from 2 to 3.4 percent, depending on the study. This implies that you should send between 30 and 50 resumes to get hired.

You can use several different types of resumes to apply for job vacancies. A chronological, combination, functional, or targeted resume are all options. Each resume type serves a distinct purpose.

As a result, you must consider your current employment situation when determining which type of resume to use. Here are the main types of resumes you should know.

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Chronological Resume

This resume focuses on work history. Its primary feature is that it lists your employment history in order of when you held each work position. A chronological resume has your most recent job listed at the top of the section.

A chronological curriculum vitae is popularly used because it allows the hiring managers to see your career progress. It is also preferred because it places your most relevant work experience at the top.

Functional Resume

This curriculum vitae emphasizes your relevant professional skills rather than your work history. The relevant skills section is expanded and takes up most of your resume.

The functional resume is favorable to people changing industries or someone with a sizeable gap in their work history.

Combination Resume

A combination resume mixes the most relevant functional and chronological resume elements. It focuses on your skills and provides enough space to showcase your work history.

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If you want to showcase the technical skills you’ve developed over time, make use of this curriculum vitae. Use the best professional resume builder to create an excellent combination resume.

Targeted Resume

It’s a resume designed to address the specific needs of each hiring company. You’ve got the freedom to design it either as a combination, functional, or chronological resume. The main difference is that you particularly target every detail to the role you’re applying for.

To write the best-targeted resume, read through the job posting. Look for notable job responsibilities, skills, requirements, and keywords that suit you. Finalize by adjusting your curriculum vitae to highlight your most relevant experience and skills.

Infographic Resume

This resume combines graphics and other visual elements to showcase your professional details in an outstanding style.

Infographic resumes are for you if you’re an aspiring graphic designer. Writing a resume, like an infographic, allows you to highlight your graphic design skills.

Federal Resume

It is used to apply to work positions within the US federal government. They’re much longer compared to other resumes. They run between two to six pages and have a detailed work experience section.

These resumes contain a lot of information particular to a job in the public sector, such as citizenship and security clearance.

You Now Know the Most Common Types of Resumes

Candidates may use a variety of other formats depending on their needs and circumstances. However, the above types of resumes are the most commonly used by job hunters. So, which one is better for you?

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