How To Apply Contour On Round Face: A Detailed Guide

how to apply contour on round face

In the world of cosmetics, mastering contouring skills is a challenging task. It becomes much harder when your face structure doesn’t fit with common face contouring techniques; thus, it becomes imperative to learn how to apply contour on round face when having a round face. People with round faces should be aware of how fortunate they are. Round faces have a classic, young, and luscious appearance. The face type might be challenging to contour, though. You aim to draw attention to certain features without having the contour seem odd next to your cheekbones’ and jawline’s natural curves. Various facial contouring techniques will be available when you look up how to apply contour on a round face. They may enhance your features without giving you an odd appearance. You will need a gentle touch and an excellent sense of color for contouring to achieve the ideal cosmetics appearance. 

Let’s learn how to apply contour on round face

Use the correct foundation shades

how to apply contour on round face

The technique of highlighting and contouring begins with the foundations. Starting with two distinct colors is a good idea. Choose a shade that is slightly paler than your complexion’s tone. The second one has to be a little darker. In contrast to a flat look, utilizing these two colors will immediately give your facial features more dimension. Apply a darker-colored base covering the majority of your facial skin. Spread a lighter-colored foundation in all the highlighted areas.

Apply a lighter concealer

how to apply contour on round face

Pick up a concealer product that is a tone or two lighter than the color of your skin. Apply it on the nose’s bridge and the area around your eyes. Apply a little on the area between your chin and temples. The secret is to avoid pulling the concealer out too much. All the highlighted sections should be adjacent to your facial center. It would be best if you used a beauty blending tool to mix it out. When finished, the area around your midline will look more accentuated.

Chisel the face with bronzer

how to apply contour on round face
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Darkening the regions where we wish to draw back is now necessary. Start using a warm-toned bronzer to achieve a slightly deeper, bronzed shine across your cheekbones. After that, apply your contouring shade. This process will result in the shaping of your face. Use a bronzer to contour the cheekbones and collar. The golden hue of the tanner will work to mellow the contour’s angular lines. It produces a smoother appearance. Avoid over-blending or using an excessive amount of stuff. 

  • The depressions of your cheekbones, jawline, and edges of your nasal bridge are places where you should put your contouring tone. 
  • Add some along the margins of your forehead. Use this makeup strategy when you are concerned about reducing the size of the surface of the forehead. 
  • The features of the face will recede behind these shadowy areas, giving the impression of a more chiseled look. 
  • If your skin is oily, select a powder-based bronzer rather than a cream one. 
  • Before using powder to settle the crème product, make sure you thoroughly blend the area. Dust any areas that were highlighted with a transparent powder. Apply a small amount of contouring dust to any shaped spots.
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Apply the blush precisely

how to apply contour on round face

Blush may illuminate the contours of the face. You appear younger thanks to it. Blushing can make a person’s face appear longer. Blushing powder shouldn’t be applied on your cheekbones if you have round-shaped faces. Follow the two-finger technique to determine which direction the blushing should be spread. Placing two fingers near your nose will help you achieve this. 

  • Reposition it so it is roughly at the same level as your eyebrows.
  • Use contours in combination with rouge and bronzer to give the appearance of a thinner face.
  • Be sure you select a matte type of blush when making your selection.
  • Avoid using too-light colors since they will draw attention to your rosy cheeks. Instead, use deeper hues like berry or peachy tones.
  • The light reflects more brightly if your blush has excessive sparkles. Hence, highlighting the face’s contours. The same holds for the color scheme. 

Highlighting for more depth

credit: MyGlamm

Bright glittering particles are frequently present in considerable concentrations in highlighters. These particles serve as light reflectors. Consequently, the skin seems more radiant. Would you like additional light reflections? Apply a little layer of concealer to the chin area, temples, and beneath the eye area. It will draw attention to your face’s core features. Additionally, it causes the darker regions to fade into the backdrop. Use the highlighter on facial features where illumination naturally reflects. Pay attention to your face’s midline.

  • Take a small amount of highlighting tools. Brush it carefully on your nasal arch.
  • It should be to the inner edges of the cornea. Include your cheeks’ topmost point also.
  • You can accomplish this through the use of a little makeup brushes or your fingers.
  • Create a triangle beneath the eyes with the concealer.
  • Apply concealer to the brow and chin with a little pat.
  • After that, apply an application sponge or use your thumbs to blend. Your facial features will appear more luminous, trim, and contoured.

Setting sprayer to seal the finish

How to apply contour on round face needs precision and the proper technique. You devote a lot of effort to refining your cosmetic style. You wouldn’t want to let it disappear before showcasing it. Setting sprays is vital for your cosmetic collection because of this. Applying a setting sprayer to seal the finish is the last technique. It will lessen the likelihood that the application of makeup may budge or fade over the day.

Setting sprays may help seal things in after you’ve finished applying the makeup. So, based on what you like, apply a faultless finish that looks either flawlessly matted or glowy. Use a layer of lightweight powder and a spray-on setting agent if you’re hoping to secure and prolong the lasting power of your facial makeup.

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Tips to keep in mind when contouring your face

1. Pay attention to your jawline and temples


Drawing disproportionately thick, poorly merged lines all over a face with a circular shape represents one of the worst blunders you can make while contouring it.  Instead, concentrate on delicately patting the apples of your cheeks and temples with your contour pigment.

Adding contouring beneath the apples of your cheeks can raise and accentuate the contours of your cheekbones, whilst intensifying the shadow around the hairline and arches will assist in emphasizing the eyebrows and give the appearance an additional dimension. To prevent any unnatural-looking shadowing on your lower jaw when you decide to sculpt it, make sure to adhere to the curve that runs through your jawline.

2. Selecting a suitable contouring color

Irrespective of your facial features, picking the right tone to match your contouring can have a significant impact. The appearance of depth will be destroyed as you will not achieve the desired effect if you choose a contour color that fails to complement your complexion. Choose a contour color that is significantly darker than your complexion, however, not so dark as to make you seem strange.

When picking a color, think about how the texture of your skin looks when your complexion is under shade. It is the hue you want in a contouring item. And keep in mind that if your complexion becomes deeper in summertime, you could require a different contouring tone.

3. Experiment with the draping technique

credit: Makeup Tutorial

Contouring, although not necessary for makeup, can be used to enhance a rounded face. However, if you feel that contouring doesn’t suit you, there are alternative methods to highlight your features. One such technique is draping. IT can effectively substitute contouring. Draping involves applying blush in a way that extends across your forehead, accentuating your eyes and creating a vibrant and youthful appearance. By utilizing this technique, you can achieve a fresh and glowing look without the need for traditional contouring methods.

4. Paying attention to your lips & eye areas

You ought to focus on the lips and eyes as well when learning how to apply contour on round face. You begin by putting light eye makeup on the eyelids to further elongate your face’s appearance. Use a darker hue of eye shadow to darken the crease of the eyelid. Your eyes will appear larger as a result.

Makeup that draws attention to the lips and eye area can make the entire face appear smaller. By softly emphasizing the lips, you may also draw attention to them. Avoid using too dark, matte colors. These will draw attention to a round face. A sheer lip product in pink or a subtle colored lipstick with a high-gloss finish will complete the appearance and make you stand out.

Final words

Contouring can often be perceived as a challenging task for those unfamiliar with how to apply contour on round face. However, by embracing and working with your inherent beauty, you can achieve a chiseled and warm visual appeal. It enhances the lovely features of your rounded face. The key is employing the right contouring approach. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to possess extraordinary makeup skills to make a round face appear slimmer.

Any woman can delicately shape and enhance her facial features by mastering the art of contouring for a round face. This technique allows you to accentuate your jawline and define the natural contours of your face. As a result, the overall appearance becomes more defined and sculpted. Mastering the skills of contouring will enable you to unleash the full potential of your unique facial features and create a stunning visual impact.

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