Games Like God Of War: Getting The Adrenaline Rush And Thrill

games like god of war
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The widespread acceptance of the acclaimed God of War franchise has grown as a result of its success. The desire of players for comparable games has increased. The game distinguished itself by adorning its combat action with fascinating tales and personalities. Few different games have done a better job of bringing Greek mythology to life. Greek gods appeared in various video games. But none have adopted God of War’s intense carnal and murderous character. One of the most popular action franchises ever is God of War. Let us go through the list of games like God of War so that you get to enjoy the thrill and excitement of combating.

List of games like God of War

1. Darksiders

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Among all games like God of War, Darksiders is perhaps the most well-liked. It also helped that the series’ general mythology was interesting enough on its own. Darksiders is a worthwhile environment to explore as a result. Puzzles were used to break up the action-packed fighting throughout the game. To solve it, considerable mental effort is required. Darksiders is a top-notch action-adventure game overall. God of War fans will enjoy themselves immensely.

  • The gameplay is creatively presented and done nicely. Almost ten years after its first publication, it has maintained its quality.
  • Players in Darksiders are sent to Earth as the avatar named War. Wars with a huge sword and a variety of supernatural skills.
  • Unexpectedly, war saves mankind from a horrifying conclusion by slicing through armies of monsters and heavenly beings.

2. The Witcher 3

games like god of war
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The abilities are included with The Witcher. Players will get the tools necessary to kill monsters and witches. The werewolf clan and supernatural beings will stand in your path. But frantically pressing buttons won’t accomplish the trick. Like God of War franchise, it is among the most incredible video games. To prevent Geralt from being attacked, players must be cautious with their strikes. There are several supernatural enemies for Geralt to defeat in The Witcher 3. The notion of inevitable fate lies at the heart of The Witcher.

  • Kratos, the main character, has a destiny that is more definite than most video game heroes.
  • Colorful magic covers the screen. It brings to mind the enjoyable aesthetics of Geralt’s strength in the Witcher books.
  • You can also participate as Geralt and Ciri, his adoptive daughter, throughout the game as they fight against the Wild Hunt’s frozen destiny.

3. Bayonetta

games like god of war
Credit: IGN

As the title character, Bayonetta, players have access to a very unique weaponry. Players get to alternate between an assortment of handguns, and firearms concealed in the boots. Bayonetta also plays with her extremely voluminous locks on the crown of her scalp. When not firing guns, Bayonetta may unleash deadly assaults with her hair and call forth some very useful helpers. It is an action-adventure game like God of War.

  • Even while Bayonetta is faster than previous God of War titles, the feeling of slicing through swarms of enemies to reach the next difficult fight is still there.
  • You’ll battle angels using crazy attack combinations in an exciting and outrageous fantasy world.
  • Bayonetta’s primary goal is to develop a third-party beat ’em-up gameplay genre.
  • Players are presented with the narrative and fighting in a quick-fire manner.
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4. Dantes’ Inferno

games like god of war
credit: IGN

Players love to play Dantes’ Inferno as it is a suspenseful action thriller game like God of War. The gameplay centers on Dante’s famous masterpiece Inferno. The theme takes gamers on an exploration of Hell’s mythology. They engage in battle with many wicked entities. The game was launched in 2010. It was followed by expansions for the various gaming platforms.

  • Players will be acting as Dante as you navigate every circle of Hell.
  • With an equally lethal selection of weapon choices, you get to eliminate all kinds of creatures.
  • The level and monster designs were the main draws when the game first came out.
  • But a lot of negative parallels to God of War were made about its gameplay. Perhaps not many people have heard about Dantes’ Inferno. 

5. The Last Of Us

games like god of war
credit: IGN

The Last of Us is an adventurous game with a horror-based theme. God of War is a combat-focused game based on Greek mythology. These two games don’t first appear like they could be identical to each other. Kratos and Joel aren’t all that unlike one another, it turns out. In both the games, players are in a combat situation. Hence, they navigate to different places around the globe stopping at nothing to ensure their demise. The topic of family is prominent in both games.One of the best moving and realistic post-apocalyptic gaming tales is still The Last of Us.The tale is much more audacious.

  • To discover and accept their paternal nature, the two fatherly characters must overcome their inner beast.
  • Furthermore, both titles emphasize Kratos and Joel’s development as they learn to know their youthful friends.
  • The relationship and dynamic that Joel and Ellie develop as parents during the first gameplay is very similar to that of the two protagonists in God of War.

6. Assassin Creed: Valhalla

credit: IGN

In Assassin Creed, the narrative of Britain’s Viking Era is examined. It covers the ninth century. It was under Alfred’s leadership that England remained separated into four kingdoms. A key component of Viking culture is Norse mythology. In Valhalla, you may find all the well-known characters and places from God of War.

  • Numerous new characters that appear in the games like God of War, are available to the players.
  • There are several graphic battle scenes. It features a similar-feeling role-playing game system.
  • The fighting in Valhalla is very different from that in God of War, which relies more on patience and favors chaos and slaughter over precisely timed button hits.
  • It’s a lovely throwback to the earlier Assassin Creed video games, along with the series’ renowned deep dive into history centered on the enduring battle between the Fraternity and Templar.

7. Doom Eternal

credit: IGN

Contrary to popular belief, DOOM Eternal is quite similar to other games like God Of War. The two shows include graphic violence and nonstop action. You will witness a space marine leaping and jumping over bloody torture dungeons while you play Doom Eternal. The character can mangle, burn, freeze, and shoot demons. You go from one location to another, murdering everything in your path. A keycard is sometimes required to unlock a locked door. You are an army all by yourself.

  • The protagonist is on the road to becoming a deity or a god-killer.
  • DOOM Eternal’s gunfire may perfectly match for games like God of War’s combat. But the gory death animations are still there.
  • The fact that both books include a protagonist who doesn’t back down from a battle is another similarity between the two books.
  • A guy named DOOM Slayer is on a quest to win his native planet. Their character traits make them fascinating characters that fit the game’s premise.
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8. Devil May Cry

credit: Pocket Tactics

The gameplay of Devil May Cry is elegant, stylish, and full of combos. It never stops happening. There are more abilities available to the players to utilize. Players have three characters this time. The game offers gamers several opportunities for replay. Nero is the edge lord anti-hero. The mysterious wizard with the posh voice, V. Dante, is the other protagonist. Each character is distinct from the others in terms of playstyle and skills.

  • The storyline imporves the perks to provide gamers with unlimited combinations of entertainment.
  • The adversaries are more combative. They have altered their assault strategies to counter the protagonist’s improved powers.
  • It keeps opponents on their toes and uneasy while preparing others for potent finishers.
  • The movement and gameplay are entertaining and lively, and they go nicely with the game’s plot.

9. Hellblade

credit: IGN

Another game dripping with Norse mythology elements is Hellblade. Helheim, the abode of the dead, serves as the setting. Senua, a warrior in the story, travels on a straight path in his search for Hela. Hela is the name of the Norse deity of death. Senua desires to retrieve the soul of her beloved. The Senua’s sacrifice focuses on the mental illness known as psychosis.

  • The story goes above and beyond the conventional action-adventure game to provide an experience centered on psychological health.
  • There are times when this game resembles God of War in both appearance and feel. It’s a fascinating game.
  • The themes of death and horror are present in both games. Both often forgo action in favor of narratives based on strong emotions.

10. A Plague Tale

credit: Sportskeeda

If you compared A Plague Tale to any previous games like God of War, you may believe we were insane to make such a connection. But you’d need to focus on Kratos’ 2018 quest, in which he abandons his task as a god-killer to assume his most challenging duty yet: single dad.

  • When Amicia and her sibling Hugo become orphans in the middle of the epidemic that is devastating 14th-century France, she encounters a similar circumstance in the novel A Plague Tale.
  • Amicia and Hugo confront challenges that appear to be beyond their control, much as Kratos and Atreus did, yet Amicia shows herself to be effective with a slingshot.
  • One may compare the swarming mice in A Plague Tale to Kratos’ inevitable fate as a god-killer. 

Final words

Until then, players may kill time by playing a variety of excellent games like God of War. The story is a major component of each of the games discussed in this article. These games are exhilarating hack-and-slash experiences. Any of the above titles are available for you to play to enjoy the thrilling “God of War” combat. God Of War may have first seemed to be simply another game with a weapon and combat theme. But it added to the ever-growing list of such titles. Fans of this kind of game may now choose from several entertaining games that are readily accessible.

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