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FBS Mobile: Benefits of Trading Apps for Gadgets

FBS Mobile: Benefits of Trading Apps for Gadgets

The number of mobile device users worldwide will increase to 7.49 billion by 2025 from 7.1 billion in 2021, according to Statista. That is why all reliable brokers nowadays have their own mobile applications. One of the most popular apps, FBS Mobile Personal Area, is highly praised by skilled traders. Let’s use this app as an example to figure out the key benefits of trading software for gadgets and find out whether or not you can do without one.

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Main Features of the FBS Mobile Personal Area

All existing trading applications for mobile gadgets are available for download from Google Play and App Store. Alternatively, you can install the FBS app manually using the .apk file at fbs.com. The make and model of your gadget shouldn’t be an issue. Any decent trading app will run on the most basic low-cost device.

App Customization

In the FBS Mobile Area, you can create new accounts and access existing ones. This app offers you all the options necessary to customize your profiles:

  • choose your preferred payment method;
  • fill in your contact information (phone, email, etc.);
  • specify trading conditions to your liking (e.g., leverages).

You can also verify a new trading account via the FBS mobile software. To do that, just upload scans of your ID and wait until it’s approved.

Mobile Demo Accounts


Trading applications, including FBS mobile, allow you to access your demo account. In this way, even from your mobile device, you can do the following:

  • try popular trading tactics;
  • test different tools to enhance your efficiency;
  • run in your original trading strategy.

Remember that using demo profiles over a long time may harm your gut feelings, as you don’t contend with risking real money.

Must-have Trading Tools

You can track ongoing market trends and make transactions using high-quality trading mobile software like FBS. Also, you can control and analyze your deposits, withdrawals, internal transfers, and other financial operations.

All-around Client Support


The FBS mobile app provides its users with multilingual support via live chat. The helpdesk managers are ready 24/7 to answer your questions and help resolve the most complicated trading-related issues.

Benefits of Mobile Trading


Applications like the FBS Mobile Personal Area enable you to make deals from any place with an internet connection. This allows you to do the following:

  • track the current market situation on your vacations;
  • catch favorable offers during your business trips;
  • make deals during long rides on public transport.

Using a mobile trading app, you will never miss promising money-making opportunities and can always be in touch with your broker. 


Trading software like the FBS Mobile Persona Area is a perfect match for traders with active lifestyles. Mobile trading apps allow you to use demo and pro accounts, don’t require a high-end gadget to work, and offer you all the essential tools to safely make deals wherever you are. You may get more detailed info about trading mobile app advantages, for example, in the FBS.Com topical blog.



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