How is the impact of COVID-19 on Caribbean medical schools?

COVID-19 on Caribbean medical schools

COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease caused by the novel corona virus. This can spread rapidly among people who are in close contact, typically within a very short range, say 1 meter. Lets find out the impact of COVID-19 on Caribbean Medical Schools with this blog.

In the wake of novel corona virus disease (COVID-19), the pandemic has caused incomparable chaos in the medical system as well as in the fields of medical education. The impact of COVID-19 is visibly leaving behind its impression on nearly every sector be it a public or private sector. Caribbean medical schools have been training their students on the safety activities and treatment of the patients affected with untiring enthusiasm.

Needless to say, to contain the spread of COVID-19, schools and other crowded places were shut down. The dynamic shift to online learning was possibly a choice to lessen the impact on ongoing studies. However, lectures were delivered in online classes, delaying the practical approaches of learning. Repeated cancellation of clerkship, which is considered necessary for skill acquisition and practical learning, created a major issue for the students and the school. Yes all this is true, but the problems were to be solved. 

With the help of animated graphics and visuals, demonstrations started, and learning did not stop. Rather, newer and innovative ways of training the medical students that are productive and practical were paved. For over a decade, medical schools have undergone countless changes in their reforms and policies for a better quality education. 

The pandemic has clearly stated the need for more medical professionals across the globe, which means the enrolled medical student’s study programs are not delayed. They are to join teams of the doctors to provide valuable services Caribbean med schools are providing online platforms to make sure there’s no delay in syllabus completion. Online classes are proving to be effective because they can be recorded and played multiple times again to ensure a student does not miss out on any important point. 

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Webinars and conferences are the best ways to impart valuable knowledge in times of crisis, delegated by experts in the respective fields. Guest lectures are providing the students with first-hand experience on medical science, further emphasizing the practicality of the curriculum taught during the course. This will provide the students with insightful knowledge on practical implication of the study and help them plan out for more effective ways of learning. Caribbean medical school’s management and faculties organize such activities to provide exposure to the students, of interacting with medical professionals.  

Medical colleges using technology resourcefully are successfully creating an impact in the education sector by delivering effective results. A combination of traditional and modern approach to teaching is being adapted by Caribbean medical schools to adjust to the new normal. Choosing to study medicine for higher education can allow you to welcome success in providing unmatchable service during tough times like pandemics. 

A career in medicine can open up the possibilities to grow and develop limitlessly in a dedicated job that requires offering service regardless of any circumstances. It will enable you to impact the lives of many human beings, in the best way possible. Studying medicine in the Caribbean is sure to bestow upon you the power to save lives, as well as opportunities to cherish unmatched levels of job satisfaction

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