Top 5 Ideas to Decorate Your Home for an Exquisite Marathi Wedding

Exquisite Marathi Wedding

Maharashtrian weddings are planned in a spiritually and culturally refined process. These events are full of fun, color, and tradition. So if you are hosting your wedding guests at home this year, the decorations need to be on point!                                                                                                                                                                                    Home decorations for a traditional Maharashtrian family are of paramount importance during the customs. A lot of attention, time, and effort is given to home décor as every event has a separate theme, meaning, and relevance.                                                                                                                                                                                       So to lavishly celebrate the main events of a grand wedding, it is imperative to be prepared with glittering and magnificent home décor to impress your guests! Here are some home décor ideas for your exquisite Marathi wedding in 2021:

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1. A Fascinating Entrance

Your home requires mesmerizing entrance decoration to give your guests a warm welcome. Maharashtrian entrances are generally decorated with a Toran – a beautiful door hanging with marigold flowers and mango or Ashoka leaves. It is also a symbol of an auspicious event.

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You can further curtain the entrance with strings of white lilies or jasmine. Differently colored marigold flowers, along with dreamcatchers and tassels, can also be used to drape the balconies, windows, and gates, and balcony railings.

2. You Can’t-Miss Those Flowers

Exquisite Marathi Wedding

Flower decorations may sound cliche, but their effect is magical. Get your house ready for your Marathi wedding festivities with a variety of elegant and aromatic flowers like jasmine, rose, and, of course, marigold. You can hang tiers of flowers in your garden area and lend an artistic and contemporary edge to your traditional décor.

3. Make A Rangoli

Exquisite Marathi Wedding

Never underestimate the impact of a well-made rangoli using colorful sand and rice! It renders a dramatic look with appealing images on the floor, filled with petals of various flowers. You can also place an earthen diya in the center of the rangoli or encircle it with tea-light candles for a visual delight.

4. Accents and Accessories

Exquisite Marathi Wedding

Highlight your home with accents and accessories to create an immediate eye-catching appeal. Consider the following accent ideas for some inspiration: 

  • Hang aesthetically colored or pastel-shaded props like pom poms, pinwheels, or buntings. Be sure to batch the colors of your décor with the bridal lehenga or wedding theme.
  • Further, you can decorate a few swings with lights and flowers to grace your garden area, especially while the Mehendi festivities are carried.
  • Rainbow umbrellas render a desi vibe and can be placed in the garden or food area.
  • Alternatively, you can opt for bridal Kalire and temple bells for a stunning mandap ceiling.
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5. Colorful Drapes

Rich drapes in elegant colors, spanning over the roof or adorned on the staircase, have become a fun idea for home decoration in Marathi wedding festivities. You can further drape graceful dupattas or curtains to render a carnival feel and give an aesthetic look to your house.


Q: What is home decor?

A: Home decor is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a home to make it more aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and functional.

Q: What are the types of home decor?

A: There are many types of home decor, such as wall decor, table decor, floor decor, lighting, furniture, accessories, and plants.

Q: What are the benefits of home decor?

A: Home decor can help create a personal space, reflect your personality and style, improve your mood and well-being, and increase the value of your home.

Q: How can I choose the right home decor for my home?

A: You can choose the right home decor by considering your budget, space, theme, color scheme, and personal preferences.

Q: Where can I buy home decor items online?

A: You can buy home decor items online from various websites, such as HomeTown, Pepperfry, Homes & Gardens, and Flipkart. You can also compare prices, reviews, and offers from different vendors.

Have an Exquisite Wedding!

Whether you’re leaning toward a traditional Maharashtrian wedding or want to try something unique, these home decoration ideas are ideal for any event. Add your own creative twist to these ideas, and you can be rest assured that your wedding will be one for the books.

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