4 Key Ways to Sell Your Home

Sell Your Home

If you are looking to sell your home in 2021, you have picked a good time to do it. The US is in the midst of an unprecedented housing boom with no end in sight, with prices soaring and demand surging in all 50 states, as more and more people looking to buy their first home. Perhaps you want to take advantage of the current climate to sell your home quickly and for a good price.

While the market is in your favor, there is no guarantee that this is what will happen. Therefore, it is important to know the different selling options for your home so that you can choose the perfect route that will get you the best possible value and results. If you’re looking to market your house, here are the five main ways you can start selling it today.

1. Keep It Traditional

The most popular way to sell a house in America is still the traditional route of using a realtor and having them take care of the whole thing. A realtor will assess your property value, help get your home into market-ready condition, and market your home to buyers in your area.

This all sounds great, but there are some caveats. For one, real estate agents in the US charge hefty commissions, often amounting to close to 6% of the list price. If this doesn’t sound like a lot, remember that this amounts to a whopping $60,000 for a $1 million home.

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2. Fly Solo

Another increasingly popular option is to go solo with your home sale. You can attempt to sell your home yourself and take care of all of the marketing and logistics yourself. This might sound like a lot of work (and it definitely is), but the cost savings can often be worth it.

You will need to stage your home and market it yourself. You may also need to pay for an appraisal and a survey of your home to check for any structural issues. Nonetheless, these costs will pale in comparison to a commission.

3. All-Cash Selling Options

If your house is not market-ready, you will struggle to sell it through the conventional routes. However, there are options. If you do not have the time or resources to bring your home up to scratch, you can click here to sell your house immediately to an all-cash buyer.

This is a service that will pay instant cash for your home at a good price, without any need for you to do anything. If you’re in a hurry, this is the option for you.

4. Trade It In

Another increasingly popular route is to trade in your current home for your next home. Many buyers and sellers alike are getting sick of the rat race that is real estate.

You can do away with this altogether by negotiating a house swap with someone whose house you are interested in. In fact, some dedicated real estate swap services such as Knock-com and OpenDoor exist to help you find an ideal trade.

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More Essential Real Estate Insights

Now that you know your selling options, you can get to work on selling your house. To prep your house for a quick sale and a good price, we have got you covered. Make sure to consult our expert real estate agents section for more practical advice and insights.