Tony Sirico Net Worth 2023 and his journey from a minor player to an A-lister

Tony Sirico Net Worth

Tony Sirico is an incredibly gifted actor born in the United States. He became famous for his part as “Paul” in the hit HBO series “The Soprano”. It was the standard Hollywood criminal drama. He has also contributed his voice to the animated series The Fairly OddParents. Although Tony Sirico passed away, his legacy as an actor lives on. He was a main character in a great deal of media. He started performing professionally in the ’70s. Since then, the actor has made appearances in several films and dramas. Tony had an excellent career graph as an actor. He was in several other famous productions during his career. Continue reading to see how much Tony Sirico net worth is and how he got successful in the acting industry.

Real/full name Genaro Anthony Sirico Jr
Age  70 years
Net worth  10 million USD 
Profession Actor, Voice Actor
Birth date  29th July, 1942
Birthplace  New York


Tony Sirico Net Worth

Tony Sirico Net Worth

Tony had a net worth that was estimated to be at 10 million US dollars when he died. He has accumulated this fortune as a result of having a successful acting career that has spanned more than half a century. 1974 was the year he made his debut in the film industry. He has had starring roles in several critically acclaimed films and television productions, including 86 episodes of the serial opera “The Sopranos.” It was shown on the HBO cable television network. 

Tony Sirico’s acting career has earned him between one and two and a half million dollars in the United States. It made a significant contribution to Tony Sirico net worth. His basic sources of financial support came from his work as an actor in films and television shows. He took anywhere between eleven thousand dollars and 150 thousand dollars monthly in salary.  

Sirico was a would-be mobster who lived during the period between 1960 and 1970. He spent almost 25 years behind bars throughout that time. Acting was something he became interested in when he was serving his sentence of four years. “The Sopranos” is the show for which he is most recognized today. Earnings from big motion pictures contribute significantly to Tony Sirico net worth:

  • Goodfellas
  • Bullets Over Broadway
  • Mighty Aphrodite
  • Deconstructing Harry
  • The Pick-up Artist

Early Life and Education

Tony celebrated his birthday on 29th July every year. His mother’s name was Marie Sirico, and she was an Italian immigrant. He adopted his mother’s surname due to a lack of information about his biological father. The Bensonhurst neighborhood was where Tony Sirico spent his formative years. This section of Brooklyn, New York, is mostly made up of private homes. He claims that he lived the better part of his childhood in the dangerous area of Eastern Flatbush. 

Tony’s history of legal trouble began at the tender age of seven. He would get a very poor reputation among his neighbors. He had his first run-in with the law when he was barely seven years old for snatching pennies from a newspaper vendor. His total number of arrests is 28, and he was taken into custody for a variety of offenses. He was a participant in both disruptive behavior and robbery. Despite his many arrests, he only spent time inside bars on two separate occasions. 

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Tony Sirico Net Worth

When Tony was serving his final sentence in the early 1970s, he had his first exposure to the world of acting. When he was there, he watched a movie that several former inmates of Sing-Sing Prison had made. The experience motivated him to make acting his career. The star was confident in his ability to act since he had tried his charisma and charm to get out of countless convictions. In jail, he would face ruthless killers and kidnappers and make them chuckle without flinching.

In 1974, he made his cinematic debut in the lead role of ‘Crazy Joe’. Richard Castellano, who played ‘Michael Corleone’ in the film ‘The Godfather’, managed to get his hands on it. After that, he appeared in many more films about criminals, including: 

1974 Goodfellas 
1978 Fingers
1987 The Pick-up Artist
1995 Mighty Aphrodite
1998 Mob Queen
1999 Mickey Blue Eyes
2018 Sarah Q


Before his role on The Sopranos on HBO, he portrayed police officers in the films “Deconstructing: Harry” and “Dead Presidents”. He tried out for the part of Uncle Junior. However, his most recognizable role is that of Paulie Walnuts. Currently, he is most known for his role as ‘Vinny Griffin’ on ‘Family Guy’. The film was a cartoon comedy. The movie was shown in theaters in 2013. The 2018 film Sarah Q also included Tony as a main character. Vincent and Federico, two of his co-stars on “The Sopranos,” were among those with whom he collaborated for this film.

Tony Sirico Net Worth Over the Years

Year Tony Sirico Net worth 
2023 8 million USD 
2022 6 million USD 
2021 4 million USD 
2020 2 million USD 
2019 1 million USD 


Source of income

Tony Sirico Net Worth

It is estimated that Tony Sirico has a wealth of ten million dollars. Because Sirico has worked as a criminal before, he can convincingly represent criminals on screen. After doing his time for a violent burglary, Sirico made the conscious decision to forsake a life of crime and give acting a go instead. He is now a successful actor. Beginning in the late 1970s, he rose to prominence as a result of his performances in movies such as “Fingers” and “GoodFellas,” in which he portrayed gangsters and corrupt law enforcement agents. His performance in the critically acclaimed crime drama on HBO was spectacular. The fictitious person that Sirico created went by the name “Paulie Gualtieri.” 

Because of his performance in this role, Sirico’s acting career went from being a very small player to being on the A-list. The actor amassed a lot of fame and money throughout his career. During the first several seasons of “The Sopranos,” Sirico was paid a salary of $75,000 for each episode he featured in. The actor’s pay has significantly increased since the most recent season. As a direct consequence of the success of his crime play, he amassed a considerable fortune. Despite his past film credentials, he achieved widespread recognition for his performance in The Sopranos. He is known for being a well-compensated actor. Thus, contributing to his stellar reputation.

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Real Estate and Cars

The previous residence of Tony was a villa that contained four bedrooms. There was a listing for its address in New Jersey. There is a total of 0.5 hectares (roughly 1.5 acres) of land available with this property. The house has a total of five restrooms, four of which are standard in size and one of which is designed particularly for visitors. Both of the garages have enough room for two vehicles to park inside of them. In addition to being able to fit Suburbans, it is spacious enough to accommodate Escalades

Personal Life

Sirico was single when he passed away. He is the father of two kids from his marriage to their mother, Anna. A separation followed. Anna has passed away. On the 19th of March 2014, at 69 years old, she passed away. About Anna’s private life, we know next to nothing. Sadly, Sirico passed away on 8th July 2022, in the afternoon. 

During that time, he lived in a facility for the elderly in the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which is located in the state of Florida. The actor had just twenty-three days left to live before he would have become eighty years old when he passed away. There was no mention made of an unfortunate incident that resulted in death. Many years before his passing away, a diagnosis of dementia was made on him.


Q1. Did Tony Sirico have a wife?

Sirico was single when he passed away. He is the father of two kids from his marriage to their mother, Anna. A separation followed. Anna has passed away. On the 19th of March 2014, at 69 years old, she passed away. About Anna’s private life, we know next to nothing.

Q2. How much money does Tony Sirico have?

When Tony passed away, he left behind a 10 million USD net worth. He amassed this wealth due to a prolific career as an actor that lasted more than fifty years.

Q3. Who is the heir of Tony Sirico net worth?

Tony leaves behind two kids after his demise. The name of his son is Richard Sirico’. His daughter. Is Joanne Sirico.


In the United States of America, the late Tony Sirico played many roles. His performance as Peter Paul Gualtieri on a hit TV show brought him widespread fame. The Sopranos featured him in 86 episodes total. By the time of his death in July 2022, Tony Sirico had amassed a $8 million fortune. On the big screen for the first time in “Crazy Joe” in 1974 was Sirico. 

He played a minor role in the movie. After that, he became known for his many parts in films by Woody Allen. After the turn of the century, he kept working as an actor in TV films. Sirico voiced Vinny in the “Family Guy” cartoon series and has done so in several other famous roles.

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