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Cheap Things To Do In Orlando: Affordable and Fun

Cheap Things To Do In Orlando: Affordable and Fun
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We can all agree that Orlando is full of amazing attractions that draw the majority of visitors. However, these vacation spots can be heavy on your pocket. While planning a vacation, many people look for places in Orlando where they can do exciting activities and have a wonderful time with their kids. Orlando is a family’s favorite vacation spot. It is due to the abundance of fun things to do there. There are plenty of options to cut costs. Many of Orlando’s best places to visit, both old and new, are affordable to the majority of visitors. We have compiled a list of the best cheap things to do in Orlando to provide a memorable and affordable vacation.

A rundown of Cheap Things to do in Orlando

1. Leu Garden

cheap things to do in orlando
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There are more than fifty acres of open space there. The land is subdivided into ten individual landscaped areas. You can find this garden in the heart of Orlando. There are many different kinds of crops, fruits and vegetables spices, along with animal species to admire. Pack some food if you’re going with a family or a group of youngsters. Relax in the cool shade for a while and take in the scene. The botanical gardens are a lovely place to enjoy the day, with a wide variety of plants to admire.

  • Every Monday starting of the month is free for visitors to the museum.
  • Once or twice a year, you may catch a movie under the stars at Leu Garden’s huge screen event.
  • Adult tickets are six dollars and children’s tickets are three dollars.
  • A couple of times every year, the Flower Garden hosts Storytime.
  • There will be readings and music for children under the age of five in the garden. This activity is available at no charge.

2. Disney Springs

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The best theme parks offer experiences that can’t be had anywhere else. You can experience the beauty and excitement without paying a dime. The recreation, retail therapy, and dining of Disney Springs can all be enjoyed on foot. It is among the most popular cheap things to do in Orlando. It features over a hundred shops, excellent dining options, and live music venues. You can get an abundance of Disney magic and enjoy a fantastic time at Disney Spring.

  • Both parking and entry are free of charge. In the heat of the summertime, there could be no greater activity than relaxing in an area of coolness. The whole family can have fun with it! 
  • There will be a cool artwork stroll, as well as buying things, musical instruments, and live performances. 
  • Disney Springs also features several notable restaurants with theatre dining options. 
  • Every day at 10 am, they open for business. The kids and adults alike can go on a memorable outing together. 

3. City walk at Universal

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The City Walk in Orlando is yet another favorite free attraction in the Orlando area. The 30-acre amusement park. It’s packed with best places to eat and drink, as well as clubs, tourist spots, and stores. Children can play in a fountain. Look out for upcoming free events, such as performances and Disco sets if you want some fun and cheap things to do in Orlando. Use the complimentary boat taxi service.

  • After 6 o’clock every night, parking remains free of charge. Most of Orlando’s attractions cost money to enter.
  • Nevertheless, you may explore the fantastic mall and nightlife complex City Walk without spending a dime. You need to think smartly to save money on a vacation.
  • You may enjoy the area’s dining options, retail offerings, and lively nightlife.
  • You’ll find three lodging properties inside the complex, all of which provide river ferries at no cost to its guests.
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4. Cocoa Beach

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One of the cheapest things to do in Orlando is to go dipping at the coastline and get a tan. Don’t ruin Orlando’s near-perfect climate. Plan to spend some of your holiday time at the beach. If you and your loved ones are looking for a respite from the Scorching sun, come here.

  • The drive time from the city center to Cocoa Coast is around 40 minutes. As a result, it has become the preferred gathering spot for those looking to beat the heat.
  • Getting sand between your feet is free of charge. Visit Cocoa Beach to feel the cool, saltwater air.
  • The beach is convenient for Orlando visitors. When the crowds at the amusement parks get too much to handle, this is a great alternative.
  • In Orlando, you may find several free or low-cost activities to enjoy. Theme parks are rarely a part of them. Hours are the same Monday through Friday, but longer on public holidays.

5. Farmers Market

cheap things to do in Orlando
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The city’s Farmers’ Markets are a wonderful place to sample regional fare and get a feel for the city’s culinary scene. There, you can chat with skilled farmers and makers. Fresh, vibrant flowers sit beside glittering jewelry among the many wares available from the many merchants. Going to a farmer’s fair is enjoyable regardless of whether you don’t intend to buy anything. Enjoy the pleasant climate, listen to some musical performances, and try some delicious sampling of local cuisine here.

  • It’s perfect for tourists and locals alike who want to support the community while also supporting local businesses.
  • Winter Park, where the open market is held, is a landmark district. On Saturdays between 7 AM and 1 PM, it’s a great place to spend the day.
  • Obtain some one-of-a-kind souvenirs from the area. The little stalls and shops inside and out offer plenty for visitors.
  • Food, baked goods, coffee, and other beverages are all available for immediate consumption inside the establishment.

6. Orlando Brewing

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Florida now has a thriving local brewing industry. If you want to enjoy some of the finest beers in Florida, you should visit Orlando Brewing. The Orlando Amtrak terminal is right next door. Only this brewery in Orlando can claim to be 100% organic. They have more than 500 distribution points across the state of Florida. The brewery is located in the heart of Orlando’s Southern Downtown and offers free tours to the public.

  • Take advantage of Orlando Brewing’s complimentary 30-minute adventure.
  • Daily at 6:00 PM, Monday through Saturday, guides will provide a free visit. At Orlando Brewing, your children are welcome.
  • Entertaining melodies, darting, and game nights are all available for families to enjoy together on the weekend evenings.
  • There will be no charge for parking in this lot. After the walking tour, try some of the locally brewed beers.

7. The Boardwalk at Disney

cheap things to do in Orlando
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It seems inconceivable that we could compile a list of the finest free attractions in Orlando and leave out Disney’s Boardwalk. Take the children out for a walk along the water’s edge. You and the children may participate in some of the carnival activities in the afternoon. Enjoy the lovely Crescent Lake as well as every aspect of the street performers who are performing there.

  • Moreover, neither the entrance nor the parking are free of charge.
  • The nightly fireworks display at the Magic Kingdom is visible from the Disney Boardwalk, which is an excellent viewing position.
  • This part of Crescent Lake, which is almost a quarter of a mile long, is well-known for its several clubs.
  • Crescent Lake does not charge admission to any of its attractions, including its breathtaking lake views, live performances by local artists, and other activities.
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8. Fun Spot: Orlando 

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There is no other amusement parkf in the heart of Orlando like Fun Spot. It’s exciting and entertaining in ways that people of every age enjoy. If you’re seeking low-cost activities in the Orlando area, check out Fun Spot. Take advantage of the action and anticipation of your trip by hopping on several rides. Experience the thrill of the carnival rides, go-kart courses, child attractions, and more. This well-liked attraction is a must-include on any listing of cheap things to do in Orlando.

  • The White Lightning thrill ride remains the only one of its kind made of wood.
  • Its two SkyCoasters hold the record for height. The activities combine sky diving with hang glider.
  • You may cool off in the splash pool or play some Midway games.
  • There are more than 25 thrilling rides, funfair games, a cutting-edge arcade, spectacular events, and more.

9. ICON Park

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Orlando’s ICON Park is home to a massive panoramic wheel measuring a whopping 400 feet in height. Numerous eateries, unique stores, hip hangouts, and tourist attractions surround the wheel. There isn’t a better place in Orlando to take a selfie. There are never any fees to enter the complex.

  • In terms of goods and services, it offers a broad range of options. ICON Park is packed with exciting attractions.
  • Sip some champagne as you ride to the top of the Ferris wheel. Travelers can take in a breathtaking panorama of the urban landscape and park architecture.
  • The parking available on the premises structure has four stories of reserved parking spaces that are free of charge. You may kick back and enjoy some downtime here.
  • Spend no money to take in free nighttime light displays and enjoy with the local community on the town square.

10. Rollins Museum of Art

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” Rollins Museum of Arts” may be reached from the heart of Orlando in just fifteen minutes by car. Over seven hundred works of art are on display there permanently. They span from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century and include works from the United States, the European continent, and modern art.

  • In addition to numerous sculptures, it houses approximately two thousand pictures, sketches, and engravings.
  • There are several Andy Warhol works on display.
  • Topics like globalization, the foreseeable future, empathy, and affection are featured in the ever-changing displays.
  • They educate the public by showing the world through the eyes of women, trans people, and those who don’t identify with a binary sex concept.

Final words

Orlando is full of affordable things to do, whether you’re planning a family vacation or just want to have a good time for a few days If you’re new to the area or a long-time resident, you’ll never run out of exciting cheap things to do in Orlando, Florida. Orlando is one of the best states in the country to visit for a vacation. Almost ideal climate, cultural attractions, sandy beaches, and amusement parks abound. Many vacationers probably think a vacation to Orlando would break up their finances. However, now you know that there are many entertaining options available in the city that are cheap and full of amazing experiences.


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