7 Things to Know Before Moving to St. Petersburg, Florida

st. petersburg

Did you know that the region of St. Petersburg Florida was founded in the late 1800s? The city was envisioned to be grand with lovely streets, public parks, and proximity to beautiful oceans. Over time, in the early 1900s, the city gained notoriety as the training ground during the professional baseball sports boom.

But today, St. Petersburg remains a resort-town, major tourist attract late 1800sion, and exciting place to put down roots. If you are thinking of moving to St. Pete know this: there’s a whole lot to explore and love about this charming town.

From quality affordable housing to gorgeous stretches of beach and world-class dining, this little corner of Florida would make a great new place to call home. Read on to discover the top seven things you need to know before moving.

1. The Beach Is in Your Backyard

One of the many joys of Florida living is having the beach in your very own backyard. In St. Petersburg, you’re never far away from the ocean or an afternoon picnic in the sand. From local beach favorites like Treasure Island to romantic enclaves such as Honeymoon Island State Park, you’ll thank yourself for moving to Florida every day.

As a Florida resident, you’ll have access to the yearly beach and parking passes for a discount. This ensures affordable and family-friendly activities are in your reach all year long.

2. It’s a City for Sports Lovers and Excercise Fiends

St. Petersburg offers sports lovers an interesting and long history. Baseball aficionados can check out official teams like the Toronto Blue Jays or Philadelphia Phillies play and practice at local Spring Training events. If you’re lucky, you may even spot your favorite player in downtown St. Pete.

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Do you love exercise and staying active? Then, St. Petersburg may be the place for you. In this corner of Florida, you can enjoy city walking and bike trails.

Or, long runs or evening walks on the beach. And if you prefer gyms or fitness classes, downtown has no shortage of excellent studios and facilities to choose from.

3. Quality Housing Options

Many homebuyers are willing to make the long-distance move to St. Petersburg in search of more affordable housing and a better lifestyle. After all, the local housing market shows that St. Pete could be the fastest growing city in the area. Down here in Florida, you’ll find quaint bungalow-style homes, modern apartments, and beachfront properties to suit any taste or budget.

And if you’re moving with children or want to start a family, the area is renowned for its public school and private school options. So you won’t have to worry about investing in a poor-quality school district. Quality housing exists to appease your entire family and specific buyer needs!

4. Growth and Investment Opportunities

If you’re selling your house, why not invest that capital in a new Florida market? As the St. Petersburg market grows, get in on an investment opportunity. A rental property could produce extra cash and become the ultimate vacation spot for when you need a getaway.

Just stroll downtown St. Petersburg and check out the storied luxury hotel properties like the Don Cesar. Or, explore the upcoming hotel and apartment builds popping up in central locales.

The city is renowned for the Salvador Dali museum and world-class dining and bars. This is evidence of a cultured and citified population that would support an investment.

5. It’s Called the Sunshine State for a Reason

Did you know that Florida experiences more than 200 days of sunshine per year? If you’re planning a move to Florida, don’t forget your hat and sunscreen! The pleasurable climate and generally warm weather in St. Petersburg attract snowbirds and tourists alike.

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Living in the sun will change your lifestyle and outlook. After work, don’t crash on the couch or binge-watch a television series. The world of St. Petersburg awaits!

Meet friends for rooftop cocktails downtown or take a long walk on the beach. In your new home in St. Petersburg, you’ll enjoy home features like stunning outdoor patios or enclosed sun porches that only Florida weather makes possible. The sunshine state is sure to lift your mood and spirits every day you call it home.

6. Proximity to an International Airport

Do you travel often for work? Do you require close access to a world-class, modern, and international airport?

St. Petersburg is just under a 30-minute drive to the Tampa International Airport. So, if you have family or friends visiting from out of town or out of the country, the convenient flights and airport proximity airport make it easy.

7. Career Opportunities

St. Petersburg isn’t only one of the fastest-growing housing markets, but the city also offers incredible career opportunities for job seekers and entrepreneurs. With the 30-minute driving proximity to Tampa, you’ll have access to a job market in one of Florida’s largest city centers.

Tampa is home to national and international enterprises and is a hub for up-and-coming startups. In St. Petersburg, entrepreneurs can take advantage of easily accessible and affordable commercial office or retail space.

And, remember in Florida there is no income tax. This attracts thousands of entrepreneurs and employees to launch their businesses or work in Florida. Whether you are freshly starting your career or are an industry veteran, you’ll find St. Petersburg to provide the opportunities you need to earn a living and enjoy a high-quality life.

Moving to St. Petersburg Florida Can Be Just the Adventure You’re Looking For

St. Petersburg Florida is a great destination to visit. But, this charming Floridian city is a dream to call home. If you are thinking of moving to Florida, keep this list handy to help weigh the pros and cons of calling St. Pete home.

These points can help you evaluate your interests and decide if you are ready to make the move. St. Petersburg offers homebuyers quality living, a vibrant job market, natural wonders, and so much more. If you found this information helpful, be sure to check out our other real estate stories.