What Is Tailgating? Your Guide


Every year 3 million people are injured in car accidents, and road rage is a contributor. From blowing the horn for a long time to getting into brawls at the stoplight, one way people unnecessarily and illegally show their anger is through tailgating.

And we’re not talking about the kind of tailgating you do for your favorite sports team, but tailgating while you’re driving. But what is tailgating and how can it be prevented?

Here is a quick guide to answer these questions and how you can practice safe and defensive driving.

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What Is Tailgating?

Tailgating is the act of one car driving behind another but not leaving enough space behind the first vehicle.

The distance between two cars is not sufficient enough that in the event of an immediate stop, the second car won’t have enough time to stop without causing a collision with the first car.

This is also called piggybacking or colloquially, “riding the bumper”. The usually occurs when the driver is in a rush, experiencing road rage, driving recklessly, or any combination of the three. They are more prone to cause accidents.

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How to Deal With Tailgating

Tailgating drivers are prone to reckless driving techniques that will help them try to get their way on the road. But there are some things you can do to try and avoid them and their antics.

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Move Over and Avoid Them

You will often encounter tailgating while driving on major roads and highways. When this happens, simply move over to the right lane to avoid any issues. If you are already in the right lane, motion for them to pass on the left as the law requires.

Keep A Consistent Speed

If you are on a one-lane road this can be a little trickier to handle. However, you can avoid problems but maintaining a regular speed (under the speed limit of course). This will show the other driver that you intend on staying at this speed.

They will eventually take the hint and try to pass you, which depending on the road markings is legal. But this will also help you avoid problems between you and them.

Call The Police

If all else fails, call the police. After all, tailgating is illegal and they can be pulled over for driving recklessly. You can call the Police while driving your car and they will dispatch someone on the highway already to intercept the reckless driver.

Practice Safe Driving

If someone asks you what is tailgating, now you can tell them what it is and why they shouldn’t tailgate, but instead practice positive and safe driving methods.

If you encounter someone who seems to be in a rush like this, try your best to avoid them. Your safety is more important. Practice safe driving techniques today.

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