Top places to visit in Australia

visit in Australia

The southern land, officially referred to as the Commonwealth of visit in Australia, is home to about twenty-five million people, thirty percent of whom, are immigrants. The nation has an estimated amount of seven religions, with 30.1% of the populace having no religion. It consists of six states and ten regions or territories. 

The biggest cities in Australia exclude its capital, Canberra, and include Sydney, being the largest, followed closely by Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. It is considered to be the smallest continent, yet one of the largest countries on earth with an area of 7,617,930 square meters.

The abundance of natural resources and strong global exchange relations have contributed to boosting the nation’s economy. Revenue is often generated from many sources such as; mining, banking, agriculture, manufacturing, trading, and tourism.

Australia thrives profoundly in all political and economic sectors, which include: quality of living, a voting system, health, employment, education, civil rights, and security. With its major urban communities ranking tops in worldwide surveys, it is no surprise that the country attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Its beautiful landscapes and historic sites have continuously left visitors in awe. With an unending collection of beaches, spectacular sunrise, and sunset, this country offers a fascinating experience for all. Whether you are seeking a peaceful getaway on the shores of Byron Bay or a family camp at Freycinet National park, you can always be certain of a thrilling experience.

When choosing to visit the country for the first time, some travelers become confused, as there are tons of unique sites to explore. To help guide you through your vacation, we have selected a few of the most iconic places you definitely would not want to miss to visit in Australia

List of top places to visit in Australia

Choosing where to go in this vast mass of staggering beauty is a bit difficult. But we are here to help, below is a list of places to explore with friends and family.

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The Great Barrier Reef

Located in Cairns city, Australia, visiting the Great Barrier is a good start to experiencing the wonders of Australia. It is said to have the biggest coral reef system on earth, covering an area of over three hundred and forty-four square kilometers.

Get ready to see fantastic tropical marine life in the crystal waters, such as; dolphins, sea snakes, whales, and sharks, amongst others. You could either choose to snorkel or board a boat for a relaxing cruise through the reef. The most convenient way to visit the reef from your hotel would be by Car hire in Australia.

The Great Ocean Road

Notable for being Australia’s most popular road, this astonishing beauty is located in Victoria, Australia. Over the centuries, nature has somehow managed to magically carve out pieces of coast along the southern shores of Australia. As seen in the present day, the result of these carvings has manifested into beautiful ocean-like unique rocks, arranged like pieces to a puzzle. 

To gaze upon these magical designs, consider cruising through the sea cliffs of the Great Ocean Road. Exotic formations such as; the Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, London Bridge, and The Arch offer a breathtaking view. If you desire to catch an elevated view of these rock forms, we suggest you fly over them in a helicopter

Blue mountains national park

According to statistics, the blue mountains have the highest count of visitations in all of Australia. Situated in New South Wales, Australia, this park is covered by blue fog, thus the name, blue mountains.

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This mountain feature pristine bush-lands that extends far into the park, with an iconic trio of rock apexes, called the Three Sisters, one of the region’s most captured highlights. Other features include; Cascades, caves, and mountain towns. When touring the Blue Mountains, there are a number of activities you could do to enjoy the fresh, natural air. You could consider hiking trails, climbing rocks, kayaking, biking mountains, and riding horses.

Kangaroo Island

Located in South Australia, this island is considered to be the third-largest island in Australia. Famous for its untamed terrains, and native wildlife, such as; koalas, numerous species of birds, penguins, and others, this island welcomes all who seek to explore its landscape. 

The island locals are popular for their preparation of exquisite cuisines, from locally made seafood to creamy cheeses, wines, olives, and ranch eggs. This site has to be top of your list when visiting Australia.

Port Douglas

Situated in Queensland, this Port provides an escape from life’s daily hustle. The port has not just an aesthetic appeal, but to a higher degree, a drowsy appeal as well, one that makes you feel magical.

The roads are lined with mango trees and coconut palms, a modest Catholic Church lies directly in front of the waterfront. The bluish clear waters of Four Mile Beach offer a certain ambiance to the scenery. When touring the port, you could choose to either drive or climb up to the hill for the best view. In summer, locals and tourists often enjoy the warmth of the natural rain forest pools.