Things to Know Before You Move to Australia

Things to know to Move to Australia

Are you considering moving to Australia? There are certain things about the overall life in the famous Land Down Under that you should know about. Before you know about the Aussie lifestyle, you should know about the entry process –including visa application, important documents, important criminal history check, and so more. Australia is famous for its barbecues, beer, and intense weather conditions. There is much more to it that you would like to know. Once you have got your criminal history check and document investigation completed, here are some important things you should know before you move to Australia:

#Australia is Massive

Australia is known to measure more than 3 million square miles in terms of the overall area. For putting the same into perspective, you can regard it to be the same as that of Europe in size. Therefore, if you are visiting the country on a vacation, you need both ample time and money to span the entire area. 

#The Weather is Diverse

People tend to assume that the weather conditions in Australia are the same throughout. They assume it to be hot & sunny every day in all corners of the country. However, this is not the case at all times. When the weather is hot in summer in the south, the north region experiences a wet season during this time. Brisbane, for instance, is known to be blessed with a normal tropical climate. 

At the same time, Melbourne is famous for depicting ‘four seasons in a single day.’ In some parts of the country, it snows abundantly to allow you to take out your skiing gear altogether.

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#Be Cautious of the Sun

As the sun shines in this glorious country, it is known to shine ‘really.’ In some areas of the nation, you can experience pretty intense summer temperatures –sometimes going above 40 Degree Celsius. Moreover, recent heat waves that occurred in Sydney even melted tarmac roads while unfortunately killing several baby bats. However, it is not just the overall heat that you should be cautious about.

Humans tend to depend on the ozone layer of the atmosphere to protect themselves from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The ozone layer that is situated above Australia is known to be quite thin. This is what makes the sun in Australia quite intense and powerful. If you wish to be safe from the same, you should slip on your shirt, apply some layers of sunscreen, put on a hat. 

#Amazing Healthcare Options

Just like barbecues, healthcare in Australia is also available for free. It is referred to as Medicare. You can use this facility until you have permanent residency in the country. You might also need to undergo criminal history checks for the same. There have been some great agreements made between Australia and other countries –including New Zealand and the United Kingdom, implying that temporary visitors to the country can also have access to the famous scheme of Medicare.

#Australian Ski Holidays are Real

In Australia, you can come across the Australian Alps. They are known to receive more snowfall than the Alps in Switzerland. Therefore, ski holidays are highly sought-after activities with friends and family in the country. You can come across most of the famous ski locations towards the southeast. 

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#Always Be on the Left

Aussies are known to drive to their left. In addition to driving, you also have to follow rules while walking on foot in the country. Unless you are climbing up an escalator, you should always keep your left. While it is not a crime to walk on your right side, still you will find it odd in the crowd. 

#Aussies Enjoy More Life in Nature Than in Cities

Almost 90 percent of Aussies live in high-end cities of the nation. As you think about the famous places in the country, you will come across names like Melbourne and Sydney. In addition to these famous places, you will also easily find places of natural interest. For instance, Kata Tjuta or Uluru is also famous if you wish to get away from the hustle & bustle of city life. 

Once you get away from the busy cities, you will come across some of the most beautiful destinations in the country. There are over 500 national parks in the nation. Additionally, some natural landmarks in Australia are the Blue Mountains, Boodjamulla, and Wilsons Promontory. 

#There is An Abundance of Wildlife

In addition to the abundant natural beauty all around the country, you will also come across a myriad of flora and fauna in the place. Australia is also known to be home to some of the most dangerous animals in the world. 


Once you have got your criminal history check done, you can pay a visit to the famous sites in Australia.