This Is How to Design a Parking Lot the Right Way

design a parking lot

Designing a parking lot is not an easy task. There are many design factors to take into account, and if you design a parking lot wrong, you could cause major safety issues for your customers or employees.

However, if done the right way, designing a parking lot can help your business increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

This article will discuss parking lot design tips that will improve the design of your parking lot so that it meets all local codes and regulations while also increasing customer satisfaction.

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Determine the Purpose of Your Parking Lot

The first design factor you need to consider is the purpose of your parking lot.

There are three different types of parking lots: commercial, public, and residential. Each type has its own design considerations that will be discussed later in this article.

You must decide which category best applies to your business or home before moving forward with designing a commercial parking lot for your customers or guests.

Do All of the Math Before Starting

The design of a commercial parking lot requires you to do all the math and design calculations before beginning construction.

If not, you could end up with an unbalanced design that is difficult for your employees or customers to navigate safely.

You need to know how many stalls your parking lot needs based on how much space has been allotted in order to make sure it fits within local zoning regulations.

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Once this number is known, determine what size each stall should be by multiplying its width by length (in feet). You also must decide if handicapped spaces are necessary and where they will go in relation to regular stalls by requesting asphalt paving services.

Allow Your Parking Lot Design to Flow

Your parking lot design should not look out of place compared to what is around it.

If you are designing a commercial parking lot, this could mean taking into account how your customers will enter and exit the area as well as any landscaping that may be nearby.

You also need to pay attention to signage so that people can easily find their cars or business when leaving the parking lot after shopping at your store or working there for an event.

Design a Parking Lot for Safety

The design of a parking lot needs to be safe for your customers so that they are not putting themselves at risk when leaving or entering the area.

You should also design it with safety in mind for your employees who have to work there every day.

One way you can design a safer commercial parking lot is by having wider lanes, which will reduce traffic accidents and collisions between cars trying to park next to each other.

You could also create designated walkways using commercial asphalt paving through the center of your parking lot where people do not need to exit their vehicles until reaching their destination inside the business itself.

This will prevent congestion problems once customers arrive at stores because all cars are parked outside instead of taking up space.

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Ready to Design the Best Commercial Parking Lot?

As you can see, it’s not too difficult to design a parking lot the right way. To learn more about this subject, continue reading our blog for more helpful articles.