Markiplier Net Worth: Is the famous controversial YouTuber out of the race?

markiplier net worth
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Every day new YouTubers come into the spotlight of universal controversy. People on the web deliver their opinion and move on. However, Markiplier is one of the fantastic YouTubers who have given the web world so much to talk about. From Markiplier net worth crossing $30 million to his relationship with Amy Nelson – everyone wants to know what’s true and not! Today, we brought to you a brief on Markiplier, controversies he was involved in, net worth, salary, daily earning, and much more. So, don’t hold your horses anymore because this will be a far more interesting read. Let’s begin with a small introduction to Markiplier.Who is Markiplier?

markiplier net worth
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To begin with, Markiplier is an American YouTuber as well as a famous podcast host. It may not come as a surprise, but he originally comes from Honolulu, Hawaii, and without a doubt, his videos are a world-class attraction among youtube users. Markiplier’s youtube channel has already crossed 30 million subscribers this week. 

Now, here’s what fun is? Do you know? Markiplier’s real name is Mark Edward Fischbach. Born in 1989, this 32-year-old YouTuber has been into many controversies. Not only this, but subscribers’ perspective towards him is always progressive-aggressive. In the past few years, Markiplier’s involvement in promoting PewDiePie’s anti-semitic propaganda has also been in the headlines. 

With so much reputation on the line, Markliplier’s one foot always into another YouTuber’s mess is worth viewing with popcorn. And, what’s more, interesting is that Markiplier net worth is consistently rising even after he received so much hatred from the fans. How is that possible? 

So, without any further ado, let’s learn facts about Markiplier and How much he earns!

#1: What is Markiplier Net Worth? 

According to some well-acknowledged sources, Markiplier’s Net Worth has been built from scratch. His work as a YouTuber content creator, writer, commentator, gamer, and actor is wildly evident. In 2021, Markiplier estimated net worth had reached $35 million after his last video was released on YouTube. Apparently, the video was uploaded 17 hours ago (22/10/2021, 3 pm), and it has already gotten 1.1 million views from the subscribers. Surprising, isn’t it? 

Without a doubt, he will be one of the most heavily paid YouTubers in 2021. Forbes placed Markiplier in the 5th position to the reader’s surprise, while counting down the most highly paid YouTubers in 2021. On the other hand, some websites put Markiplier in 10th position. In the meantime, they preferred David Dobrik, Beast, Liza Koshy, Paul Brothers, Lily Singh, Rhett & Link, PewDiePie, Dude Perfect, and Jeffree Star above him. 

You will also be surprised to know that Markiplier’s Net Worth makes him one of the YouTubers with the highest net worth in the USA. PewDiePie’s Net Worth is $40 Million. Henceforth, there’s only a $5 million difference between the two competitors. 

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In the context of YouTuber (gamers specifically), Markiplier stands in the 3rd position after Daniel Middleton – DANTDM and, of course, PewDiePie.


#2: Markiplier’s salary per video

Markiplier’s salary per video
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Believe it or not, millions of subscribers of prominent YouTubers like Markiplier are dying to know how much they earn per video? According to the algorithms of the YouTube Monetization system, YouTubers get only $7.50 for 1000 views. If we calculate by keeping Markiplier’s latest video at source, it has 1.1 million views, i.e..1,100,000. Meaning he earned $8250 on that video. Average views on Markiplier’s youtube videos are 16.6 billion. Henceforth, his approximate making from youtube videos is one billion and two hundred million USD approximately.
Apart from this, Markiplier also earns a lot from working as an American actor in movies. He has appeared on television in movies and tv shows like Crazy, Werewolves, A Heist with Markiplier, FNAF: The Musical, A Date with Markiplier, etc.
Not only this, but Markiplier’s podcast “Distractible” on Spotify is universally ranking at 2nd position after Joe Rogan’s podcast. It is still unknown how much does Markiplier earns from the podcast? But, Joe Rogan’s income from Spotify has crossed $100 Million already. Hence, it wouldn’t be falsified to say that Markiplier must have also been earning millions from Distractible. 

#3: Markiplier made some negative reputation in 2021

When YouTubers become famous for saying something negative, they become the headline for other YouTubers as well. And being called racist is nothing new for PewDiePie. However, recently Markiplier came to rescue PewDiePie on his anti-Semitic channel on youtube. Not only this, but during a live gaming stream, Markiplier jokingly confessed to his discrimination behavior based on race by using the words “I am a racist.” Without a doubt, 25% of the audience thought that it was a joke in poor taste because, in the past, World Wars have happened because people of one race didn’t like the idea of another.

Markiplier’s incredible support towards PewDiePie is cringe-worthy. Even though PewDiePie is one of the highly viewed YouTubers in history, yet for some time now, his audience has been going down. The reason is, he has uploaded videos and used comments like “Death to All Jews” and “Hitler did nothing wrong,” which can be horrifying for viewers whose family members may have been the victim of World War II. 

The race is definitely a very sensitive issue, and Markiplier’s move to obtain more and more views on his racial gaming live stream may lose the audience’s respect very soon. What do you think? 

#4: Markiplier is a general target for youtubers that behave like predators

For the most part, the year 2021 brought goodness for Markiplier as his net worth witnessed new heights. However, users’ hatred towards Markiplier is quite evident in the comment section. Users/viewers are majorly focusing on how videos contain unlimited advertisements! But, our research concluded that Markiplier’s videos contain no advertisements, no injected marketing, or other such content that may cause the viewers to lose interest. 

Thus, it seems like YouTubers in direct competition with markiplier are running some agenda to target mark and cause him harm. What’s that about?

#5: Who is Markiplier Girlfriend? 

Markiplier Girlfriend
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With a net worth as hardcore as $35 Million, you would think that Markiplier must have hitched now. But, to your surprise, Mark is apparently a one-man woman and has been dating Amy Nelson since 2015. To your surprise, Amy Nelson is not indeed a YouTuber. Instead, she is a professional graphic designer as well as an animator. According to our research, Markiplier and Amy Nelson have a lot more in common. Both come from Cincinnati in Ohio. 

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Not only this, but from time to time, Amy Nelson’s appearance as a guest on Markiplier’s try not to laugh challenge videos make users believe that they are still together. Well! Good for them. 

#6: What is Markiplier’s Girlfriend’s Net Worth? 

When we talk about a rich (probably double rich) Youtuber getting hitched, we often anticipate the partner to be richer. Well! You will be surprised to know that Amy Nelson, Markiplier’s girlfriend, is indeed half as rich as Mark himself. Her current net worth is $12 Million. 

In 2015 when Mark hitched with Amy, she was not a big social media star. Thanks to Mark’s subscribers, Amy is now well-known as Peebles, and she has up to 83k followers on youtube. So, thankfully, she is heard well. 

#7: Mark takes stand for penguinz0

Even though youtube users think that there’s not much difference between PewDiePie and Markiplier, our research says something different. In the past few years, PewDiePie has always evidently criticized other YouTubers as well as the audience out there. However, Mark recently proved himself a bigger person when he took a stand against youtube and asked why it removed penguinz0’s video on fake rage road accidents!
According to the backstory, when youtube removed penguinz0’s video on fake rage road accidents, a Twitter user took a screenshot of Markplier’s reaction video on the same video and uploaded it on Twitter with the hashtag – Team Youtube and Ask Us Youtube.
To this, Markiplier retweeted this tweet and captioned, “Fair is Fair, where’s my strike.” After hours, the youtube back team also ended up removing Markiplier’s video from the channel.
Not only did Mark come out as a bigger person. But, he also lost the video with about 27 million views, i.e.., costing him a loss of more than 2.5 million USD. 

#8: Markiplier net worth goes to La Cañada Mid Century Modern house

Have you always wondered how celebrities have so much money and where do they spend it? Well! We don’t know about other celebrities, but youtube celebrity Markiplier has recently bought La Canada Mid Century Modern House, the legendary house previously known to be owned by Donald Glover. 

Do you know? Markiplier’s mid-century modern house is worth $4 million. It is situated in California and is best known for its Barbara Bestor Interior. Not only this, but the house has been in Donald’s family since the 1900s. 

So what do you think?


1. Who is Markiplier?

A. Markiplier is a famous American YouTuber.

2. How Old Is Markiplier?

A. He is 34 years old.

3. What is Markiplier’s net worth?

A. Markiplier’s estimated net worth is $45 million.

4. When does Markiplier’s birthday come?

A. His birthday is on 28 June.

5. How tall is Markiplier?

A. He is 5 ft and 9 inches tall.


Irrespective of how much the audience is hating Markiplier for his racist comments! Some of them hate him for uploading his views on sexual games and controversial topics, yet his net worth is touching the roof. So, without a doubt, everyone is enjoying it whatsoever.
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