5 ways how to spend your free time by Talkliv


Many people struggle with finding something to do when they’re bored and have nothing planned. That includes quarantine struggles as well because everyone has a shorter list of things to entertain themselves. Talkliv is here today to give you five ideas for what to do when you feel like you are uninterested in anything. This blog is basically about 5 ways how to spend your free time by Talkliv.

Try learning something new

It is best to try something new when anything usual doesn’t interest you anymore. Some of the simplest things include:

  • Research something new for you – dog or cat breeds, gardening, philosophy, psychology, etc.
  • Try to follow a new recipe. It may be about using some ingredients that you have never worked with before. Or the opposite – something fabulous with the foods that everyone has at home.
  • Make some music (there’re different simulator apps available for mobile phones and computers) or try writing poems.

Talk to someone online

Chatting with friends or just anyone around you is one of the best ways to spend some free time. There are a lot of platforms for online communication – different social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. However, there are more and more specialized networks appearing on the market every day. Today we present to you Talkliv. It is a chatting platform for meeting people worldwide and making friends abroad with ease.

Clean your room

Cleaning up might seem a little boring. But it is not bad for some people and helps them get some motivation to move on to other dull tasks around the house or for their work. To make the process more enjoyable, turn on your favorite music and sing along. You can also call someone to talk to while some cleaning.

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Go for a walk or do some exercise

Talkliv allows you to chat with users from anywhere, so you could go for a walk with your buddy and talk along. Or you could also exercise staying on a video call if you do that at home.

Organize your plans and goals

Usually, understanding what you do and what you have planned is crucial for successful time management. Some people struggle with finding something to do if they don’t have enough time for something grand but don’t know how to fill that gap in their schedule. To avoid such situations, try reviewing your plans and schedules in your free time. Also, take a look at your goals to edit your plans accordingly.

 Talkliv is always glad to welcome new users looking for a companion to chat with and spend some free time. Once again, choosing an activity for your free time might be hard, but we presented to you our top picks: learning something new, communicating online, cleaning, walking or exercising, organizing plans and goals. Register on Talkliv for free and enjoy your new friends worldwide!