the top 10 most disliked videos on YouTube here!

most disliked videos on YouTube
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I know you may find today’s topic for discussion a bit strange! However, it’s true. A larger group of people hit a dislike on a youTube video than those who hit likes. Now, as I have put that into your knowledge, you may explore that on YouTube. Also, the other option is to read this article as today we will discuss the top 10 most disliked videos on YouTube. Moreover, you will get a shock if I say that most of the most popular YouTube videos have the maximum dislikes. Here, we will see which is the most disliked video on YouTube.

Let us check out the top most disliked video on YouTube below:-

PhewDiePie’s most disliked video on YouTube

PhewDiePie posted a video on YouTube stating, “Can this video get a million dislikes?”. And people indeed fulfilled his wish by hitting maximum likes. Additionally, he got 4.14 million extra dislikes making it 5.14 million in total. 

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Also, PhewDiePie’s original name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. Kjellberg is a Swedish YouTuber who started his career making videos on YouTube. He is famous for making comedic formatted videos. He has more than 100 million YouTube subscribers and more than $50 million net worth.

Also, the most disliked video he uploaded in December 2016 has 20 million viewers.

Flores, with 5.4 million disapprovals

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This less than 3 minutes video has much more dislikes than likes. This twerking video got 2.3 million likes. Simultaneously, this June 2020 released video became one of the most disliked videos with almost 5.3 million dislikes.

The Bath Song 

Image Credits: YouTube

I would never know that a nursery rhyme could become the centre of hatred. It is a cute kids rhyme released in 2018. Also, The Baby shark tune in the background is so soothing to the ears. Furthermore, The song shows two brothers bathing and cleaning each other. However, it is not-so-cute for some people as it got 5.60 million dislikes. I could not digest the reason behind such an adverse reaction.

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Colourful Eggs: learning Colors

most disliked videos on YouTube
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I believe it is an excellent idea of teaching colours to the children. This 5 minutes animation video is in Russian. However, it plays an English rhyme in the backdrop. During the whole video, the eggs teach children different colours. Indeed, It makes learning enjoyable. However, some people don’t agree that this video is helpful. No doubt, the video has multiple likes. But, with 6.98 dislikes, it has become one of the most disliked videos.

Open your mouth… HAHAHA Nursery Rhymes

Image Credits: YouTube

It is unbelievable that people hate such beautiful rhymes. I am sure that we have all are listening to these rhymes since we were in school. Moreover, The song shows a baby with his father who tries to take sugar cubes without asking. Also, the song has billions of likes. A billion likes are probably because it is a very common and basic rhyme to teach any child.

Could you believe the fact that our favourite rhyme has 8.27 million dislikes? Yes, that’s true!

YouTube 2019 series: A rewind

This 2019 YouTube rewind series was uploaded on December 5, 2019. It was uploaded on YouTube’s official channel. The video is like a collage of the top videos of the following year. Moreover, the same type of video was made in 2018 as well. However, the 2019 rewind series has much more dislikes than 2018. This 2019 Rewind series has approx 8 million. 

most disliked videos on YouTube
Image credits: YouTube

Furthermore, so many dislikes are that the video did not show the actual YouTube community. Instead, the video focused on promoting brands and celebrities.

Pingfongs’ Baby Sharks: Most Viewed and Most disliked video on YouTube

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Baby Shark Dance is on the list of most-watched videos of the century. The video got billions of views since its release in 2016. Every toddler and child loved to watch this. However, I think they got bored eventually. That is why the parents are hitting dislikes now. There are almost 10.79 million dislikes on the video as of now. 

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Justin Bieber’s Baby

most disliked videos on YouTube
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The release of this Justin Bieber song in 2010 was a bomb. Though, Bieber’s debut song was One time. But, the viewers’ favourite was Baby, and it became a sensation. The song was a turning point as the song got 2 billion views. However, if you look at the figures, the same song has got several dislikes as well. Moreover, there are almost 11.99 million dislikes on the video. Maybe, the fans show much hatred because of the break up of Justin and Selena.

Sadak 2 trailer: 13.35 dislikes

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The criticism against the Sadak 2 trailer is not old news. Moreover, the main reason behind the criticism was probably nepotism. The trailer was released in the summer of 2020. However, it is no surprise that people despise the video, which led to 13.35 million dislikes. It is the second most disliked video on YouTube, with 4 million dislikes in 24 hours.

YouTube Rewind:2018

Image Credits: YouTube

This video is the top disliked video on YouTube. This eight minutes video is absolutely a waste of time. Moreover, The video shows offensive and unworthy content. Also, it contains uncomfortable and poor memes with adult content. 

People did not like the video and said it was a waste of time. Therefore, the video tops the list with 18.67 million dislikes.

Several other despised videos on YouTube such as It’s Everyday Bro, Friday, Masha and the Bear: Recipe for Disaster, Dame Tu Cosita, Chal Chal Gurram, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Despacito, Wheels on the bus, Lakdi ki Kathi etc.

Conclusion:- most disliked video on YouTube!

From Phew Phew die to YouTube Rewind 2018, we discussed them all. Moreover, The most surprising fact is that some of the videos in the list are also the most liked or viewed videos. One of the possible reasons behind disliking the videos can be boredom. In the end, I hope the article was worth reading. We will come back with enthralling topics that you can read here. Thank you for your time. Take care and be safe!