How Remapping a Car Boosts Car Performance


Car enthusiasts are always looking into ways to enhance their cars’ performance. For novice drivers, this isn’t necessary, especially if they only use their cars for small distances and everyday activities. However, for passionate drivers who take their vehicles for long trips, whether for business or personal reasons, it makes sense to improve the performance of their cars. When a car is used a lot, it is understandable and advisable to adjust it in order to use it to its fullest potential.

This being said, it is of the utmost importance that you do any adjustments professionally and only in designated auto shops with highly skilled specialists. Plus, before you decide on any change or adjustment, it is crucial you ask for professional advice from these experts, as they are the most suitable individuals to tell you what is good for your car. When it comes to vehicle adjustments and improvements, remapping or chipping is a modification which many car enthusiasts want for better car performance. But, how does remapping boost car performance exactly? Read the following article to find out more and decide if it’s the right thing to do for your personal vehicle.

Car remapping – how it works?

In order to understand what car remapping is, it is vital to discuss a vehicle’s Engine Control Unit or ECU. This computer is the source that controls many internal combustion engine-related functions and aspects. Among these, there are ignition timing, air-fuel mixture and regulation of the emission control systems. Ultimately, the ECU has the role of ensuring the car’s engine performs adequately and optimally.

This is where remapping or chipping comes in. Doing this means installing software from a third party into the car’s ECU to substitute the default software installed by the car manufacturer. Such an intervention is intended for two main reasons, to boost car performance and economy. A noteworthy mention would be that, in order for these improvements to work, more often than not, the new software is customized for the vehicle you own. This means that the setting can be tailored to match your particular car’s type, model and specific needs. 

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The positive effects of remapping a car

Car manufacturers adjust a vehicle’s performance on purpose towards a minimum but within the engine’s capability. This does not mean that a car’s performance is low or poor when it leaves the factory. Instead, it means that the performance is not used to its fullest potential. The reason why manufacturers do this is to adhere to emission regulations. Apart from this, it may also be necessary to meet other regulations in terms of economy, efficiency or noise generated by a vehicle.

This being said, remapping a car is a personal choice for whoever wants to utilize their car’s engine to the fullest. Therefore, the positive effects of chipping a vehicle are as follows:

  • Overall better car performance;
  • Enhanced pulling power and torque;
  • Better throttle response;
  • MPG improvement – which can decrease fuel consumption.

Because the benefits mentioned above generate better results and performance from a car, there is no denying why some drivers opt to have this third-party software installed. Remapping their vehicles to adjust the default settings of the car from the manufacturer is the preferred option for many drivers. 

The costs of remapping a car

There is no fixed price for the remapping intervention onto a car. It all depends on the model of your vehicle, how many advanced adjustments you want and whether you wish to test the vehicle to observe the effects of a remapped ECU. But if you do not want to test it or have too many changes, the cost of remapping a car can be quite affordable. If you do your research well and learn what exactly you want out of your vehicle in terms of performance, you will be able to get a more specific price and choose whether to remain within your budget. 

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A noteworthy mention would be that regardless of the extent of the modification and any extra things you want, such as car testing, it is of the utmost importance you choose a reputable and reliable dealer or auto shop. Such a car adjustment is not an ordinary intervention or car feature upgrade. Therefore, it is crucial you have an expert working on the car.

Remapping traditional vs electrical vehicles 

When it comes to car types, meaning traditional vehicles and electric vehicles or EVs, remapping differs. The ECU is the software working solely on modern conventional cars. Remapping is software installed onto an ECU of a vehicle by a third-party in order for it to work correctly and generate positive effects, as mentioned above. Plus, the ECU controls the engine, whereas, in EVs, there is a software called the Car Management Computer, which controls and manages the entire vehicle, given that the car and its parts work electrically.

This being said, it doesn’t necessarily mean that EVs cannot be remapped. Instead, it is a matter of time until this can be done. Because EVs are still relatively new and their parts are operated electrically, third-party ECU remapping providers haven’t adapted to match these types of vehicles. One thing is sure: the intervention of remapping an EV software will be different from how specialists remap conventional cars with a petrol or diesel engine. If there is demand for EV remapping, tuning companies will undoubtedly conduct thorough research for new technologies tailored for these types of cars.

Final words

So, can anyone have their car remapped? The answer is yes. However, it is of the utmost importance you ask yourself why you want this adjustment and whether you need it. While it isn’t necessarily a considerable expense, if you don’t want too many high-performing modifications, it is still a significant change to your car’s engine and ECU. Suppose you are a car enthusiast and experienced driver who realizes the positive effects of remapping and wants a boost in car performance. In that case, it is crucial you choose a reliable dealer. Such an adjustment of default settings can be beneficial for your vehicle.