Pete Rose Net Worth (2023): All About His Fortune And Fame

Pete Rose Net Worth

There aren’t many names in sports that stir up as much emotion and controversy as Pete Rose. The professional and personal lives of Pete Rose have been scrutinized for many years. This is because he has extraordinary talent on the baseball field. Fans and baseball fanatics alike tend to be fascinated by one particular topic: Pete Rose net worth. This in-depth investigation will focus on Pete Rose’s meteoric rise to baseball stardom and his enigmatic wealth.

Pete Rose, an American who played and managed in the major leagues of baseball professionally, is now 82 years old. Pete Rose’s current estimated wealth is $3,000,000 as of June 2023. He played in Major League Baseball from 1963 until 1986, which contributed to his widespread fame. The nickname “Charlie Hustle” is also given to him. Pete Rose is one of the most famous baseball players in American history. His professional life spanned a remarkable 24 years in all. He is the recipient of a plethora of prizes and honors. He was inducted into the National Baseball House of Honour earlier this year. The ups and downs of Rose’s life, both throughout his career on the pitch, make for an interesting tale to tell.

Real/Full name Peter Edward Rose, Sr.
Age 82
Birth date 14 April 1941
Birthplace Cincinnati, Ohio 
Net worth  3 million USD
Profession  Former baseball player 
Partner  Kiana Kim


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Pete Rose Net Worth

Pete Rose Net Worth

Regarding the sum of money that he has amassed over the years, Pete Rose Net Worth in 2023 is anticipated to reach a staggering $3 million. His success in baseball, both as a player and as a manager, has been a major factor in the accumulation of such a large amount of wealth for him. During this time, several rumors began to spread that he participated in gambling activities. After enough time had passed, he eventually revealed that he had gambled on his team. He was aware of this fact when he was finally kicked out of the Baseball “Hall of Fame”.

After Pete Rose became an independent player in 1979, he negotiated a contract with the Philadelphia Phillies for a payout of $3.2 million. The agreement was for baseball playing services. Despite this, 1986 was the year in which Pete Rose made the most money. During that particular year, he had a total income of one million dollars thanks to the club he managed. In addition to everything else, it is said that he brings in an annual income of $1.2 million only by signing signatures. This is the level of achievement that Pete Rose has achieved during his life.

Early Life and Education

Peter Edward Rose Sr., better known as Pete Rose among his devoted followers, birthday is April 14th, 1941, and he was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, which is located in the state of Ohio, USA. He is the oldest of three siblings who helped raise him. Pete’s parents always supported his desire to be active, and they pushed him to engage in various sports. During his time at the high school, he was active in the sports such as football and baseball teams. His academic performance may be considered less than stellar. He was required to repeat the year after he finished his sophomore year.

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He was able to move up a grade by attending summer school and earning credits toward his diploma. Pete’s dad always stressed the importance of his son getting some baseball in during the warm summer months. Rose had already begun his career as a novice-level baseball player by the time he entered his senior year of high school. After Pete graduated from his senior year of high school, his uncle assisted him in negotiating and signing a deal with the Reds of Cincinnati.


Pete Rose Net Worth

Pete started his career in major league baseball the following year after signing with the Cincinnati Reds in 1963. Rose was a member of the Philadelphia Phillies and the Montreal Expos in addition to the Cincinnati Reds. He performed as a switch striker and holds the marks for most hits in a career in Major League Baseball (4,256), most singles in a lifetime (3,215), most games played (3,562), most at-bats in a lifetime (14,053), and most plate opportunities in a career (15,890).

In addition, Rose has been in seventeen All-Star games and won a total of three WorldSeries, a trio of batting championships, and two Gold Glove Awards. He was also the first of the Year in his first season. Pete Rose has established himself as a go-to analyst for playoff games for Fox and FS1 during the 2015 and 2016 seasons. However, he was fired from his work when claims surfaced that he had a sexual encounter with a juvenile in the 1970s.

Source of income

Pete Rose’s career as a player and manager earned him a total of $7.1 million. The year 1986 was the most lucrative one for Pete Rose net worth. He managed the Cincinnati Reds at the time and made $1 million. In 1979, he signed a four-year contract with the Reds, which was the largest of his career. The sum he received was $3,225,000,000. Rose received $905,000 from the deal in 1979.

In 1980, he received the sum of $805,000. He got $705,000 in 1981. In 1982, Rose was awarded a total of $910,000. His current monthly income from autograph signings is around $100,000, as stated in the divorce papers submitted by his second spouse, Carol, in April of this year. That’s equivalent to $1,250,000 a year.

 Real Estate 

Pete Rose received $1.96 million for the 2014 sale of his Sherman Oaks, the state of California house. Selling the property added a fortune to Pete Rose net worth. There are six bedrooms and a pool and spa in this 4,719-square-foot property. There was a covered terrace as well. In 2013, Rose put the home on the market for $2.15 million. But he had to lower the asking price many times before finally selling. It was in 1999 when Rose & his spouse first acquired the home. The asking price of the home was $913,500 back then.

 Personal Life

Kiana Kim is presently the object of the former baseball player’s affection. She is a model for the “Playboy” brand. The couple does not currently have any children together. Kim is a mother to two little ones. Kim has two children from prior relationships, and their names are Cassie and Ashton. Karolyn Englehardt & Carol J. Woliung were two of Edward’s prior spouses. Since he has been married twice, he is a father to 4 kids.

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His first union resulted in the birth of two children: a girl named Fawn in 1964 and a boy named Pete Rose Jr. in 1969. They welcomed a son, Tyler, who was born to him with his second marriage, Carol J. Woliung. The year 1984 marks the year of his birth. Cara, their daughter, came into the world in the year 1989. Pete has two children who have gone on to have careers in the limelight eye. Cara has had experience working in the field of television acting. Pete R. Junior is active in the sport of baseball.


 In February 1989, Reds manager Pete Rose was questioned about his involvement in baseball betting. He revealed after the fact that he had wagered on football, soccer, basketball, and horses. He was accused of baseball betting, but he denied it. The inquiry revealed that Pete placed daily wagers of at least ten thousand dollars on baseball games. On the other hand, many said the figure was more like two thousand dollars. Major League Baseball eventually put him on the ineligible list. That’s why he can never play professional baseball again. After that, Pete Rose went to treatment for his gambling habit.


Q: Who is Pete Rose?

A: Pete Rose is a former baseball player and manager with the record for the most hits (4,256) in Major League Baseball (MLB) history.

Q: Why is Pete Rose banned from baseball?

A: Pete Rose has been banned from baseball since 1989 for betting on games while he was a player and a manager for the Cincinnati Reds.

Q: Is Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame?

A: No, Pete Rose is not in the Hall of Fame, as he is ineligible for induction due to his ban from baseball.

Q: What are some of Pete Rose’s achievements and awards?

A: Pete Rose won three World Series titles, one Most Valuable Player (MVP) award, two Gold Gloves, 17 All-Star selections, and three batting titles during his 24-year career.

Q: What is Pete Rose doing now?

A: Pete Rose is a sports analyst, commentator, and autograph signer. He also hosts a podcast called “Rose Rotation” with former MLB pitcher Steven Brault.


Pete Rose is a former manager and a player in the major baseball leagues. He is now living in Cincinnati. He became well-known for his time spent (1963–1978) playing with the Cincinnati Reds. Pete Rose net worth is estimated to be $3 million as of June 2023. Early in life, he developed a passion for the game of baseball. Pete was a member of many Major League Baseball clubs throughout his career, including the Philadelphia Phillies and the Montreal Expos.

After he had retired from baseball on an unofficial basis, he handled the Reds between 1984 and 1989. As the team’s manager, Rose raked in a cool million dollars. Unfortunately, his gambling habits got him banned from baseball for life, so he will never play the game again. Pete announced his engagement to playboy model Kiana Kim in the year 2011.


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