Top 10 Truck Accessories to Improve Style and Performance

Improve Style and Performance

Car modification is often seen in cars and SUVs, but very little is said about trucks. The assumption is that trucks already carry some significant power, and a lot of effort is put into building their style and performance. While that’s true, no one wants to keep driving the level of factory performance. We all want to add or change every detail to fit our style and personality. That’s why the aftermarket is packed with a range of truck accessories designed to make trucks look and perform better. Some even tout greater femininity and masculinity based on your gender. With that said, here are ten ways you can modify your truck to increase its performance and improve its style.

Air Intakes- Improve Style and Performance

The air intake allows your vehicle to move. Changing your truck’s air intake means increasing its speed and power. Most aftermarket cold air intake generates a significant difference by adding cooler air into the combustion chambers, giving your engine more power and torque. That also means you will be expending less gas overall while still getting more power. This modification shouldn’t cost you much; if it does, you will still save more in the long run.

Step Bars- Improve Style and Performance

If you’re short or have small children or pets, you probably know how hectic it can be to climb onto your truck, especially if you’re carrying other items. It’s even worse if you’ve added a lift kit, as every added inch means climbing a step higher. That’s why step bars were invented. Whether you go for running boards, step bars, or nerf bars, you will still get the same functionality of adding steps next to your truck’s door to help you climb in and out of your truck easily. They also help protect your truck’s body from damage by rocks when driving on rough, rugged roads. Step bars make a great DIY project as they’re super easy to install.

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If you’re looking to enhance your truck’s looks, one of the best accessories you might want to consider is add-on-lights. If your truck is not fitted with fog lights, you can always buy and install spotlights or light bars. Spotlights add style and functionality as they help increase your truck’s visibility, especially during extreme weather conditions. Lightbars simply help you turn your night to day. You can add them behind the grille, back bumper, or above the cab. Replacing old halogen lights with aftermarket LED or HID headlight kits is also great for visibility and safety, especially if you’re doing anything but regular driving.

Truck Bed Covers

Truck bed covers are critical for any truck owner currently. They help protect the truck bed, gear, equipment, and personal things you keep in the truck bed. They also give your truck a sleek look. Most covers have additional security features. However, it’s almost impossible to add style and security at the same time. If you focus on style, you may have to sacrifice security as most durable covers have a foldable cover made from fiberglass or aluminum. You can also go for covers that best suit your use and style.

Lift Kits and Suspension Systems

Adding height without breaking the bank or voiding the manufacturer’s warranty tops the list of every truck driver’s wish list. Added height means larger tires and more clearance. If you want to change your truck’s handling, adding a lift kit or altering the suspension can help. Suspension lifts or body lifts take your vehicle driving to another level. It offers excellent off-road abilities, especially if you stiffen the suspension. While it’s a relatively affordable installation, it’s a complex process, and the cost varies from one dealer to another. Be sure to get the installation done by a professional to avoid driving and safety problems.

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Bug Shields and Vent Visors

If you drive a lot at night or around forests, you will significantly benefit from bug shields as they help deflect bugs and other debris away from your truck. Vent visors, on the other hand, help protect your window and the car interior from water damage in case you forget to close your windows completely on a rainy day. It also allows you to slightly open your window to allow ventilation even when it’s raining. Both vent visors and bug shields come in different styles and colors to match your truck’s paint job.

Truck Bed Storage and Organizer

For most truck enthusiasts, storage space is never enough. You need a storage solution that will help you organize your items depending on how you use the truck. For instance, if you are a long-distance traveler, you need a truck bed organizer to help separate your food and clothes from your toiletries and truck equipment. You can get a custom fit to meet your specific storage needs or decked systems to provide massive storage for hauling more loads. If you want to separate your loads, you can get tray-like organizers that easily slide out to the back of the truck’s bed, making loading and unloading easier.