TJ Holmes Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life(2024)

T.J. Holmes Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life(2024)

Who is TJ Holmes?

T.J. Holmes is a very well-known television personality. He is basically an American journalist by profession. At present, Holmes is 46 years old. He was born on 19 August 1977. T.J. Holmes was born in the West Memphis of Arkansas in the United States. T. J. has achieved a lot in his career as a news journalist and spokesperson. This is one reason why TJ Holmes net worth increased rapidly. Please keep reading to know all about him. 

Real Name Loutelious Holmes
Professional Name  T.J. Holmes
Nick Name T. J 
Age  46
Date of Birth 19 August, 1977
Height 6 Feet
Zodiac Sign  Leo
Gender Male 
Nationality American 
Birth Place West Memphis, Arkansas, United States
Net Worth 4 Million Dollars
Profession  American Journalist/ Newscaster
Religion Roman Catholic
Race Multiracial (Black and White)
Residence New York City
Spouses  Amy Freson (Divorced) and Marilee Fiebig (Divorced)
Partner Amy Robach (Girlfriend since 2022)
Sons  Jaiden (from first ex wife)
Daughters Brianna (from first ex wife) and Sabine (from second ex wife)

TJ Holmes Net Worth 

T.J. Holmes Net Worth

According to various sources, we discovered that the famous television personality and news journalist, T.J. Holmes possesses a net worth of 4 Million Dollars in 2024. Clearly, his net worth is basically the result of his successful career as a spokesperson and journalist. 

Early Life 

As mentioned previously, T.J. Holmes was born in West Memphis, Arkansas, United States, on August 19, 1977. His parents had two children. T. J. is the younger one. Holmes’s parents initially named him Loutelious Holmes. However, they changed it to T.J. Holmes when he first started with his television career. Unfortunately, there are no further details about Holmes’s early life. The details about his parents and siblings are still not disclosed. However, it is known that the ancestors of T. J. are black and white decendants. 

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There isn’t much information about T.J. Holmes’s educational background. However, Holmes completed his degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Arkansas. This is so far the only information available about Holmes’s educational qualification. 

T.J. Holmes Career 

Check out the following table to briefly understand the career history of T. J. This will help our readers better understand why TJ Holmes net worth is always a part of the discussion. 

Channel  Job Position  Year of Joining
KSNF Assignment Reporter and Weekend Reporter 2000
KNTV News Anchor 2003- 2006
CNN News Anchor and Correspondent  2006- 2011
BET Host Of A Special Show 2012-2013
MSNBC Substitute Anchor 2013 (6 Months)
HLN Freelancer 2013
CNN Covering Anchor for George Zimmerman  2013-2014
ABC News Permanent Co-Anchor 2014- 2023

Holmes Source Of Income 

Holmes Source Of Income 

Being an American news anchor and a television personality, Holmes eran a significant portion of his income by anchoring for different shows and also hosting some special ones. Apart from his anchoring career, T.J. has developed other sources of income as well. Some of them include hosting public events, public speaking, special guests, etc. 

Real estate Investments 

As per various sources, it is confirmed that T.J. Holmes owns a lavish home in Atlanta, United States. Unfortunately, there are no further specifications related to this property. Also, details about other real estate properties owned by T.J. Holmes have still not been disclosed.

Philanthropic Activities

As per various records, it is noted that T.J. actively participates in different charities and donations. He has participated in a lot of fund-raising campaigns for various non-profit organizations. The two most recent ones include Macmillan Cancer Support and ABC Food Tours. Both of them are very well known NPOs. Additionally, the best part is that not only T.J., but even his girlfriend, Amy Robach, actively participates in the same philanthropic activities with him. 

Physical Appearance

Height 6 Feet
Weight 183 lb (83 Kg)
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Complexion Dark 
Body Build-up  Slim
Tattoo 3 tattoos
Chest Size  39 inches
Waist Size 36 inches
Bicep Size  14 inches

Personal Life of T.J. Holmes 

Personal Life of T.J. Holmes 

T.J. Holmes has a long history of partners. He first married Amy Freson in 2004. They both had two children: daughter Brianna Holmes and son Jaiden Holmes. The couple further got divorced in 2007. Before the first divorce, Holmes strted dating Rozonda Chilli Thomas in 2006. Their relationship lasted only for one year. In 2010, Homes committed to Marilee Fiebig and tied the knot with her. Together, they welcomed a beautiful daughter, Sabine Holmes, before getting divorced in 2023. At present, Holmes is dating Amy Robach. They started dating in 2022. The couple is presently living a happy life. However, according to various sources, it is confirmed that TJ Holmes net worth is way too less than that of Amy Robach. 

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It is believed that T.J. Holmes wasn’t involved in many controversies. However, as per sources, he was having an affair with other women working at ABC News while already dating Amy Robach. People got to know about this when Holmes himself confirmed his romantic relationship with Amy. Due to this, he was recently fired from his permanent job position. 

Winding Up 

This was our blog, which had all the information about T.J. Holmes. We know it all, whether it be his early life, career history, personal life, etc. Additionally, along with TJ Holmes net worth, readers now know the reason why he was fired from ABC News. However, that’s not the end of his career. Holmes is growing and will continue to grow in the future. He possesses exceptional qualities as a television personality, a spokesperson, and a news anchor. Hence, within no time, Holmes net worth will be touching the sky. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is TJ Holmes net worth in 2024? 

T.J. Holmes, the famous American news journalist has a net worth of 4 million Dollars in 2024. As per various records, it is believed that Holmes will possess a much increased net worth in the near future. This is because he is currently earning a salary of 1 million Dollars per annum. 

Does T. J. have any children?

Yes, T.J. Holmes has three children. He has a daughter, Brianna Holmes and a son, Jaiden Holmes, from his first ex wife. Additionally, Holmes and his second ex wife have a daughter named Sabine. 

Does T.J. Holmes have any tattoos?

Yes! T.J. Holmes has three tattoos in total. One is on his muscles, and one is on his right arm. One of his tattoos symbolizes freedom. Additionally, T. J. also claims that getting inked is a kind of physical therapy for him.