What is the best career in business administration?


Businesses are expanding globally as an effect of globalisation and rapid industrialisation. Companies need skilled workers with adequate experience to handle their business operations in different sectors. This has resulted in the creation of several lucrative job openings across different industries. 

An MBA is considered worthy of your time, effort, and money due to the prospects it carries in today’s fast-moving world. With the right skills, you can start your career in any field of your choice such as finance, marketing, healthcare, human resources, etc. Job roles in this field come with great flexibility and convenience for the employees.

Take a look at some of the best careers in business administration.

Table of Contents

Marketing Manager

As the name suggests, a marketing manager is responsible for the promotional and marketing activities of an organisation. You must study market trends, and customer preferences, and conduct thorough research on related fields before developing marketing strategies. 

As a marketing manager, you must guide the marketing team in the creation of various marketing materials, monitor the budget, and take all the essential steps to increase the sales and reach of a product.

Project Manager

From creating the plan to ensuring stakeholder satisfaction, the overall management of a project cycle is the responsibility of a project manager. You must develop a plan of action according to the project idea, bring together a team, identify the resources, and lead the team at every step of the project.

A project manager must monitor the progress and budget of a project and ensure that the team performs well and within tight deadlines. 

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Business analyst

A business analyst studies and conducts detailed research on the current business processes followed by a company and identifies areas of improvement. You must outline the problems and their solutions and present them to higher management to implement them.

As a business analyst, you must be updated about the latest trends in the market so that you can incorporate several ideas into the business plans of an organisation. You must identify the business requirements of a company through careful study and prepare plans to address them effectively. Budgeting and forecasting also fall under the watch area of a business analyst.

Hospital administration manager

A lesser-known job role with high perks and benefits, a hospital administration manager performs administrative and operational duties in a healthcare setting. As a hospital manager, you must supervise the daily operations in a hospital and create effective policies for better functioning. 

You are responsible for ensuring that the various departments are functioning effectively. Monitoring the expenses and preparing the annual budget also fall under your responsibility.

Apart from these career roles, several other areas require business administration graduates. Some other popular and lucrative roles are digital marketing manager, human resource specialist, financial analyst, management consultant, logistics manager, and actuary. Landing different careers in this field depend on the specialisation you choose for your business administration degree.

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