Likewap: Binge watch web series and movies or download Bollywood music


Technology is doing wonders in every aspect. Sometimes we can’t even imagine the output. And OTT platforms are among one those wonders. You can watch your favorite shows, movies, documentaries, etc., anytime and anywhere. For this, you only need high-speed internet and a device to watch on it. Undoubtedly, there is a huge dormant video space. If you remember, it was around 10 years ago only when Netflix gained popularity. Before that, we saw an era of television and web shows that were aired on a daily basis at a fixed time. In fact, we were unable to watch previous episodes if we ever missed them.

On the contrary, the plus point of an OTT subscription– apart from you can watch any episode anytime, you can also enjoy films before they are aired on television. But what if you are sprinting down on funding? Your browsing history failures come to an end by the culmination of the writing. Likewap is your way to go. It is a public torrent or pirate website that allows you to watch your favorite web shows, films, or MP3 songs for free. So, without any further delay, dive into the reading!!

Introduction to Likewap

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Likewap is a public torrent and pirate website which allows users to download content for free. The term “public torrent or pirate website” suggests that it gives access to the content for free. The users can get access to a huge collection of content, including various regional languages like Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. On the other hand, Likewap allows its users to download MP3 songs for free. It is the most popular website when it comes to the list of “Public Torrent or Pirate Websites.” But, it is known as an illegal website.

Moreover, Likewap has something for everyone. For example– if you are an action movie lover, then its massive collection of South Indian Movies will leave you in a “Wow” moment. But, the website is explicitly famous for Tamil movies. Furthermore, users can fully depend on Likewap in terms of video quality. So, you can enjoy your weekend with movies and snacks around you. Likewap has something new and amazing to fill up your binge-watch list. It has a collection from drama to romance, thriller, sci-fi, and an extensive collection of Hollywood dubbed movies. So, you can find whichever movie you are looking for. Or simply enjoy soulful music with your partner. 

What does Likewap offer to its users?

Undoubtedly, Likewap offers an exclusive collection. Due to its very old torrent site has a collection of old music, movies, and games. Likewap updates its collection by adding new songs, games, and films. Below is the content list according to categories that the website offers its users for free.

  • Full Movies
  • Full MP3 songs
  • Bollywood New Songs
  • Ringtones

Features of Likewap

Why should you choose Likewap when you get access to so many public torrents or pirate websites available in the marketplace? Being a cinephile can make your pocket low on budget. Therefore, websites like Likewap come as rescues. It saves your money by providing paid OTT platform content like Netflix, SonyLiv, Amazon Prime, etc., for free. Moreover, the extra benefit that Likewap offers to its users is to download Bollywood’s latest as we all old songs for free. For example– If you believe old is gold, just like me, this website is a must-visit. Thus, check out the other features mentioned below in the form of pointers.

  • The primary feature because it is used worldwide is– It allows you to download Bollywood movies, Tamil movies, etc., for free.
  • The website allows the users to choose the resolution for binging. 
  • It offers various video quality such as 
  • 480p, and 720p
  • Users can also download old as well as new songs along with other content. It provides the best audio format to the users.
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Likewap: Measures to take before downloading movies, Songs, web series, etc. from the website

You are well aware that the content available on websites like Likewap is unlawful. Therefore, you should take safety measures before proceeding with downloading. So, follow the measures mentioned below:-

  1. The primary step involved is to use Virtual Private Network( VPN) before accessing the website. Thus, download VPN and then activate it. Using the VPN will secure the visibility of IP addresses from the website owner as well as from the lurkers. Henceforth, your personal information like identity, location, etc., remains secretive and undetectable. Thus, users can freely download content. 
  2. Do not provide your personal credentials like Debit Card/Credit Card, passwords, card pins, CVV, etc., to these torrent websites. If any websites ask for the same, immediately spring out from that website.
  3. Download antivirus and activate it on your device. It will prevent your device from random malware and virus attacks. 
  4. Always use your personal device rather than a business device to access the website.
  5. Lastly, do not use public Wifi to use these proxy websites to download the content. Generally, these are unsafe to use while visiting torrent websites. As if something goes wrong, then there are chances that the cybercrime department will take action against it.

Does Likewap allow its users to watch HD and 1080p?

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HD and 1080p are one of the remarkable features that Likewap offers to its users. They can download their favorite movie and songs with the best picture quality. Further ahead, users can download the movies in different quality available on the website. These include 480p, 1080, HD movies, 720p etc.  

For example–if you are streaming a movie on your mobile, then 720p quality is more than enough. However, in the case of PC and Laptops, one should watch in 1080p. Furthermore, you can also explore other options for streaming quality and choose accordingly.

Now, you are familiar with the website, precautions to take, and what are the streaming quality that a user can explore. Dive further to know how to download movies from the Likewap

A step-by-step guide to downloading movies and songs on the website

Finally, the moment has come when you are ready to know how to download content from the website. In this section, we will discuss step-by-step procedures in order to download the content for free. So, have a test drive:-

  • The foremost step is to activate the Virtual Private Network or VPN. And also follow other measurements too along with it.
  • Now, open the browser either on your laptop or mobile phone. On the contrary, we suggest you use a PC or Laptop.
  • Type the Likewap URL in a search bar and press enter. You will redirect to the website, where you will find a list of songs along with categories like Full Movies, Home, 2022 Hindi Songs, etc.
  • Choose either of the categories. For example, you want to watch web series or Hollywood movies. Then, choose Full Movies. Under it, you will get subcategories of web series and Hollywood movies. For more information, explore each of the categories, and you can easily find whatever you are looking for. 
  • By choosing one of the subcategories, select the series or whatever movies you want to binge watch. The website will give you various options to explore. Thus, you may get confused too. Therefore, to save hours of search, explore the internet and look for the best web series or trending movies list on Google.
  • Once you find the content, tap on the name. You will see a web series/ movie profile on your screen. 
  • Now, scroll down the page to reach the download links. You will see distinct file size options to download the movie/ series.
  • Please choose your desired size and click on it. You will redirect to the Download page. Tap on Download. 
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How to download Bollywood Songs from the website?

If you are browsing to download the latest songs or spending hours finding old songs. Then, you must visit Likewap at least once. You can find a huge collection of newly released movie songs along with the older ones. For example–If you want to listen to the newly released movie, Shamsheera’s song. Then, either search the song by its name, or you may find it on the same page when you enter the website. Now, follow the below-mentioned steps to download the songs

  • Open the Likewap official website by entering the URL- in the search bar
  • You will redirect to the page with a list of songs on it. Either choose from them or search the name in the search bar
  • Select the song and tap on it. 
  • A song profile will appear on the screen. Scroll down, and you will see the different sizes to download the audio.
  • Please choose your download size, and it’s done.
  • Moreover, the website allows the users to listen to the songs online as well.
  • Apart from that, if you scroll down, you will also get a song’s genre list. You can also choose from Punjabi songs, devotionals, Haryanvi, etc.

Alternative website of Likewap

Undoubtedly, Likewap is a renowned website that recently gained popularity. It is a well-known website for divulgence of Bollywood films, Hollywood films, Tamil films, Telugu films, etc. Moreover, users can download the content quite easily. But what if you are unable to visit the Likewap website? Thus, below are the mentioned alternatives to the Likewap website for your convenience. 

  • 9xflix
  • Khatrimaza
  • Yomovies
  • 123movies
  • Movierulz5
  • Filmywap

Is Likewap an illegal site?

The one benefit which attracts people is that these torrent websites give access to a huge collection of OTT platforms’ content for free. Other than this, the content can be easily downloadable by performing a few steps. On the contrary, these websites are fully unlawful. You can also say that public torrent/ pirate websites like Likewap are banned because they steal content. And as per the government’s role, it is unlawful or illegal to share any content like web series, films, etc., without permission. As a result, the government prohibits the use of such websites. Therefore, they have different domains to keep running the websites.

Disclaimer:  We are not encouraging the use of these torrent or pirate websites. Data available on it is not lawfully collected and is a serious crime. Furthermore, if caught, you can be sent to prison for up to 3 years or have to pay the penalty for the same. On the contrary, the crime falls on the shoulders of the owner but being an accountable citizen, we are not recommending you to be involved in such activities. Use these platforms to download content at your own risk.


This is all about Likewap, a pirate website that allows users to download web series, Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, old and new songs, Haryanvi, etc., for free. I hope you understand well about the website. Please bookmark the page so that you do not miss the upcoming articles!!