Can Cats See Spirits? A Myth Or A Fact?

can cats see spirits?

Ever noticed a situation in which your cat wakes up from his sleep in the middle of the night and starts staring at the wall or ceiling? They further go for a walk in the entire house as if they are following something or someone. Strange! Isn’t it? Well, many cat parents have reported that they have witnessed their cats doing similar activities very often. Hence, it is not only you, but instead, there are a lot of people who wonder about can cats see spirits or not. 

Well, just like cats, this topic definitely seems to be an interesting one. Hence, let us have a detailed discussion about it. 

Cats And Their Relationship With Paranormal Activities

can cats see spirits?Various cat observers conducted various research and observations and learned a lot about cats in general. They found that cats sometimes keep on staring at a particular spot for a certain period of time. Surprisingly, that spot was later discovered to be involved in a strange activity. By the term strange, we do not specifically mean spiritual or paranormal activity. Instead, we are talking about strange things in general. Let us explain it to you with an example. 

For example, once, a cat was observed looking at a wall for a very long time. When inspected, it was found that there was a baby mouse stuck inside it. The mouse was very small in size and managed to travel through a very hollow space present at the corner of the wall. 

Is Can Cats See Spirits Even A Thing?

can cats see spiritsWhether or not can cats see ghosts, angels, and spirits is indeed a controversial topic. Some interpret the strange activities to be a part of the cat’s behavior and playing style. On the other hand some people believe that cats behave in this way when they see a ghost or angel.

Well, there was a case reported in which a cat parent noticed that his cat was looking at a wall for hours. However, he thought that it was general behavior and there was nothing to be serious about it. On that particular night, the entire family heard some loud noises coming from that room. The lights were getting on and off by themselves, without anyone doing it. Also, as soon as a family member went inside to check what was wrong, the door automatically locked and got jammed. After calling the cops and asking for help from the neighbors, that particular family member was found dead in that room.

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Well, after reading this real-life case, we think that our cats actually have the potential to see spirits. Hence, if you ever find your cat doing something strange (doing something different from the activities he usually does), we suggest you look into the situation attentively. You might or might not find anything wrong with it. However, inspecting the area will give you a sense of relief and ensure that something is wrong or not. 

Cats And Their Visual Power

can cats see ghostsThe Universe did not allow our pet cats to speak, to let out their thoughts through words. But instead, they blessed our cats with an amazing visual power. Unlike dogs, cats are not a pro at sniffing and smelling a thing from far away. However, they are capable of hunting in low light. Yes, cats are one of the most intelligent domestic animals. These cute little predators might miss their prey during the daytime. But they will never let it go when it turns a bit darker. Dawn and dusk are two times of a day in which cats can see the best.

Hence, if your cat is making sounds at night or looking at a very normal thing in a strange manner, don’t make the mistake of ignoring it. Do this even if you are confused about can cats see spirits or not. This is because there might be something that your cat can see, but you can’t. Also, always keep in mind that your furry baby’s vision in the dark is way better than yours.

Cats And Their Hearing Power

can cats see ghostsYou might be unaware of the fact that your cat can hear up to 5 times more than you. This is simply because the ear structure of our feline babies is way too different from that of human beings. Hence, whenever you see your cats tilting their head, do not get confused. Instead, you should probably know that they are actually deciding the best angle to hear the most accurate sound. Also, their hearing frequency is the reason due to which cats suddenly wake up in the middle of the night, even when they are in deep sleep.

Cats And Their Smelling Power

can cats see spiritsNot as powerful as a dog’s, but the cat’s smelling power is approximately 10 times greater than that of human beings. Hence, clearly, your cat can smell certain scents present in the air, which you can’t. Additionally, another surprising fact about the cat’s smelling and sniffing power is that they are blessed with Jacobsons. It is also known as the vomeronasal organ.

The Jacobson’s is basically a secondary scent-collecting organ. It is present in cats due to which they further gather additional scent particles. When utilizing their vomeronasal organ, cats usually keep their mouth open with their upper lip folded towards the inside of their mouth. Hence, whenever you see your cat with an open mouth and folded lip, you probably know that they are trying to sniff and smell a scent which you don’t have any idea of. 

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Cats As Our Protectors- Their Intuition About Negativity and Negative People!

can cats see spiritsIt might be shocking for you to believe the fact that your cats can sense a negative person. This is simply because cats can differentiate between a positive and a negative person. They can judge whether that particular person is or isn’t right for you. Your feline baby will take no time to sense the negative vibes coming from a person. They will ensure that they stay away from those people. Also, cats usually hit or hiss on people who are filled with negative vibes. Hence, take this as an indication of negativity next time when your cat hisses or hits your guests.

Just for your additional information, cats are very- well aware of the family members who love them the most and least. Also, not only dogs but your feline friend will get to know that you are coming when you are close to arriving at your home. 

Winding up

Can cats see spirits is truly a topic that calls for a discussion. We can neither deny this fact nor completely believe this myth. However, one thing that we are sure about is that cats can truly sense negativity. They are capable of judging which person around them is right for their family and which is not. Hence, never doubt your cat’s instincts. They are way more smarter than us. Additionally, they are also blessed with efficient hearing, listening, and visual powers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can cats see spirits, ghosts, and angels, for real?

It is a very controversial topic which basically depends on your thought process and belief system. Cat observers have learned and found that cats behaving abnormally are very normal. It is just a part of their general behavior and play style. On the other hand, there are people who believe that something suspicious, related to ghosts and angels, is going on, which is the main reason due to which their cats behave strangely.

Do cats actually sense negativity and evilness in a person?

Yes, it is completely true that cats are capable of sensing negativity in a person. The Universe blessed them with power. Cats are capable enough to differentiate between a person who can hurt or cause harm to their loved ones. Hence, it is advised that you should stay away from people who don’t like your act and whom your cat doesn’t like.

Why does my cat keep staring at the wall for hours?

There might be different reasons behind your cat continuously staring at the wall. The logical one includes that your cat might have heard or noticed something that you probably missed. On the other hand, there might be something spooky or suspicious going on with or around the wall.

Why does my cat suddenly wake up from deep sleep in the middle of the night?

In comparison to human beings, cats can hear and smell up to five times more. They might have heard something in the middle of the night. Or else, there is a possibility that your cat sensed some different scent in the air. Hence, these could be some possible reasons behind their sudden awakening from deep sleep.

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