Domestic violence and what you need to know about it


What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence refers to a relationship that no longer means happiness and strength. A relationship in which a partner is abusive, hurtful, and violent is called domestic violence. Many people face this in their lives and yet no one stands for them. Many people consider it a personal family matter and do not interfere or inquire about the situation.

Not only your spouse can be causing domestic violence, but any member of your house that considers it his power to control you or someone in the house is an abuser. Previously, the statistics were even worse as no one talked about their domestic problems, end even those who did were usually discouraged by others to solve them on their own. But with time, people have developed awareness about the difference between wrong and right and people have also started to stand up for themselves as well as others when it comes to such cases.

But this does not ensure that the problem is being solved. Abusers are still out there, and it is a common practice to observe numerous domestic violence reports every day. There are many types of domestic violence which many people do not know and keep on bearing the problem by themselves.

Social abuse

Social abuse means when a person controls your social circle or humiliates you in public and puts restrictions on your social activities. In many cases, an abusive partner hinders his spouse to meet other people or have contact with anyone. In the present situation, despite the facility of the internet and other means of communication, people have come up with many solutions for how to block anyone from communicating or stepping outside the house.

This is a very huge responsibility of society to report such a case as quickly as possible so that the authorities can help the victim. In these cases, the victim usually has no means to communicate his problem to other people or the higher authorities. So try to report any suspicious matter to the concerning department.

Financial abuse

This term refers to a situation where someone controls your financial activities even you are earning them yourself. In normal circumstances, if your spouse is dependant on you for money and both of you have a good understanding of how to utilize the money efficiently, or if the spouse forbids you to spend money for a genuine cause, it is a fair domestic environment. But, if the person hinders you from using money even for necessities can have control over what you buy and what you do not, then it will be considered financial abuse.

This is also a case where you need to differentiate between pleasant and unpleasant boundaries. If the partners have agreed upon something and are fine with the decision, then it is not a problem. Some false cases get reported where a person just needs to spend excessive money even more than what the partner can afford and calls it financial abuse when they are stopped from doing that.

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Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse is related to the hurting of emotions. If someone hurts you constantly by making blackmailing you or threatening you, it is also included in emotional abuse. Other than that, if you feel that your partner makes you terrified and you are not happy being around him emotionally, this is also a sign of emotional abuse.

There are many variations of emotional abuse that people can do such as shouting or making the other person feel inferior all the time. Not only in isolation but also in public. Another common method is isolation. Abusers isolate the person from contacting others and make them feel as if they are alone and in a prison.

Spiritual abuse

This type covers the spiritual restrictions imposed by the abusers. A person is free to have his own set of beliefs and opinions about the religion he follows. Many people impose restrictions on their spouse about not having a different opinion on what he follows himself. These people stop the victims from acting upon their religious activities and observing the rules of that religion.

The abuser also makes the victim believe that his opinions are invalid and of no base. This also includes harming the religious assets the victim has at home.

Physical abuse

Physical abuse is a very common observation in societies these days. The abuser hurts the person physically and threatens the victim with physical threats. Such people may allow victims to go outside but keep themselves covered to avoid people having a feeling of doubt.

But in some cases, abusers do not act on physical abuse alone. They threaten them emotionally as well. usually, physical abuse is not the first step for people. They start with emotional and social abuse and then gradually increase the violence and reach to physical abuse.

Make sure to keep an open eye on anyone that if you observe someone being emotionally unstable or physically hurt, make sure there is nothing problematic in their houses. Also, if you hear any voices around your residence and hear someone shouting or crying, make sure to report it or inquire the reason yourself. It is better to report and seek professional help in such a case as it can be dangerous to visit such a place on your own.

Above all are a few types of domestic violence that are common in society despite the efforts of the government and related authorities. Now the question arises that what you can do if you ever face such a situation.

Options for solving the situation

Share with others

If you are facing domestic abuse or violence, try to talk with other people and tell them your story. This will help you to have a person to share your thoughts with, which will lighten your heart. It will give you emotional strength when you know that the other person is there for you and will not leave you alone in such a situation.

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If you do not have a job or regular work to meet other people, communicate with the people that come your way. Social workers, friends, neighbours, and other people that you feel comfortable with.

Get legal help

If the problem persists, you can go for a legal case and hire a lawyer. You might think of the process as a hassle and a way to irritate the abuser even more, but do not bear everything by yourself for this reason only. A professional lawyer will help you deal with the situation wisely and might even come up with a way to protect you.

It is always encouraged to make such abusers face their fate as they will not only hurt you but also may hurt someone else making themselves a threat to the community. Previously, hiring lawyers itself was a trivial task as you do not know where to go, which one to hire, no knowledge about reputations, and especially in such a case where you have to stand against a criminal, it is a difficult task to sneak out of the house and make such moves.

Thanks to digitalization, these platforms are now present online as well. if you have a basic internet connection, you can search for a lawyer near your area and discuss the matter. San Diego Domestic Violence Lawyer and many other firms are available online. Some of these also provide a free consultation to make the person feel comfortable and motivate the people to talk about the problem. 

Find a place for yourself

Domestic abuse is an intolerable act that should not be considered bearable by anyone and should be resisted. If you see that the person is becoming out of control and there is no chance of betterment and no solution, do not stay at the place. If you are not physically bound by locks and other hurdles and can leave the house somehow, leave it and find an external shelter.

If you have a fear of being chased, cover yourself as much as possible and change rides along the way. Find a temporary place to live either like a hotel or some flats or if it is possible, go to a friend’s or relative’s place so that you are not alone.

From there, feel free to contact the police and make sure that they take action against the abuser. You can also inform the residential authority about the person so that they stay alert about him and make sure he does not cause trouble for other residents.


If someone is abusing you at home, it is not a thing to remain silent about. If the problem persists and increases with time, report it to the local authorities and file a case if needed. This will not only help you come out of the miserable circumstances but also be a lesson for the oppressors. When you move on from the problem, you can get a psychological help as well to sort out the damage you have gone through.


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