Jason Bateman Wife: Everything to know about the wife of popular Actor

Jason Bateman Wife
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We all know about Jason Bateman as he is one of the most popular Hollywood actors. He is known in the industry for many popular movies, and recently fans also loved his Ozark web series, which was out on Netflix. After looking at that series, fans might have thought that he would not do not have a good married life. But all that’s shown in the web series and TV Shows is not how exactly the reality goes on. Jason Bateman has been married for more than 20 years and has been living a happy married life for a long time. This article will have a detailed look at Jason Bateman Wife, how they both met, how they established a relationship and much more.

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Introducing Jason Bateman Wife

Jason Bateman’s Wife is Amanda Anka, and they both met each other after their teenage was over. Both of them are fortunately of almost the same age. Amanda was born in December 1968, while on the other hand, Jason Bateman was born just a month later, in January 1969. So, there is roughly a month difference between the age of both of them. Jason Bateman’s Wife is also the daughter of one of the most famous singers and songwriters of all time, Paul Anka. He is known for his songs like Put Your Head on my Shoulder and Diana, which were way too popular in the olden times.

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Paul later got married to Anne de Zoghed during the year 1963. Jason Bateman’s Wife, Amanda Anka, was the couple’s first daughter and the first child they had together. Paul and Anne got separated from each other during the year 2000 due to some issues. Amanda Anka is famous in the Hollywood industry as an actress and producer. She made her debut role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The movie was released in 1992, and Jason Bateman’s Wife played the role of a Vampire. Her part was so enjoyable that people started recognising her for the same. After that movie, she got a role in many TV series, and the upliftment of her career began.

There are many TV series in which she got small roles, like Bones, Diagnosis Murder and much more. These roles helped her to gain recognition among the fans and also helped her to get more and more shows for herself. Currently, she is the co-producer of The Morning Show, a popular show on Apple TV+. In that show, she had appeared in just one episode as a party guest, but that episode became a major hit.

How Jason Bateman wife, Amanda Anka met her husband?

Many people would now think about how Jason Bateman’s Wife met him. Both of them met each other in the year 1987. They met each other during a Hockey match in Los Angeles. The couple started knowing each other and came into talking stages. During that time, both of them were still in their teenage and focused on establishing their careers at their best. Because of this, they did not date each other even after knowing each other for around ten years. In an interview, Jason Bateman’s Wife revealed that at that time, she was not at where Jason Bateman had reached. And this was true as Jason Bateman started appearing in many TV shows like Valerie.

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The Untold Truth Of Jason Bateman's Wife - Amanda Anka

Later she also said that Jason Bateman was not much into romantic dating and other things as he was more of a party-type person. Due to this reason, both of them knew each other and were friends but didn’t start dating each other for ten years. The couple took the time of 10 years to ensure that they built a deep bond with each other, and this bond helped them to establish a strong relationship. Bateman was also asked about his wife Amanda in one of his interviews during 2013. In the interview, he said that he always wanted to marry a friend as friends last forever. This has been a major reason their bond is still maintained as the strongest. Jason Bateman and Amanda Anka have revealed that their long friendship has been the reason behind their relationship, and romance is long-lasting and never-ending.


Jason Bateman’s Wife and Jason got into a relationship with each other in the year 1997. They made their bond even more strong, which helped them to be where they are today. The couple got married to each other in the year 2001. Later, when Jason Bateman had an interview with the Daily Telegraph, he said that if he had to marry just once, then it is best to match a friend. Then he gave many Sureshot reasons behind why it is beneficial marrying a friend.

He had to ensure that he married someone with whom he could be in any mood, not in any right mood like other couples. In an interview during the year 2013, the team revealed that they did not even think that their marriage would be able to defy the odds which were stacked against them. But fortunately, both of them fought against them together and are still happily married.

And that is only possible with close friends, due to which he found it suitable to marry Amanda Anka. He said that he waited for a person like Amanda to enter his life with whom he could share his every situation in life. There are some stages in which marriage might lead to some troubles. This situation also occurred in the early stages of the wedding between Jason Bateman’s Wife and him. The problems between them occurred due to the party life, which Jason Bateman didn’t leave after the marriage. This event led to some debates between them, but later on, Amanda Anka gave an ultimatum to Jason Bateman. 

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When asked about the same in an interview with Details Magazines, he revealed that Booze and Joint were his habits at the time. But as he saw himself growing and advancing into his adulthood, this made him question whether he should enjoy like he used to do in his twenties or he should offer himself to his maturity. Therefore, this became the reason behind why he left his party life behind for his career and relationship. Both of them have had struggles in their relationship. Bateman revealed in an interview that he was an alcohol addict, and his marriage had early issues. Although he was a child star, he also had his own bad habits.

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In an interview, Jason Bateman said that when he was 20, his parents went away from home for some time and left a lot of money, along with the car keys for him. Then he thought he had been working hard for a long time, and now it was his time to play hard. So, that’s when he started getting addicted to alcohol.

It was a way rough patch between both of them, but fortunately, they fought against it all together and made settlements. This helped them to be still together, and they are among the longest married couples in Hollywood. When Bateman takes a look at the achievements which he has made today. He does not regrets leaving alcohol and his bad habits. Bateman also revealed that his alcohol habit might have ended their relationship and marriage both, but he is fortunate that he chose his relationship over his addiction.


Jason Bateman’s Wife and Jason have a total of two children. Both are daughters and have an approximate six years age gap between their ages. They had their first child in the year 2006, and they named her Francesca Nora. The couple also kept a short name for her. This became famous on the web, and now she is known as Franny. The couple had their second child during the month of February 2012 and they named her Maple Sylvie. 

Ozark was one of the most popular web series which featured Jason Bateman. For the shooting of this web series, Jason Bateman was away from his home and family for a long time. Later, when he had an interview, he showed how much he adores his family and especially his children. In that interview, he revealed many interesting and hilarious things. These things happened when their daughter Franny had discovered the reality of the child myths. Maple was not seen much on the internet or anywhere with either Jason Bateman Wife or Jason himself. But recently, Maple appeared in a virtual event with her father. 

The event in which she was seen for the first time was the Emmy Awards which happened virtually. In the year 2013, Bateman said it was a great moment for him to be a father of two children. A few years later, when Jason Bateman received an award on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The couple was spotted with their kids. Later on, the couple also faced many obstacles, which even went legal. But fortunately, they fought them all together, which helped them to make their bond even more deep.