5 Reasons to Build a Multilingual Social Media Presence for your Business


Have you ever wondered how business professionals use social media to demonstrate their industry expertise, pique the interests of their clients, and present their brand’s initiatives? Have you attempted the same thing but it did not go well for you? Well, your social media presence is what makes a difference.

The establishment of a multilingual social media presence is crucial for business expansion. In addition to establishing your brand, it will facilitate relationships with current customers and foster trust with prospective customers.

I perceive you now have more inquiries. There is no reason to be perplexed. Here is all the information you require regarding social media presence and how to use it to grow your business.

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What is Social Media Presence? 

The term “social media presence” describes a brand’s online visibility and the relationships it creates with its target audience.  

Your social media presence shows your engagement percentage, brand accessibility, and reputation. The more powerful your social media presence is, the quicker you interact with your clients and gain more audience trust.

What is a Multilingual Social Media Presence?

Having a multilingual social media presence means that you can connect with your clients, bring awareness to your brand and express your business ideas in several languages. 

It is the ability to reach more easily and inexpensively, certain market segments through their languages. 

Why Should You Have a Multilingual Social Media Presence?

In this digital age that we live in, most people now rely on the internet for business sustainability. Although it requires strategic preparation and effort, having a social media presence is a useful marketing tool for businesses. However, there are many reasons choosing to build a multilingual social media presence can be a wise move for a business trying to increase and diversify its customers. Here are five of the reasons;

  • Brand Awareness: Increased exposure for a brand is one of the many benefits of maintaining a multilingual social media presence.

The use of social media has become an integral part of people’s daily lives all across the globe. The number of people using social media due to its widespread accessibility and industrialization has greatly increased. 

According to statistics, more than half of the world’s population now makes use of social media. It claims that over 4.7 billion people social media globally, and each of them spends more than two hours per day on their preferred platform.

This confirms that there is a growing diversity in the languages spoken online. Therefore, it would be unwise for a company to ignore the potential of a multilingual social media presence as a marketing tool.

  • Increased Audience: Only 25% of people who use social media are native English speakers. A multilingual social media presence will, first and foremost, enable you to reach out to and engage a far larger audience. 

Since the chance to market to customers in new nations is quite alluring, running a multilingual virtual business is a wise decision on both national and international levels.

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Your company concept will be accessible to previously untapped customer segments if you offer numerous language options, which will boost your sales and profitability.

  • Low Bounce Rate: In web traffic research and Internet marketing, bounce rate indicates the percentage of site visitors who land on a page and immediately leave, as opposed to viewing other pages on the same site.

The belief is that an excellent website will encourage users to spend more time on the site. When a website has a high bounce rate, it usually means that the site is not doing well in retaining users’ attention.

However, the CSA study claims that 72.1% of users spend most of their time on websites in their native tongue. If your website supports multiple languages, foreign visitors are less likely to leave.

Having a multilingual social media presence will decrease your bounce rate, therefore increasing your page’s engagement.

  • High Conversion Rate: The rate at which users take an intended action on your page is known as the conversion rate. Conversion rates are expressed as a percentage, which is obtained by dividing the total number of users who ‘convert’ (by doing something like clicking on an ad) by the total number of people exposed to the ad.

The average conversion rate for landing pages was 2.35 percent across all industries, whereas the top 25 percent converted at a rate of 5.311 percent or higher. You should aim for a conversion rate of 11.45% or better on your landing page to be among the top 10%.

The decrease in bounce rate that will occur as a result of turning multilingual will have an inverse effect on your conversion rate. CSA found that 72.4% of customers would be more likely to buy a product if the information was in their native language. This will improve as a result of consumers feeling confident that they fully comprehend all steps in the purchasing process.

  • Valuable Connection with Customers: An active multilingual social media presence aids in developing meaningful connections with clients. Connecting with your audience is the implication of them understanding your page. 

Customers do not just want to read about your goods or services or listen to your sales presentations, they desire interaction with you. At least once a month, 30% of millennials interact with a brand on social media. 

Thus, you can comprehend how crucial it is to interact with your audience in their language to establish a connection with them rather than merely utilising social media as a platform to advertise your goods. With the help of multilingual social media, it is now quite simple for you to engage in direct conversations with your audience.

Also by carrying out these actions, you will not only be marketing your business but also building a sense of community around it. People also adore being a part of communities so your viewers will develop into devoted clients and eventually start promoting your brand on their own.

  • Competition: When it comes to digital marketing, almost anything can end up being your competition. If you do not acknowledge that every business that sells similar services or products is a competitor, it can hurt your bottom line. 
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That is why multilingual digital marketing is a strong move that takes into account all the new competition.

In addition, as we move toward a retail environment that is more focused on e-commerce, businesses need to stand out more than ever to get ahead of their rivals. Having a website that speaks more than one language will do that for you. It will also help you boost cross-border e-commerce sales.

  • Good Brand’s Image: Brand image is how a customer sees your business based on how they interact with it. It is not constant so it can change over time.  A customer does not have to buy or use your product or service to conclude your brand’s identity.

Businesses have to impress customers in any way they can these days, so it is important to work hard to keep your brand’s image consistent. Having a multilingual site is kind of a way to do that.

A site that is available in multiple languages shows that you have a global business. This shows that your business is detailed, sophisticated, and well-thought-out, which will make customers think of your business as proficient and of a high standard.

Tips to Build a Multilingual Social Media Presence

Taking advantage of the multilingual features possesses a lot of advantages. However, you can only access these benefits if you know your way around it. Here are a few tips to put you through;

  • Recognize your target market: It is impossible to present your content in all languages. So before you start building your multilingual presence, know your target audience. User analytics are available on all social media platforms and website hosting services. This tells you who is viewing your material, where they are from, and whether they have any known language preferences.
  • Use Good Translation Services: Although there are free tools you can use for your translation such as  Google Translate, the truth is that these free programs have severe drawbacks. The intricacies of conversational English are rarely captured by free, basic translation tools, thus native speakers will be able to tell if you copied and pasted material into one. It is best to seek services from a reliable translation company.
  • Related Content: To run a successful multilingual social media presence, your social media content must be extremely relevant to your target demographic. This will make your audience see your content and then interact with them.

You should know that when writing your pieces, it is not enough to translate into the language your audience will be interested in, the content must apply to them. Also, inadequate translation of your content can confuse your audience, so be sure to use a professional translation service like Torjoman.

Final Thoughts

To compete successfully in your business, you will need to be able to communicate the advantages of your brand to users throughout the world or various demographics in your own country. Your capacity to interact and communicate successfully with multiple groups is crucial for managing your online reputation, customer engagement, search engine optimization (SEO) rankings, customer reviews and feedback, and a host of other crucial areas of your organisation. It is reasonable to conclude that a multilingual social media presence will make it easy to target market segments.