Paraphrasing Tools – Your Shortcut to Redefine Concepts Uniquely


The term “paraphrasing” comes from a Greek word, “An Additional Manner of Expression”. Paraphrasing restructures a specific sentence best and improves the innovative writing process. It helps one to restructure sentences and redefine their meaning in similar contexts.

Citing sources is vital during paraphrasing, mainly when citing online sources like web pages. On reaching the end of the paraphrase, you place the final title or surname of its developer with the referencing web page number.

The 5 Essential Features of Paraphrasing

Now, let’s look at the fundamental characteristics of a proper paraphrase –

  1. Paraphrasing applies their unique vocabulary, phrasing techniques and sentence layout. Therefore, it will not share its source format.
  2. Paraphrasing should convey the exact concepts, approach and importance of its source.
  3. You must not place your opinion during paraphrasing.
  4. Place all the vital concepts from your source into your paraphrases.
  5. The paraphrase must precisely reflect the details of the source.

3 Simple Ways to Paraphrase Your Sentence

The first thing to follow before paraphrasing a text is to understand it. It’s best not to paraphrase a text that you do not understand.

  1. Use words that share similar meanings (synonyms)
  2. Change the format of the words
  3. Alter the grammar of the structured sentences.
  4. Apply additional techniques.

Now, let’s review the different features of a paraphrasing tool.

8 Basic Characteristics of a Paraphrasing Tool

  1. Restructures the layouts in sentence construction– Sometimes, writing on a topic becomes lengthy and compromises the sentence structure. An online paraphrasing tool places the sentences in the correct order with their main points.
  2. Summarizes the article– Summarizing an article can be complex. You should use your words and reduce the length of your paragraphs. Your writing style must convey the author’s core principles to the readers. Paraphrasing tools are helpful in such contexts.
  3. Places unique and one-of-a-kind text– Often, working on academic papers demands students to write their concepts and ideas. But, most pupils struggle to use their ideas while revising the core concept of the source. Paraphrasing tools can help them overcome this problem.
  4. Removes plagiarism – Plagiarism is an unforgivable condition in academic writing. Yet, there are unavoidable instances where one can face plagiarism. But paraphrasing tools can remove plagiarism and make your content unique.
  5. Logical text flow– There should be a logical flow in the text with a proper connection between them. A text structure which lacks a rational flow of thought will not make sense to the readers. It’s more important to use simple words in your information for better understanding than complex words that make no sense. Paraphrasing tools can help you convey your information to your readers.
  1. Proofreading Once your content is complete, it’s time to check for unwanted errors. Revise your writing for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and lack of punctuation marks. But these activities can cost you time. Therefore, paraphrasing tools can help you save a lot of your valuable time.
  1. Reword repetitionSometimes, frequently repeating words in your content can make it dull. Paraphrasing tools can make your writing interesting with synonyms or similar terms. Readers will enjoy going through your content.
  2. Rephrase quotations– Sometimes, working on a dissertation can include paraphrased information. For example, you might lose your grades if you submit your paper without making changes. You can use a paraphrasing tool to avert such situations.
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3Vital Things to Remember while Working with a Paraphrasing Tool

Before you use a paraphrasing tool, you might want to reconsider these few things –

  1. The final document can lose its original formatting or structure. For example, substituting different synonyms for your words can distort the original layout. After paraphrasing, re-read and refine your assignment help content.
  2. Verify that the meaning remains similar between the two contents. However, your paraphrased content might appeal to a different sense than the original content. So, it’s best to check out these flaws.
  3. Use a plagiarism checker to ensure your content is unique.

Top 10 Paraphrasing Tools of 2022

Now, let us check some of the best paraphrasing tools available for you in 2022.

  1. QuillBot– The online free-to-use paraphrase tool comes with a paraphraser and summarizer. You do not have to make any edits on its paraphrased work. The tool offers a paraphrase character limit of 10,000 and 25000 for summarized characters.
  1. Paraphrase Online– This user-friendly tool helps you paraphrase sentences, paragraphs, and articles. Paraphrase Online can be a good start for you if you’re new to a paraphrasing tool. The simple-to-use website is easy to navigate.
  2. Spinner Chief 6– The tool combines natural language analysis with A.I. support to understand the content. With its statistical replacement technology, Spinner Chief 6’s the best-fit statistical synonym for a word or phrase.
  3. Spinbot– This free-to-use auto-paraphrasing tool rewrites or spins contents that carry between 1000 to 10,000 characters. A single click will suffice for your hard work and save you time and money. But, you must enter spintax to develop fresh rewritten content since the tool doesn’t have this feature.
  4. Duplichecker– Do you want to use a free paraphrasing tool with spell check, grammar check and plagiarism checkers. Then, Duplichecker is the best tool for you; you don’t have to sign up for it.
  5. GoParaphrase– The free paraphrasing tool offers a hassle-free user experience where you enter your text and click the paraphrase button to get your content. It comes with an in-built word simplifier to improve content readability.
  1. SEO Wagon– This spinner or article rewriter contains more than 5 million in-built synonyms within its dictionary. It also offers suggestions on the best synonyms you can use on your content. Once you choose your online content, use its rewriter feature, and place your options, the engine will rewrite your preferred content. But, you can rewrite each content only once, or the system considers it spam.
  2. Prepost SEO– If you’re looking for a simple and uncomplicated paraphrasing tool, Prepost SEO is the one for you. Once you enter the text from the source, the tool delivers the best content around your context.
  1. CoderDuck– This free-online paraphrasing tool rewrites contents from seven different languages. It generates high-quality, readable documents within seconds.
  2. Spin Rewriter – This tool uses an emulated natural language or ENL semantic spinning technology. It helps your content rank better on search engines. The tool works across all devices.
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Paraphrasing is a risky task that can cost you your academic integrity and reputation. Therefore, it’s better to use an online paraphrasing tool to help you complete your assignment writer work. Don’t forget to review your content for minute errors after paraphrasing it.



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