LTrent Australia’s #1 Driving School

LTrent Australia’s #1 Driving School

Get Your License at an Affordable Rate from Australia’s Driving School

LTrent Driving School is the best institution to help you obtain your learner’s and driver’s license. Find how can you get a license from Australia’s driving school at an affordable rate.

Learning how to drive is as easy as accelerator, brakes and clutch! A world-class curriculum of driving lessons was developed and kept to standard for over 50 years! 

With the necessary skills and experience, LT Driving school succeeded in training close to a quarter of a million learner drivers. The training includes a variety of rendered services, helping every driver to obtain either a learner’s or a driver’s license from Australia’s Driving School.

Here is a list of some of the services we render:

  • Manual driving lessons
  • Driving test
  • Safe drivers course
  • Overseas licence lessons

Services Rendered by LT Driving School

LT Driving school offers services that benefit all the young driver’s to be fully equipped for the road. The services prepare you for driving according to your personal preference. Here is a list of the services rendered.

Manual Driving Lessons

LT Driving school appointed top-quality instructors to teach you how to obtain total control of the steering wheel. You’ll also master concentration while driving, ensuring you know and understand all the driving procedures. The manual driving lessons offered will have you ready to control your manual vehicle fully while being aware of your surrounding vehicles as well.

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Driving Test

To pass your driving test, you need to have the skills and confidence behind the wheel. LT Driving school guarantees that all trainees are 100% ready for the driving tests by taking pre-tests and quizzes for practise. 

Safe Drivers Course

The Safer Drivers Course is designed for extra cautious learners. New drivers are eager to reduce risks and anticipate hazard situations by making well-informed decisions on the road. Lessons on how to become a safe driver, for your sake and the other drivers around you can be arranged.

Open Road Course

The Open Road Course gives you an open road driving lesson experience. This exclusive course prepares you for open roads and highways. The course gives learners an opportunity to experience high-speed road conditions which can be scary when driving alone without a prior trial.

Overseas License Lessons

For travellers and explorers who tour or study abroad, foreign driving lessons become a necessity.  Courses and conversion to foreign licenses are provided. The last thing you need to worry about is being on the wrong side of the road. 

Our Ratings

Because driving is an essential skill,  LT Driving school ensures that ratings are as minimal and as accommodative as possible. The ratings vary according to what the learners aim to achieve. 

Starter Package – $40–$50/hour

Starter driving lessons package ranges between $40 and $50 per hour with an independent driving instructor. The lessons are primary and very general. However, the lessons will be minimal and not sufficiently informative. Follow up lessons are highly advisable. 

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LTrent Package – ($70–$95/hour)

The LTrent driving lessons package ranges between $70 to and $95 per hour. The package includes a handbook with instruction topics that are important for the learners to know. The package also includes a record card, for our learners to keep track of their progress.

How To Book Lessons

Use the online booking system to book your lessons and make sure you get your license as soon as possible. Visit the website at and follow the instructions. Feel free to call on (02) 8748 4500