How much does medical school in the Caribbean cost?

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The Caribbean is well-known for offering medical programs at a meager cost. When comparing the cost of MD programs in the US and Canada, you will discover that studying at a Caribbean medical school is good in terms of price. If truth be told, many qualified students struggle to get into a reputed medical school due to the expensive tuition fees and fewer seats. In contrast, Caribbean medical schools are a better return on investment with an affordable fee structure.

In addition, the MD program curriculum in top-tier Caribbean medical schools is in line with those in the US. Hence, prospective medical students have an opportunity to acquire a high-quality medical education at an affordable cost. The world-class medical schools in the Caribbean provide students with outstanding educational experiences at low prices.

This blog will give you an overview of various costs incurred while studying medicine at a medical school in the Caribbean. Take a quick look at all prices you will be spending at a top medical school in the Caribbean.

Cost of attending a top-tier Caribbean medical school

The tuition cost of the MD program in a top-tier Caribbean medical school is based semester-wise. Besides tuition fees, students will have to pay other charges, including administrative, lab, clinical liability insurance, student activity, transcript request, review, graduation, and so on. 

Students studying an MD program at a top-ranked and fully accredited medical university in the Caribbean must pay USD 18,800 per semester as tuition for the Basic Sciences program and USD 23,950 per semester for the Clinical Medicine program. Students enrolled in the September semester intake program will have to deposit USD 16,239 per semester for the Basic Sciences program and USD 21,856 for the Clinical Medicine program.

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Please refer to the below chart to learn more about the miscellaneous costs that medical students must pay besides tuition fees.

Costs effective for students on or after the September 2021 semester

Administrative fee (Semesters 1-5) USD 5,201
Administrative fee (Semesters 6-10) USD 3,594
Malpractice insurance (Semesters 6-10) USD 295
Gateway medical program tuition USD 4,000
Part-time tuition per credit hour USD 565
Deferment fee USD 500
Graduation fee USD 50
Transcript request fee USD 10

Note- All the costs mentioned above are based on the given financial information on the official website of a top Caribbean medical university. Students are encouraged to check the fee structure directly with the university they want to attend in the Caribbean.

Top scholarship programs at accredited medical schools in the Caribbean

  • US Academic Scholarship

After matriculation, students must remain academically good to apply for the US Academic scholarship. US citizens, dual citizens, or permanent residents are eligible for the US Academic Scholarship program. The scholarship application will initially go through screening and calculation of GPA upon submission. Applications will be reviewed on various criteria, including MCAT, undergraduate GPS, work history, and recommendations. Eligible students can avail a maximum of USD 90,000.

  • Canadian Scholarship Programs

All Canadian citizens or permanent residents enrolled in a reputed Caribbean medical school can apply for Canadian Scholarship programs. Canadian Loyalty Scholarship and Canadian Merit Scholarship are two scholarship programs from which Canadian students can benefit.

Isn’t studying medicine in the Caribbean a better return on investment? If you feel so, apply to the course now!