Digital Marketing in Healthcare: Top Three Emerging Trends

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Did you know a 2018 study found that Americans are largely divided over the value of medical care? 52% believe treatments cause as many problems as they solve. The other 48% believe medical care is worth the higher costs, as it generally lengthens and improves the quality of life.

While it’s nearly impossible to make everyone happy, there are plenty of ways that the healthcare industry can appeal to patients. Digital marketing in healthcare fields is key to connecting patients with providers.

But is traditional healthcare marketing really all that different? And how do you modernize existing healthcare marketing in the digital times?

We’re here to fill you in. Keep reading below to learn about three of the fastest-growing digital marketing trends that healthcare providers should add to their campaigns.

1. Create Easy and Personalized Access for Patients

The world has become more and more reliant on telemedicine. However, a confusing patient portal is off-putting. Use a social media campaign to show how to use your website’s portal and what makes it simpler than your competition’s.

Much of the digital marketing in healthcare industries follow the same format. It’s important to stand out by personalizing your content for individual patients.

For example, you can make healthcare access easier for patients by sending brief but routine newsletters. Create a monthly email blast that reminds them about any upcoming appointments, wellness tips, etc. Now’s the time to break out your customer profiles to make your digital newsletters as personalized as possible.

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2. Utilize Localized SEO Services

If you’re familiar with SEO marketing, you may have assumed that it’s only used by news outlets or entertainment blogs. However, it’s just as important of a tool for healthcare marketing teams. Healthcare professionals can use localized SEO to draw more customers to their practice by posting keyword-rich content on its website that answers day-to-day questions.

Using popular keywords improves your chances of ranking higher in search results, which leads to more website traffic. Check out guides from companies specializing in SEO services, such as The HOTH, to read more now on the benefits of digital marketing for dentists and doctors.

3. Create Quality Video Content

One of the biggest challenges patients face is trying to find a healthcare professional that they really click with. Many simply avoid regular checkups because they don’t want to spend time shopping for the “right” doctor.

While some doctors may seem intimidating, the majority are determined to help their patients as best they can. However, potential patients can’t tell this from text blurbs or an AI chatbot.

By creating video content for your website and social media accounts, you’re showing people a slice of your personality. It’s a great opportunity to show your knowledge, and it humanizes your business and makes it more personable.

Embrace Digital Marketing in Healthcare Fields

The effect of digital marketing in healthcare fields doesn’t appear to be letting up anytime soon. Healthcare marketing can already be a challenge—by embracing digital marketing, you can take advantage of the most popular marketing avenues and make your business shine.

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