How to Smoke Weed Without Smell

Weed Without Smell

How to Smoke Weed Inside Without Smell

In this article, we will give you some expert tips on how to smoke weed without smell. While this topic may seem sketchy, there are plenty of reasons a wellness-oriented cannabis user might want to smoke cannabis and not create a smell. 

Maybe you live in an apartment and your upstairs neighbors complain when they detect you are smoking weed. Or perhaps you smoke weed while your children are at school, and you want the air to be clean and fresh when they get home. Or maybe you love the instant effects of smoking, but you hate how it makes your room smell.

Let’s find out how to smoke weed inside without smell.

How to Smoke Weed Without Smell

Seasoned cannabis users have a few tactics that they use to smoke weed inside without smell: rolled-up towels, sploofs, air purifiers, and odor eliminating sprays. 

Whether you are smoking weed in your room or your bathroom, you want to limit the smoke and smell from entering other parts of the house. People often roll up a towel and stuff it into the crack beneath their door to block the smell getting out. Some people believe that a damp towel blocks the smell of weed better than a dry towel. 

Sploofs are devices (homemade or manufactured) that you exhale smoke through, and which filter out a significant portion of the smell. Homemade sploofs are typically made by taking an empty toilet paper roll and stuffing it with dryer sheets. You blow the smoke through the tube and it comes out the other side with less odor. 

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Air purifiers scrub the air in the room and eliminate the smell of cannabis smoke over time. A good air purifier can go a long way in helping you smoke weed inside without smell.

Odor eliminating sprays destroy scent causing particles, but some of the common odor eliminating sprays can cause health issues if they are used indoors and without proper precautions. Alternately, many people use Febreze or odor masking sprays to cover up the scent of weed smoke.

If you use these tactics, you should be able to smoke weed inside without bothering your neighbors and roommates. But there is one pro-tip that will allow you to actually smoke weed inside without smell. 

The Best Way to Smoke Weed Inside Without Smell

The best way to smoke weed without smell is to use a smoking device that allows you to minimize the amount of smoke in the air. 

While pipes or bongs are suitable, joints and blunts are not. However, there are two smoking devices that are uniquely well-suited to smoking weed indoors without smell: the gravity bong and the waterfall bong.

Both the gravity bong and the waterfall bong are typically homemade, although you can purchase commercially produced ones. Both gravity bongs and waterfall bongs are made from a bottle. A gravity bong is also known as a bucket bong because you need a bucket of water to use it. 

A gravity bong is made by cutting the bottom off a bottle, while a waterfall bong is made by boring a small hole through the bottom of the bottle. Many people create a bowl out of tinfoil, although glass and metal bowls are also common.

Both devices work on the same principle, using water and air pressure to pull the smoke inside the bottle. To smoke weed out of a gravity bong, you light your cannabis and gently pull the bottle out of the water. The smoke will be drawn into the chamber by the air pressure. If you are careful, you can pull a hit without releasing any smoke into your room. 

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When you smoke a waterfall bong, you light the cannabis and remove your finger from the drain hole and allow the water to drain out. The air pressure sucks the smoke inside the chamber. 

You then have a chamber of smoke inside the bottle, which you can inhale at your leisure. Very little smoke escapes, and if you blow your exhale out the window, through a sploof, or through an air purifier you will have minimal smoke exposure inside your room.

In conclusion, the best way to smoke weed inside without smell is to prepare your smoking space with rolled up towels, air purifiers, odor eliminating sprays, and sploofs and use a controlled smoking apparatus like a gravity bong or a waterfall bong to minimize the amount of smoke in the air. 

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