5 Dental Marketing Tips for SEO: Best Practices

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Have you heard the welcome news that 93% of Americans plan to visit a dentist this year?One-in-nine people believe that maintaining oral hygiene was important during the pandemic. Now that dental practices are taking patients again, it’s essential that your website appears on page one of Google to attract them.

This article offers 5 marketing tips for SEO to boost your dental online presence.

Read on to discover best practices to improve your marketing strategy. Learn how a site audit can pinpoint the changes you need to make. Then see how hiring an SEO specialist can help you tap into the local search market.

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1. Cater for Mobile Devices

Google’s search algorithm now focuses on mobile users first and so should your website.

Make sure your online presence works on any size of a screen. This responsive web design technique means visitors don’t need to pinch and zoom to view your content.

WordPress site owners can tap into a wealth of responsive themes so catering to mobile phones isn’t a big issue.

2. Claim Your Google Listing

Google My Business is a free service that lets you advertise your dental practice directly on Google Search.

Create a Google account or log in with your existing details. Follow the instructions and certify that you own your business by adding a tag to your website. Once confirmed, you can add:

  • Business opening hours
  • Contact details and address details
  • Photos and blog posts
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Your customers can even add reviews on your listing and you can track its effectiveness from any device.

3. Create an Online Marketing Strategy

If you’re serious about marketing your dental practice online then you need a strategy that will work. And unless you’re an SEO guru, the best tip is to hire a professional team to do it for you.

dental SEO specialist will perform a site audit to measure how your existing pages factor into the major search engines. From there, they’ll build a marketing plan that includes SEO advice and pay-per-click advertising.

They can also help manage your campaigns and stick to your budget, all while increasing your traffic count.

4. Score High for Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals went live in May 2021 and help Google determine what makes a web page better than another.

The three vital signs are:

  • Largest Contentful Paint – measures loading performance
  • First Input Delay – measures the interactivity of the page
  • Cumulative Layout Shift – calculates the stability of the elements on the page

Free tools like Google Chrome Lighthouse let you measure each of your page’s performance. Work alongside your web designer or SEO marketer if issues arise to fix them.

5. Include Disability Support

Users with poor visibility will have difficulty interacting with your site if you don’t add basic SEO attributes.

All images should include title and alt properties. Keep text spaced out and have a high contrast between your content and the background. Ensure your colors are easy to read and video files include closed captioning.

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More Dental Practice Tips for SEO

These 5 tips for SEO will help attract more visitors to your dental practice website by pushing you higher up the SERPs.

Start with an online marketing strategy and partner with a team of experts to create one that works for you. Make sure your site follows Google’s guidelines and don’t forget to cater to all of your users.

Discover more SEO best practices and tips on our website. Don’t forget to bookmark this page and share it on social media.