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5 of the Healthiest Foods To Share With Your Dog

5 of the Healthiest Foods To Share With Your Dog

You’ve probably been told not to feed your dog table scraps. However, depending on what the leftovers are, splitting them with your pup might be acceptable. The recent focus on peoples’ healthier eating habits has extended to pets’ well being as well. Many of the foods that are good for you are also nutritious for your pup. Here are five of the healthiest foods you can share with your dog.

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1. Eggs

If you enjoy eating eggs for breakfast, consider putting some in your dog’s bowl as well. Either allow your pup to have eggs as the main meal or put scrambled eggs on top of Dr Marty dog food or another dog food he prefers. Eggs are full of protein, fatty acids, iron and amino acids. Feeding your dog eggs will give him healthier skin and fur, aid in digestion and build muscle. Eggs are also a great alternative to regular dog food if your pup is recovering from sickness or has an upset stomach.

The way you prepare the egg is important. Feeding your dog a raw egg can cause food poisoning, resulting in vomiting or diarrhea. Instead, either scramble or hard-boil the eggs, but don’t add salt, peppers, onions or any other condiment, as they may not be suitable for dogs. Make sure you’re feeding him a balanced diet in addition to the eggs, or he may be at risk for weight gain.    

2. Fish

Fish is an essential ingredient in many dog foods, so it should come as no surprise that your dog can eat the real thing during a meal. If your dog has allergies, fish is often an excellent protein substitute for other foods he can’t have. The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish keep your pup’s skin healthy and act as a natural anti-inflammatory. 

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As with eggs, you should cook the fish to eliminate possible food poisoning. The best choices are salmon, whitefish, cod and flounder. Dogs can even eat sardines as long as the fish is packed in water and doesn’t have added salt.

3. Kale

Add kale to your dog’s food or hand it to him as a treat. Kale is extremely healthy because it contains vitamins A, E and C and antioxidants, which help detoxify your pup’s liver. 

It’s acceptable to feed raw or cooked kale to your dog. Find out which your pup prefers, and make the kale accordingly. Make sure you always rinse the kale to remove harmful pesticides before giving it to your dog.  

4. Yogurt

Try giving your dog a treat he is sure to love – yogurt! As long as it’s plain and unsweetened, you’re free to let your pup have a taste. Make sure you only give him a small amount since some dogs have difficulty digesting it. Yogurt is a nutritious choice because it contains several vitamins and minerals, including protein, potassium, vitamin B-12, zinc and iodine. Because it’s also rich in calcium, your pup will have strong teeth and bones. 

If your dog has stomach issues, try giving him yogurt for its beneficial probiotics. The gut-friendly bacteria work to eliminate the harmful bacteria, which often cause an upset stomach. 

5. Carrots

Using carrots as a reward is a great way to give your pup a nourishing treat. Carrots give dogs the crunchiness they love and provide the following nutrients: fiber, vitamin C, carotenoids and potassium. Plus, that extra crunch is great for your dog’s teeth.

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While allowing your dog to eat raw carrots is acceptable, lightly cooking them is the best way for your pup to get all of their benefits. Steaming them is one effective option because it keeps the carrot’s full flavor while retaining the value of the nutrients. 

Eating healthy is vital for you and your dog. Since there are so many acceptable choices for both of you, consider making meals you can eat together. If you change your diet and make more nutritious choices, you’re going to be able to tell a big difference in how you feel. Adding these nourishing superfoods to your dog’s diet will have the same positive effects on your pup. By sharing nutritious meals, you and your pup can get healthy together.


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