Pierce Brosnan Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life(2024)

Pierce Brosnan’s Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life(2024)

Pierce Brosnan is a very successful Irish actor who is 70 years old at present. He is a producer as well. He basically belongs to Ireland but has availed the citizenship of America as well. Brosnan came into this world on 16th May 1953. He was born in Ireland in Drogheda, County Louth. Pierce Brosnan is a celebrity who gained a lot of fame and popularity after appearing as James Bond. Instead, he was the fifth person who played this particular role in the Bond Film Series. That was the golden period for him. From that day till now, Pierce Brosnan net worth is continuously increasing. Additionally, his fan base is also expanding day by day. From his personal life to his successful career history, let’s have a brief look at everything that is related to Pierce Brosnan. 

Title / Specification Details / Descriptions
Real Name Pierce Brendan Brosnan
Professional Name  Pierce Brosnan
Nick Name Pie, Irish (nickname at school), James Bond 
Age  70
Date of Birth 16th May, 1953
Height 6 Feets 2 Inches
Zodiac Sign  Taurus 
Gender Male 
Sexual Preferences  Straight 
Food Preferences Non Vegetarian
Vices  Smoking Cigar and Cigarettes, Alcohol 
Nationality by Birth Irish 
Citizenship Availed The United States of America (availed in 2004)
Birth Place Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland
Hometown  Navan, Ireland
Net Worth 200 Million Dollars
Profession  Irish Actor and Film Producer
Religion Christian; Catholic; Irish Catholic
Race White 
Ethnicity  Irish 
Residence Malibu, California, United States of America
Democratic Inclination Democratic Part Of America
Father Thomas Brosnan, Carpenter  (Not Confirmed)
Mother  May, Nurse (Not Confirmed)
Step Dad William Carmichael
Spouses Cassandra Harris(Died) and Keely Shaye Smith (present)
Sons  Sean Brosnan (from his 1st marriage), Christopher Brosnan (adopted son/ stepson), Paris Brosnan and Dylan Brosnan (from his 2nd marriage)
Daughters  Charlotte Brosnan (adopted daughter/ stepdaughter)
Maternal Grandmom Kathleen Smith
Maternal Grandfather Philip Smith 

Pierce Brosnan Net Worth 

Pierce Brosnan’s Net Worth

One of the most popular and successful American actors, Pierce Brosnan, possesses a massive net worth. He is very well known and often called by the name James Bond. Apart from being the most famous one, Pierce Brosnan is also one of the richest Holywood actors. He presently possesses a net worth of 200 Million Dollars. Additionally, various sources have confirmed that Brosnan will be seen in two upcoming movies. Well, their release date is still not confirmed. The only thing that is confirmed is that he will be a part of these films. As a result, his fans from all around the globe are expecting an increase in Pierce Brosnan Net Worth.

Early Life 

Pierce Brosnan is often seen as a very happy and successful man who is living his best life. However, he and his family have faced a lot of difficulties since the time Pierce was an infant. He was born on 16th May 1953, in Drogheda, County Louth, Ireland. As soon as he was born, his father abandoned his whole family. As a result, Brosnan’s mother decided to move to London. Due to this, his maternal grandparents decided to take care of Pierce. His mother started working as a nurse in London. She was always very busy working in the hospital. As a result, his mother did not see him very often. Brosnan once mentioned in an interview that he visited/met his mother only one or two times a year.

The Death of Brosnan’s Grandparents

After a certain period, Brosnan’s maternal grandparents died. As a result, he had to live with his uncle and aunt. However, they were not treating Pierce well. And living with his mother was not an option. Due to this, he decided to live in a boarding house instead. Well, this was also the reason why Pierce always mentioned that he wasn’t very close to his parents. Simply because, he never permanently lived and spent time with any one of them. His father did not even see him once as he ran away at the time of his birth. On the other hand, his mother had to stay away from him so that she could provide Brosnan with everything he needed. 


Pierce Brosnan went to various schools. The reasons behind this were the changes in the family he was living with, the change in the country he was living and a change in his level of interest. Confusing, right? Let us explain this to you in a brief manner. 

Early education

After the death of his maternal grandparents, Pierce’s uncle and aunt were not keeping him in the desired way. As a result, Brosnan went to a boarding house and was doing his schooling at the same place. After that, he went to a local school. The Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools ran it. It is presently abbreviated as FSC and was then known as De La Salle Brothers. Pierce was serving as an altar boy over there. 

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Pierce Brosnan moving to Ireland To Scotland

In 1964, when Pierce was only 11 years old, he left Ireland and moved to Scotland. He further reunited with his mother over there. Pierce Brosnan was attending a school named Ark Putney Academy. It was a local school of Putney, which was then known as the Elliot School. Brosnan studied at that particular school for 5 years. However, he never felt connected to anybody over there. This is because all the students at the Putney school made him feel that he was an outsider. They gave him the nickname ‘Irish’, which further added to his loneliness. 

Pierce Brosnan is developing an interest in different fields

At the age of 16, Pierce Brosnan developed an interest in painting. He wanted to be a painter. As a result, he left the Elliot School and joined the Saint Martin’s School Of Art. In this art school in London, Brosnan pursued and acquired training in commercial illustration. While attending an orientation, Brosnan became attracted to the fire-eating technique. As a result, he decided to join this course as well. 

After some time, Brosnan decided that he wanted to be an actor. As a result, he joined the Drama Center London. He further took up the training to enhance his acting skills for three complete years. 

Pierce Brosnan’s Career 

Pierce Brosnan’s Career

Pierce Brosnan’s net worth was not built in a day. With a lot of dedication, hard work, and overcoming every obstacle that came in his way, he was able to become a successful actor. At the age of 11, he first time saw a James Bond Film. Brosnon started his acting career when he was around 21 years old. Brosnan successfully graduated from the drama school. After that, he had to find some work. As a result, he started working as, After graduating, an assistant stage manager and actor. However, after reaching the age of 26, he finally started appearing in various television shows at first and the in movies. Let us learn the names of a few popular movies and television shows/series in which Pierce Brosnan has appeared. 

Films and Movies in which Brosnan Appeared

Name  Type  Year  Role 
Murphy’s Stroke T. V. Film 1979 Edward O’Grady
Hammer House of Horror T. V Series 1980 Last Victim
The Long Good Friday Film  1980 1st Irishman
Manions of America T. V Series 1981 Rory O’Manion
Play for Today T. V Series 1982 Dennis
Nomads Film  1986 Jean Charles Pommier
The Fourth Protocol Film  1987 Valeri Petrofsky / James Edward Ross
The Deceivers Film  1988 William Savage
Around the World in 80 Days T. V Series 1989 Phileas Fogg
Mister Johnson Film  1990 Harry Rudbeck
Victim of Love T. V Series 1991 Paul Tomlinson
The Lawnmower Man Film  1992 Lawrence Angelo
Don’t Talk to Strangers T. V. Film 1994 Douglas Patrick Brody
Night Watch T. V. Film 1995 Michael ‘Mike’ Graham
The Tailor of Panama Film  2001 Andrew Osnard
Seraphim Falls Film  2006 Gideon
The Ghost Writer Film  2009 Adam Lang
Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief Film  2010 Chiron
Bag of Bones T. V Series 2011 Mike Noonan
The Only Living Boy in New York Film  2017 Ethan Webb
2019 Breakthrough Prize Ceremony T. V. Special 2018 Himself (the host)
Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga Film  2020 Erick Erickssong
History’s Greatest Heists With Pierce Brosnan T. V Series 2023 Himself (the presenter)
The Last Rifleman Film  2023 Artie Crawford
Four Letters of Love Upcoming Film  Not Yet Disclosed
Unholy Trinity Upcoming Film  Gabriel Dove

Source of income

Pierce Brosnan’s major source of income is his acting career. He is also a film producer by profession, so he makes a considerable amount of money from this occupation as well. However, Pierce Brosnan net worth is not the only result of his earning from acting and producing films. Instead, Brosnan has endorsed various international brands. These brands pay him a lot for his appearance in their commercial advertisements. Hence, the money that Pierce earns from his endorsements is also considered a part of his overall income. 

Real estate 

Pierce Brosnan’s Real estate

Pierce Brosnan has various properties all over the world. There are no particular specifications for all of them. However, we know that he has a lavish house in Malibu, California. His other home is in Hawaii, United States of America. Also, he has various other properties in Ireland. They are basically located in Dublin and County Meath. 

Let us now have a brief discussion about the specifications of his Malibu house. 

  1. It is named as the Orchid House.
  2. The property covers around 12500 square feet in total.
  3. The green clay tile roof matches the mountains surrounding the house. 
  4. The wooden work is completely hand-crafted. 
  5. The Orchid House has a gym, pool, and a bar inside it. 

Car collection 

Pierce Brosnan is popularly known as James Bond. While acting in the same role, he used to drive four different cars. Three cars were variants of BMW models. At the same time the fourth one was the DB5 model of Aston Martin. However, these cars were only allotted to Pierce for the time he was shooting as James Bond. Talking about his presently owned car collection, the complete list is given below. 

s.no  Name of the car Model year of the car
1 Ford Anglia 1965
2 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish  2002
3 BMW H7 hydrogen  2007
4 Range Rover Vogue HSE  2014
5 BMW i8  2014
6 Ford F-150  2017
7 BMW 750i  2018
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Brands endorsed by Pierce Brosnan 

Brands endorsed by Pierce Brosnan net worth

As we mentioned in the section on Pierce’s source of income, he makes a considerable amount of money from his brand endorsements as well. This is the major reason why Pierce Brosnan net worth is so massive. Let us take a look at some different brands he has endorsed.

Name of Brand/Person Endorsed Category 
L’Oreal Paris A French Personal Care Company
Cuervo Tequila A Premium Tequila Brand
Paul & Shark A Luxury Italian Clothing Brand
Irish DreamTime A Production Company 
Pan Bahar An Indian Tobacco Company 


Pierce Brosnan is a very active person when it comes to philanthropic activities. Additionally, his wife, Keely Shaye Smith also possesses the same trait as him. They both combindly do charities and donation to various NGOs and NPOs. Also, as per various sources, Pierce Brosnan and Keely together work for conserving and protecting the environment.

Also, Brosnan and his wife take the initiative to clean the surroundings. Additionally, there are certain charity organizations with whom Brosnan and his wife are working. Some of them include the Artist for Peace and Justice, 21st Century Leaders and the American Red Cross Organization. Listed below is a table which depicts some of the main philanthropic activities done by Pierce Brosnan. 

Some Philanthropic Activities By Pierce Brosnan

Name of the Organization What he did for them Year
Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC) A salt factory was being built at Laguna San Ignacio. Pierce and his wife created a team to stop this factory from being set up. Their team included Daryl Hannah, Cindy Crawford and Halle Berry, and they achieved success as well.  1997 to 2000
International Fund For Animal Welfare (IFAW) 1997 to 2000
Universal Fim and Televison  He presented a commercial advertisement and a film which was based on the niche of Live Earth 2004
Not Specified- something near the Hawaiian island  Pierce and his wife donated a huge amount of 1,00,000 Dollars for building a playground  2007

Physical Appearance 

Pierce Brosnan’s Description 
Height 6 Feets 2 Inches
Weight 176 lb (80 Kg)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Presently- Salt and Pepper (originally- brown)
Complexion White 
Body Build-up  Slim, Sleek, Strong
Chest Size  42 inches
Waist Size 34 inches
Bicep Size  14 inches

Personal life

Pierce Brosnan had two wives in total. His first wife, Cassandra Harris, was Richard Harris’s sister. David Harris was Cassandra Harris’s stepson and Richard Harris’s nephew. He was the one who introduced them to each other. Moreover, Pierce married Cassandra in 1980 after dating her for three years. They together welcomed a baby boy on 13th September 1983. They together named him Sean Brosnan.

Additionally, Pierce also took responsibility and gave his name to his stepsons from Cassandra Harris after their father died. Unfortunately, Pierce’s wife died seventeen years after their marriage in 1991. As a result, he was widowed. In 2001, Pierce married Keely Shaye Smith. They both are blessed with two sons; Paris and Dylan Brosnan. Both of them are still together and living a happy married life. 


Pierce Brosnan is a loving person who usually receives love from all his fans. However, there was an instance which took no time to become a controversial topic. Brosnan once took up a commercial advertisement in 2016 for the Indian tobacco company named Pan Bahar. Due to this, the Indian authorities and people from the rest of the world were questioning him about the reason behind promoting a hazardous and addictive substance. 

However, in his defence, Pierce said that he was not aware of the negative effects of this product. Additionally, the company did not disclose the complete information Infront of him. He also said that he did not do anything wrong. 

Winding up

Pierce Brosnan is an amazing actor and film producer. He is a very loving man who loves to perform various philanthropic activities actively. He has had a very tough and lonely childhood. Fortunately, he is living his best life now. People from all over the globe immensely love their James Bond. Pierce Brosnan net worth is big and strong, but his heart and willpower are even bigger and stronger. With all his efforts and dedication, Brosnan will continue to win hearts and become even more successful. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Pierce Brosnan?

Pierce Brosnan is an Irish and American actor who does film production as well. He gained recognition after playing the role of James Bond in the Bond Film series. From then, till now, he has worked in various films, T.V. films, drama shows, and video games. However, people still know and call him James Bond. 

How much is Pierce Brosnan net worth?

As per various credible sources, Pierce Brosnan possesses a massive net worth of 200 Million Dollars. Also, he has two upcoming films, Four Letters Of Love and Unholy Trinty. Hence, the income from these films will increase his net worth for sure. 

How many marriages did Pierce Brosnan do?

Brosnan got married for two times. His first wife, Cassandra Harris died due to cancer in her ovaries. She was an Australian actress. Hence, Pierce was widowed for a long time, until he re-married a journalist. Pierce further married Keely Shaye Smith in 2001. The couple are living happily in their lavish Malibu house. 

How many children does Pierce Brosnan have? Are they all from the same wife?

Pierce has four children in total. No, all of them do not belong to the same mother. Additionally, two of them do not even belong to Pierce. This is because he adopted a stepson, Christopher Brosnan, and a stepdaughter, Charlotte Brosnan, who belonged to his first wife. He has one son, Sean Brosnan, from his first wife. Additionally, he has two sons, Paris Brosnan and Dylan Brosnan, from his second wife. 

Does Pierce Brosnan have any vices?

Yes, Pierce Brosnan is very fond of smoking cigarettes and cigars. Additionally, he drinks alcohol as well. 

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