Micheal Darby and Ashley Darby’s relationship timeline on RHOP 

Micheal Darby
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In the past decade, the reality television show Real Housewives has taken its highest peak. That’s right! From the involvement of disturbingly sweet and dramatic couples like Micheal Darby and their wife, Ashley Darby, they have obtained quiet attention on social media as well. To begin with, in 2016, The Real Housewives of Potomac aired on the Bravo cable network, which has improved over time. At the time, the cast members included Gizelle Bryant, Ashley Darby, Candiace Dillard, Robyn Dixon, Wendy Osefo, Karen Huger, and Askale Davis, all from the USA. 

Micheal Darby’s wife Ashley Darby is among the main cast of RHOP. Even though the show Real Housewives of Potomac has held its audience high, how much does it let us know about its cast? 

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Today, we brought you a concise introduction of Micheal Darby and their wife, Ashley Darby. It is one of the most prominent examples of curvy relationships. The following timeline and scandals of Darby’s relationship will definitely improve your interest in the show.

#1: Micheal Darby and Ashley Darby never agreed on “FINANCES.” 

Since the forthcoming season six of RHOP, it has become crystal clear that Ashley has a load of problems when it comes to Micheal handling the finances. According to the inside details, Micheal Darby Net Worth has reached over $20 Million this year, thanks to his upgrading reputation as a real estate lord. To the reader’s surprise, Mr. Darby earns over 1 million USD per year as a personnel profit generated by his real-estate company in Washington DC. Apart from this, he has also got paid for his part in RHOP.

Even though Darbys have a bundle of money in hand to spend, it seems like, on TV, husband and wife do not seem to get along when it comes to financial decisions. What is that all about? 

#2: What happened between Micheal Darby and the cameraman? 

Believe it or not, there have been innumerous instances on television when Micheal Darby has tried his hands for groping, pushing, punching, and using other inappropriate techniques to treat people. One such incident happened back in September 2018, when Darby entered a scandalous scene with cameraman Orville Palmer. 

According to the inside details, it was Monique Samuel’s baby shower, and the entire family of RHOP was celebrating. During the daytime, Orville said that Darby has tried to pinch and grop her a total of three times. 

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To the reader’s surprise, Orville Palmer also filed a complaint against Ashley Darby’s husband for inappropriate sexual contact, which might have led him to 11 years imprisonment. However, because of insufficient evidence, the court declared him “not guilty.” 

Viewing past instances as well, it seems like Micheal Darby has some serious butt-pinching issues. According to the history of RHOP, specific to season 1. Andrew Martin also condemned that Micheal Darby had playfully groped his bum on the dance floor, to which Darby later responded, “we were having fun.”

Bonus fact: Orville Palmer also presented a behind-the-camera video in which she is persistently saying “don’t do that!” to Micheal Darby while he is grabbing her butt. Micheal Darby, on the other hand, argued that the cameraman is not Orville. It is someone else. 

#3: Micheal Darby caused Ashley to almost run away!

After the birth of Micheal Darby and Ashley’s first son, Dean, the newbie mother confirmed that she went through inexplicable suffering. In Feb of 2017, Ashley left Micheal’s apartment and moved out as the couple was struggling to make lifelong decisions. On the side, Ashley also wanted their restaurant to run successfully. However, it was failing. 

At the time, Ashley did not realize that she was leaving Micheal out of depression. However, she only concluded that maybe she had left Micheal, and realizing that she is a single mother now is challenging. 

Micheal Darby
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Later on, after getting professional help, Ashley realized her marriage is everything to her. And thus, the seven years of Micheal Darby and Ashley’s marriage continued. 

Born in November of 1945, Micheal Darby is about to turn 77 in 2022. Well! There are still 11 months to go. Ashley, on the other hand, is only 33 years old currently. Therefore, according to her, it is often challenging for her to confront the media when it comes to terms like a gold digger. 

#4: Ashley defends herself, even though she is much charming

Do you think society has changed for good? Well! Presuming that we are talking about the real-time stars of Real Housewives of Potomac, society hasn’t changed for these prominent couples. That’s right! According to Micheal Darby’s wife, Ashley Darby’s real-time experience, she often feels judged by people for marrying a rich man who is 30 years older than her. 

Without a doubt, Micheal Darby’s 20 Million Net Worth and real-estate repute have not remained hidden from the world. However, Ashley often claims that even after giving birth to two sons and seven years of clean marriage (from her end, of course!) She still needs to defend herself against the term “gold-digger.” 

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It is needless to say that Ashley in RHOP has always come out as a strong and independent woman who has gone the extra mile to make things right!

#5: Is RHOP’s Micheal Darby gay? 

Since the beginning of Real Housewives of Potomac, Micheal Darby’s sexuality came with a question mark. In each and every scandal of RHOP, Micheal has played a big role. Be it the cameraman Orville or co-star Andrew Martin, Micheal has been seen on and off-screen passing inappropriate comments and gestures. This has often raised the question, is Micheal Darby gay? 

To begin with, the rumor about Micheal’s sexuality was indeed Kickstarter on screen when it was said that Micheal had a big crush on Juan Dixon.  

Micheal Darby
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However, in Micheal Darby’s defense, Monique Samuels addressed that Micheal Darby is not gay. The reason why it seems something is going on between Micheal and Juan is that they round-o-clock hang out on the set. 

#6: Did he really cheat on Ashley? 

Only after the birth of Micheal and Ashley’s first kid, Dean, was Ashley going through a very rough time. Layer on, she confirmed that she was going through postpartum depression. However, what came out after was more shocking? Once Ashley and Micheal Darby were back on the screen for 5th season of Real Housewives of Potomac, Micheal’s photo revolved around the cast members as well as media. 

At first, Ashley did not know about the photo. But, Candice and Gizelle found an appropriate time to show her the picture. After days, during a dinner and champagne party, Ashley Darby confronted her friends on the show. She said that there are a lot of things being said about Micheal in the press. And, yes, they are all true. 

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Further ahead, Ashley confirmed that Micheal and friends had gone to a strip club. According to Ashley, a stripper asked Micheal if he wanted to go to a hotel and have some fun. However, after going to the hotel, Micheal was so drunk that he passed out. 

In comparison, the photo was a stripper’s way to get some publicity. Upon this, Ashley’s friends on the set, including Candice and Gizelle, argue if she believes in what Micheal says! And so, the argument continued for a while. 


Even after so much drama about kids, mental health, physical health, sexuality, marriage problems, and on-tv reputation, Micheal Darby and Ashley have been holding on to their relationship tightly. There is a very slight plausibility that the couple will reappear on television Bravo for Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7. However, fans are keeping their fingers crossed. What do you think? 

Micheal Darby
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Bonus News: Are you the biggest fan of RHOP? Rumors are that Real Housewives of Potomac is coming up with another season. This time, the entire cast will revolve around Karen Huger and their family. In 2017, Karen Huger’s family was involved in a tax scandal. Since then, they have been up and about. To watch more closely, keep us in your bookmarks. Thank you. 


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